Card seeker Lipetsk oblast

Created an interactive web map of the searching grounds of the Lipetsk region

In the structure of the job network version « Card seeker » on the production of a geoinformation site of the hunting economic situation of the Russian Federation is created and released an interactive web map of the searching economy

of the Lipetsk region. Interactive web map of the hunting premises of the Lipetsk area made according to the Scheme of the hunting territorial gadget of the area accepted by the resolution of the Lipetsk area administration dated 18 January 2016 № 5 « On approval of the format, usage and security of hunting premises on the territory of the Lipetsk region ». To «create the maps used in the first information on the borders of searching grounds as well as other territories created throughout the

growth of cartographic material systems of territorial worrying organization of haunting Lipetsk region. Includes all existing hunting, public searching grounds, shielded areas with limitation of searching, environment-friendly zone and also area of security of hunting resources, since February 2018. Maps of the hunting grounds of the job « Card hunter » is developed in the type of a web geographic info systems (GIS )as well as are readily available for on the internet viewing on any type of tool with Internet access.

In the map of the hunting premises of the Lipetsk area consists of the boundaries of public searching lands of the area» and borders of the dealt with hunting premises — exclusive game farms with addresses and calls of organizations — hunting users.

Added region with constraints as well as prohibitions of searching: specifically safeguarded natural areas of regional and Federal worth — Zoological wildlife havens as well as nature gets, as well as locations of defense of hunting sources in the general public hunting premises, searching in the area of which is also prohibited. Interest vacationers, anglers and seekers! Map of — hunting grounds in Lipetsk region is readily available for orienteering as well as seeing in an unique navigation mobile application « Map seeker » for IOS or Android.

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