Corvina is a fish of medium size family of Perciformes that lives in the waters of the Atlantic ocean. The average fish length is 30 inches, and a weight of 1 kg. the Main diet of fish includes shrimps, crabs, as well as the remains of plants and animals.

Corwin has a second name – the Atlantic Croaker. This is fantasy for the Russian ear the name of the fish was due to the croaking sounds of the males to attract females. The sound is by reducing the fish of their swim bladder. Due to the nature of the croaking sound the fish got the name “Croaker” ( from the English word “croak” is to croak).

Corwin reaches maturity in the second year of life, after which females are spawning. On average, one Corvina throws from 0.1 to 2 million eggs. The spawning period of Croaker is in August and lasts until October. Caviar fish sinks to the bottom, where the emerging larvae can find food in the form of Bentos.

Fishing Croaker is active in the countries of the Gulf of Mexico, and especially in the United States. Meat of this fish can be prepared a lot of useful and tasty dishes. The nutrients contained in meat Croaker a positive effect on the human digestion, and the meat itself is considered a dietary and highly prized by lovers of healthy nutrition around the world.

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