“Davatchan” is a subspecies of the Arctic char. This is one of the most beautiful fish of lake Baikal, Baikal region and Transbaikalia. Sometimes it is incorrectly called the trout.

Its main abode is a fabulous and mysterious lake Frolikha, and a river Frolikha, flowing into lake Baikal ridges of the Barguzin range. In the other lakes of Transbaikalia is also common. Similar to drift, Arctic char, but found a length of 70 cm and weight up to 4 kg or more.

Autumn spawn – like all salmon, up in a mountain stream. The female spawns from 360 to 1300 pale yellow eggs with a diameter of about 5 mm. during the period of arestovany fish aggressively and zealously defend their territory. In Transbaikalia known small and large form of this fish, they differ from each other in nutrition, growth and timing of puberty, as well as behavior.

The fry of this fish initially all feed on microscopic plankton, then as you grow up are added to the diet of small crustaceans and aquatic larvae of insects and insects fallen in water. Small or dwarf davatchan such food since then and are satisfied with, and grow very slowly, reaching old age, can be length of 30 cm and a weight of up to 300 g And larger quickly become predators pass to feeding on small fish and grow rapidly. However, they themselves often become prey to other predators: a large pike and trout.

Another interesting feature of this fish during the spawning season, when, like all salmon, davatchan split into couples, mainly in the behavior of the large male becomes a concern to ward off the dwarf their rivals. It is not always possible, as those small but quite nimble.

Compared to the typical char davatchan higher caudal peduncle, the smaller scales. The back is dark green, flanks dark grey with a silver sheen and spots. The fins are pink-red. Refers to species whose number is declining rapidly. Listed in the Red book.

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