Chilean degu protein. Treatment and upkeep at home

« Chilean squirrel » degu will undoubtedly interest lots of fans of uncommon Pets. It is a tiny rodent as well as resembles a chinchilla, Coney as well as squirrel at the very same time.

Carefully read this short article you will certainly understand closer this pleasant pet and also you’ll recognize why it’s so attractive for maintaining in the residence. Specifically, he eats, how he lives and also just how it duplicates this playful pet.

General details

Degu comes from the hedge rat is a creature of the rodent household. The dimension is tiny pets 95-125 mm and a weight of 300 grams. To complete size need to add, and also size of tail (65-105 mm), with a small tassel on the end, covered with dense hair. Rear end degu has a gray-brown shade, as well as the abdomen is light yellow, although there are pets with orange tone in the main color.

Surrounded by wildlife degus live in groups of up to thirty individuals. In these groups dominated by a few women leaders, to whom all the others obey without doubt. Animals stay in substantial burrows, where it constructs nests for hatching out and comfortable lodging.

Degu are very energetic and also moving animal that moves openly across the earth, hedges and also trees. Consumes food of only plant origin.

Is purely forbidden by direct get in touch with to keep or to increase this animal by the tail. In this case degu eliminate his skin to damage complimentary, and then in a safe place his bite off.

How many individuals are recommended to keep together

Although degu prefers the firm of, yet with due focus to the owner of the pet dog, it is quite appropriate variation of his solitary confinement. The gender of the animal does not truly matter, however men are characterized by their sociability and easier to tame.

To figure out the sex of the pet provides no unique problems. It is enough to take a look at the range between the urethra and the rectum. In men it is much bigger than the ladies.

Allowed sets, yet preferably they need to be the same age as well as sex. Animals, in this situation, tired simply do not have.

For divorce produce a small group of these pets, containing a number of ladies and also one man. It should be noted that the formation of a group is permitted with the age restriction. Since, upon getting to four months the animals will be reluctant to accept beginners, which could emerge severe disputes.

Kinship, breeding is not recommended. Or else it might bring about weakening of the body immune system future generations, and eventually the deterioration of the breed.

The ordinary duration of life in natural as well as residential conditions

In the natural environment, degu sufficient unsafe opponents, for which innocent pets are food. So their ordinary size of life close to nature small — — a maximum of four years. And only one percent of all newborns survive to this age.

At residence, the life span of the pets depends on a number of the list below variables:The high quality of food. Appropriate nourishment. The all-natural health. Caring care. Safe as well as comfortable living setting. Under these problems, degus can develop and also thrill your family for nine years. As well as mind you, it’s a whole lot, nevertheless, this animal, this age is equivalent to 120 years of human life.

How to set up and choose lodging

Several rodents degus should be kept in a steel cage with a small mesh. The required minimum cell specifications ought to be the complying with dimensions: 60 * 45 * 40 centimeters (size, height, and length specifically). Regardless of its small dimension animals, they need to do not hesitate, and for this they require a huge and also ideally multi-tiered space.

Some owners like to set up real estate for degus in glass terrariums of the exact same dimension, but with a latticework top.

The interior setup of the cages for these animals is usually as follows:

  • As bed linens use timber chips, extruded corn on the cob or a clean paper.
  • A small house in the edgewhere the pets will certainly live and also develop the outlet.
  • A container of sandthat is intended for swimming degu can be placed on the opposite side.
  • The rest of the free space to position the stones, big branches or clay pots.
  • On the walls at different heights is a couple of racks.
  • To output the accumulated power from the pets is very good to have a turning squirrel cage.
  • An alcohol consumption bowl as well as numerous bowls for different foods is also needed.
  • The roots of trees and also huge branches must be obligatory, as rats need to continuously grind his teeth.
  • Different rails as well as obstacles need degus for a fun and also energetic way of living.

Cell set only location that is secured from drafts as well as direct sunlight.

What to feed a squirrel degu

Problems with feeding this pet in the residence normally emerge.

  • Although in the food selection to your
  • pet dog, you require to take into consideration the adhering to bottom line: Due to the fact that degus are exclusively vegetarian animals, their diet plan should be based just on plant foods.
  • To prevent the disease diabetes mellitus do not need to feed the pets vegetables and fruits which contain a lot of sugar. For appropriate nutrition you can use finished feed such as Vitakraft, Versele — laga, or Beaphar. These foods contain all the nutrients, minerals and vitamins that Pets need. Obligatory year-round food
  • should be premium quality hay, as well as in summer season freshly cut turf or various other succulent feed, the transition to which you require to execute slowly with tiny parts. Degu love to eat clover, alfalfa or lettuce.
  • These rodents are good to eat mixed grain from barley, oats, millet and also wheat. To the issue of strong feed will certainly lug the branches as well as bark of pear, Apple, lime, willow.
  • Dried fruit unsweetened varieties of pears and apples, and also chopped carrots in little amounts are fairly reasonable meal for Chilean healthy protein.
  • Sometimes, in little doses appropriate rose hips as well as hawthorn, chokeberry, corn, sunflower seeds or pumpkin. Although such feed is normally utilized to tame the pet.
The care and taming

To look after Chilean squirrel is fairly easy. For this you require a day-to-day wash trough, clean up litter and also get rid of uneaten food. Weekly to cleanse the cage and also disinfect regular monthly.

