Chicken golosami– in-depth summary of the breed

Halasana type poultries are a lot more like ducks, yet some farmers like to reproduce them, since chicken golosheykin unbelievably productive in regards to meat as well as eggs. Additionally, golosaria chickens are reduced upkeep as well as are universal. Today we provide their in-depth summary.

Where did the type

The precise origin of this breed is unidentified. Yet there are numerous versions.

Genetics claim that the breed has actually shown up:

  • by crossing kullman battle chickens with various other birds, the name of which remains unknown;
  • by going across cochinchina as well as Malay hens.

The very first information about chickens-golosheykin appeared in Austria in the late 19th century.

And the thirties of the last century the breed has actually spread in the list below nations: Austria itself; Hungary; Soviet Union; Romania.

At first the type was called the Transylvanian. In the very early the twentieth century the breeders brought her the dwarf range by going across a standard golestaneh with German bantams. It is not wide spread, being just an exhibit type.

Most golodanie hens are common in the southerly components of Russia. Once they were given the USSR from Romania and also Hungary.

Halasana type poultries: description

Halasana type hens, as discussed earlier, much more like turkeys than chickens. The essential paragraph of the description of the samplings is the lack of feathers on the plant and the neck of the bird. This function is identified by the fact that these body parts birds of a feather roots are little. On the back of the head the bird has actually formed a supposed pen cap, and also the front of the neck plumes are prepared to make sure that they look like a bow.

Under the wings the quill golestaneh poultries are also missing, these websites are called aptariami. When the bird has a whole lot on the body such bare areas, then that means it satisfies the standard of the breed. Plumes missing on the inner component of the Shin on the little triangulars. Goosenest these birds developed in the embryonic period, when plume buds begin to create. This function after that proceeds to an adult.

Nude neck red shade was the outcome of the job of dog breeders. Really stunning with it combined « cap» » on the head of the intense red shade of the chickens or three-dimensional brilliant tuft at the fowls. If we are speaking about golosinas the hen, that she appears attractive earrings of the same intense shade.

When it comes to the various other points of the summary of the appearance of these birds, they are:

  • the beak golestaneh chickens slightly rounded and has yellow or scarlet;
  • eyes are red-orange tint;
  • birds molt yearly, throughout this moment, they totally change the external layer of your skin;
  • the head is little, but large, the crest has rozovidnym or leaf-shaped kind;
  • development little;
  • the body has a rectangular form, the body is elongated and somewhat elevated;
  • the upper body is rounded, this is achieved via well-developed pectoral muscles;
  • wings securely abut the housing, is slightly lowered down;
  • short as well as strong legs, they are 4 fingers, they have a gray or yellow-orange shade;
  • a little as well as fluffy tail is to the body at an angle of 15 levels, big as well as created plaits.

The pen cover at golestaneh chickens can have the adhering to shades:

  • kukuruznyj;
  • white with black sides;
  • motley;
  • black;
  • brownish;
  • red;
  • blue with a boundary.

The weight of a grown-up hen is about 2-3 kg, however the rooster can consider 4 kilos.

What is not allowed in appearance golestaneh chickens:

  • when the eyes are really dark;
  • on bare areas of the skin yellow;
  • the tail is steep;
  • the body is weak;
  • the earrings are white;
  • the head is black;
  • neck and also inner part of tibia feathery.
Exactly how efficient halasana type chickens

The nature of performance golodanie hens come from the meat-egg types. Hen is juicy as well as tender, similar to a Turkey. As for the eggs, that lugged golosheykin begin about six months of age and give one in 2-3 days. In the initial year egg production is about 180 pieces, the 2nd is 150 units, respectively. The weight of the egg has to do with 60 grams, its covering has a beige color.

The survival of adults as well as juveniles is about 95 percent. To reproduce and also back their young golosinas breed is extremely helpful from the viewpoint of profit. Problem summary of contents golestaneh hens

In connection with feed golosheykin not really picky and meticulous.

As other types of hens, they need such items as:

  • roots;
  • crops;
  • flour mills;
  • chalk;
  • the egg coverings;
  • yeast;
  • clover;
  • veggies.

You can include in food and also sand, this results from the particular functions of the digestion system of birds.

If the exercise is missing out on, then include food fish oil.

Individuals over the age of 2 months allow’s consume the corn, which prevents weight problems birds. Food for young pets of this type ought to be effectively stabilized. Provide carrots, beets, smashed grain, greens, as well as steamed and mashed eggs. Hens can offer wheat bran, which has a favorable effect on their growing body.

As for the food for laying hens, their diet plan needs to contain vegetables and sprouted grains, they have required amount of vitamins for laying hens. Feed the chickens twice a day. The first time they are given wet mash, and the second feed.

Feeding birds ought to be feed every 2 hours despite the selected system of their feeding. Leftover food gotten rid of from the brooder and also well visivite feeders.

It is a good idea to be provided for the lawn, since golosheykin hens need sunlight, and also they are in the coop will have the ability to eat green feed.

The birds should be irreversible accessibility to alcohol consumption water.

Intake of feed based on adult poultry evaluating 2 kilograms is 130 grams daily. If the weight is a lot more, after that you need to add 10 g of feed for every single 250 g of bird weight.

Golosheykin have an all-natural resistance and also, regardless of the peculiarities of its tuft, they tolerate the cold. The cage temperature level have to be above no degrees, ideally regarding 12-15 levels. Not permitted wetness or draft. Birds it is best to put inside in peat trash, whereby the coop will certainly have typical humidity, and the microorganisms will certainly pass away.

Routinely let out to walk the hens and also throw them dirt baths.

Golestaneh poultries suggested to grow secretive houses. When their contents require to abide by the needed number of females as well as males. One male can inseminate as much as 10 chickens at a time.

The eggs lay in an incubator because the hens of this type can not be called exemplary. But even with this, for posterity, they look good. The hens will certainly expand generally and to gain weight promptly. In the material they are undemanding as grownups.

The advantages and negative aspects of the breed

The major benefits of this breed are:

  • golosheykin really calm;
  • very easy osipava;
  • in preference the meat of this hen advises dietary Turkey meat;
  • chickens are undemanding in terms of upkeep and also feeding.

The main negative aspect of golestaneh poultries is their strange look. Their bare neck, lots of do not like. Those farmers who chose to reproduce this breed of chickens was extremely pleased. In particular, due to the reality that their after slaughter it was very easy to pluck, normal rocks this is a great deal of problems.

And even those who determined to have the farm holasek, noted the silent nature of these birds. However the peacefulness special to females, males a lot more energetic, nonetheless, task is inherent to every penis, irrespective of type.

So, we have actually taken into consideration summary of this type chickens, as golosami. They are not particularly prominent compared to others in our location, mostly because of its specific look. If you desire to have in the house holasek, you will not regret it. They, as kept in mind by the farmers, it is undemanding in terms of treatment, have a good performance in egg manufacturing as well as their meat is nutritional as well as tasty.

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