Selecting a mask for spearfishing

Classes undersea searching is merely impossible without a well-selected mask. If between eyes and also water no air, the eyes (so they work) just will certainly not have the ability to offer an ample evaluation of what is taking place around.

However, some Amateurs, not thinking of the repercussions, replace the mask undersea goggles, as well as really quickly start to comprehend that such a choice is

plainly unreasonable. Why? Swimming glasses can be perfectly safe to dive to a depth of 2 meters. If you dive deeper, the glasses come to be a type of suction cups, Prilepskaya to face, and also because of the created stress can cause such substantial problems as, for example, hemophthalmus or sclera of the eyeball. As well as they often become cause of blindness. For these reasons, only the mask will certainly be a helpful accessory for your underwater equipment.

Some useful guidance when purchasing a mask

Similar to any type of purchase, you initially need to take note of, exactly how is the top quality of the raw products generated mask. Today the large majority of them are constructed from extremely top quality, pleasant to the touch silicone. And also unworthy conserving.

The best option is a skirt from hypoallergenic silicone. In connection with the peculiarities of environment, our hunters have to dive right into the cool water– as well as in it the silicone ends up being « rigid» » and also starts to RUB the skin of the face (particularly cheekbones as well as top lip). On top of that, due to the low temperature level (and also, accordingly, the loss of soft qualities) this mask is less tight to the face and is leaking faster.

However, the water resistance of the mask for spearfishing is not the only criterion. Keeping in mind that underwater hunter can be underwater for a long time(because it does not limit a particular amount of air supply), when buying a mask is necessary to examine how well it rests on your face. How to examine exactly how precisely it satisfies the face of the future owner? A great mask will not go away, if before using it to your face as well as you smell a little air. It will certainly not enable you to take a breath again. What to do if the seeker unshaven? Simply more accountable method to the selection of the mask, paying more interest to air rigidity– that’s all.

It is important to take into consideration the mask room. At a superficial deepness, as already kept in mind, even glasses will not bring damage. 10-12 meters under water to counter the pressure triggered by improperly picked mask, spent a lot a lot more air. And also to prevent barotrauma want to select exclusively among the masks with a small mask area.

Further– glass. The shrapnel is one more threat to the eyes, so the best glass, obviously, tempered. It is specified in the English words “solidified” or “safety” composed on the view glass of the mask. This mask is extremely sturdy as well as sturdy. A solidified glass home window will draw the high pressure intrinsic in the depth, and mechanical damage. Agree that really, swimming under water, to discover something like branches or driftwood. As well as toughened up glass is far better withstands such attacks.

Not worth to invest money on masks with side Windows. The factor is straightforward– they are really strenuous vision. Why? Side glass reflect sun rays and glow do not enable to be seen about. And an additional thing: if the mask has a flat monostable, it shows your mind is simply one picture, and not boosted. Round glass imitates a lens, distorting ranges and also dimensions, as well as the side glass overload peripheral vision.

As well as if the hunter really any type of issues with vision? In this instance, it will be the mask for spearfishing with diopters. Feasible even a personal selection of lenses for the mask as well as there are numerous means of their setup. To continue it is suggested that the number of diopters in the glasses used in everyday life, however, for the mask it is far better to reduce it by 0.5-1.5– this recommendation is because of the refraction of light in water.

One more pointer when picking a mask for spearfishing: best shade skirt– black, since this is the uniqueness of our vision. Looking from a bright space home window during the night, we almost did not see, however from the road we can see really, effectively. Even more darkened the location around the eyes will assist to see better under water. In no situation do not buy a mask constructed from transparent silicone. She misses the light, which will certainly be light from the window.

The required attributes of underwater masks

Depending on the depth at which hunting is carried out, a mask can be separated into 3 groups (consisting of visibility):

  • Masks for superficial hunting. Hunter requires to see what is in front and what’s beneath, and partially the back.
  • When hunting at the typical deepness don’t require to see what is taking place below. The attention of the hunter concentrated on the situation ahead of him and under. For there, among relefnosti, among the shells, the fish conceal.
  • Ideal for deep hunting mask is especially resistant to water pressure. In a small volume she requires to have exceptional exposure. Many thanks to the matte surface, the view of the seeker doesn’t get tired. And effectively produced and also attached the strap will certainly be less flawed and pull the mask up. Consequently, the hunter will really feel extra comfy, as will scrub the skin under the nose.

Ultimately it is worth keeping in mind that the choice mask for spearfishing is an extremely individual thing. You should not put excessive heed to the sellers, just meticulously suitable as well as understanding of the needed demands will certainly allow you to make a successful purchase. Without properly selected mask a seeker is without his major weapon– good vision.

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