The animal degu to wash do not need healthy protein itself cleans up the coat in a special sand during the « bathrooms » treatments. And throughout gryzenia branches or roots, as well as with the active motion in the cell naturally used down teeth as well as claws, respectively.

This animal is extremely pleasant, likes interest and does incline to remain on your hands, saying purring audios when stroked.

Do degus guidebook, to show them to do simple tasks and react to the label quite easy. You require to « convince » the animal in the absolute safety and security of its place near the individual, without making loud yells and abrupt activities. You can then leap to the straight call, laying on the palm « food, » which the pet came must take. And also with the ideal method you will swiftly locate an usual language, in addition to degu has an extremely high level of intelligence among rats and also immediately recognize what he should do. For that reason, when soft and also cautious handling, this pet will enjoy to communicate with a person, despite having his uneasy personality.

It’s fun! If you examine the noises that give off these animals in particular circumstances and how to replicate them, the animals will certainly comprehend you. This is useful to avoid, for example, to drive away from important furniture or electric cable television, if the pet desires during home stroll to attempt them on the tooth.

Stroll with degu

The primary advantage of degu is its sociability. There are lots of instances of solid accessory to man the various rodent-type hamsters, rats or Guinea pigs, but to degu squirrel them away. This peace-loving and also investigative pet extremely quickly as well as rapidly able to adapt to the host culture, as well as with routine lessons with him, he is completely tame as well as accommodating pets.

For pleasant joint pastime, which will better bring you more detailed together with your animal, you need to make normal trips with him. We should pay interest to the following information:

Before prior to commit to going, you need to establish develop rapport with your beloved cherishedFamily pet otherwise it may might create stress anxiety the animal, and as well as will start to run and as well asConceal

Take him for a stroll fairly a few times throughout the week if the dimensions of the cells allow the pet to lead an active way of life. Otherwise, on a daily basis, to avoid different conditions as a result of low mobility, which in many cases lead even to death of the animal.

You require to thoroughly monitor any type of activity of a pet dog in the home, which can be filled with numerous threats for him. As an example, the « sexy » electric wire which degus can chew with and also hurt themselves.

As well as likewise, it is preferable to cover image equipment, phones and also other equipment from the curious stare of the pet, which manifests to such devices of particular passion.

The very same applies to racks with a residence collection, as interested animals will certainly attempt to stick their noses right into what does not Bode well.

If the squirrel will certainly scent a preferred scent of the owner on apparel or bedding, openings in them you will be absolutely guaranteed.

Ought to likewise think about versatility, vigor as well as speed of activity of these fidgets, so you require to be cautious not to accidentally step on or otherwise to squeeze the door of mischievousness.

In spite of the perseverance and created impulses, passionate animal can break away from high things, and also even damage, so you require exact control of these moments.

Reproducing offspring

Breeding Chilean squirrels sufficient to have several ladies and one male. And to avoid problems in between the grownups prior to breeding, the pets ought to be well made use of to every various other, while in the exact same culture.

Mature healthy protein degu is taken into consideration to be 1.5 -years of age, while trying to mate already in six months. Throughout the year, the female fifty percent can breed. Yet to fully recover it to better control this procedure and also stop greater than one maternity each year. Typically, a female brings no more than 6 cubs, however occasionally approximately twelve.

Throughout the initial 2 weeks the children are fed specifically with mom’s milk, and afterwards gradually accustom them to the adult feed to few weeks to totally switch to it. Youthful degus have ended up being rather independent, after 4-6 weeks and can be discouraged from mother, as they will certainly have the ability to deal with themselves.

Illness degu

The most usual condition of degus:

  • Baldness.
  • Cold.
  • Condition of the intestine.
  • Skin fungi triggered by parasites.
  • Allergies.
  • Poisoning.
  • Diabetes.
  • Arm or leg injuries and also fractures.
  • Irregular grinding of the teeth.
  • Of the growth.
  • The absence of vitamins and also calcium.

In conclusion, I want to highlight the amazing survival of the « Chilean squirrels » degu at house with suitable and correct take care of her. It will not bring you much problem and also will not need a great deal of effort and time to its web content. As well as inevitably, you will come to be a fantastic, pleasant as well as faithful good friend for a very long time, which will certainly come to be an essential participant of your family members.

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