Diet regimen hedgehog in the house: what to feed a hedgehog

Hedgehog is a funny and also wise animal, which in nature lives in a wooded location. Nevertheless, today a great deal of people consist of these living animals in your home.

The hedgehog is difficult to call plain pet dog, due to the fact that it needs not just comfy living conditions however additionally in nutrition. What to feed a hedgehog, the pet was healthy?

What is the hedgehog in nature?

In spite of the cute look, the hedgehog is a predator, so it eats not only plant food, however additionally numerous bugs, worms, serpents, snails and also even mice. Urchins can damage ground bird nests to eat nestlings or eggs. Under natural conditions, the hedgehog additionally consumes fruits and also berries.

Hedgehogs are frequently called the forest techs as they clean up the location from the autumn, eating the corpses of small animals.

Hedgehog in your house

Before do attributes of a food of the hedgehog, it is necessary to think about the General guidelines for the care of this animal at home:

  1. Hedgehog need the area, so to settle such a pet need in a spacious cage
  2. . Such a cell can be outfitted with driftwood, decorative residence as well as various other shelters. On the bottom of the cage need to fill up and uniformly distribute cornmeal filler (normally obtain this for cats). On top of filling up, you can place the items of moss, leaves and everything that might fulfill the hedgehog under all-natural conditions.
  3. Cleaning up the cage should be done 1-2 times a week. The hedgehog is a tidy pet, so it can experience extreme anxiety if he had to live in a dirty home.
Diet plan hedgehog in your home

A hedgehog can be called omnivorous household pet dog with an excellent cravings. In the house irritable rodent eating meat, milk products, grains as well as plant foods. The hedgehog is not used to refute yourself the wealth of food, however it does not suggest that the pet is required to overfeed.

Abundant food may hurt the health of the hedgehog, therefore, the proprietor of the pet of the woodland must guarantee that his pet consumed is not just qualitatively, however likewise well balanced.

What to feed a hedgehog at home (checklist of products):

  • cereals;
  • pasta;
  • fresh meat;
  • bread;
  • pet feed (bone, blood dish);
  • live pests;
  • fish.

The rodent can be fed high top quality completely dry food for cats, but in this situation, you need to very carefully study the structure of the food. The basic components of the food to be vegetables and also meat, while starch, sugar as well as salt in the feed for a hedgehog should not be permitted.

How to feed a hedgehog at home: Meat: feeding woodland rodent ideal raw, cooked or scalded meat lean selections (Turkey, hen, bunny). Ezh likewise will not reject from such a delicacy as the offal is spleen, kidneys, liver, hen stomach, heart, and so on. Meat to hedgehog can be incorporated with porridge. For example, minced meat with enhancement of buckwheat or rice will fulfill the day-to-day needs of the pet microorganism in necessary nutrients.

  • Fish: your pet dog from the woodland can be given raw and also lightly cooked sea or river fish without salt.
  • Bugs: despite the fact that the hedgehog will reside in the residence, to reject him a live feed is not advised. In the diet plan of a forest resident as usually as possible should be online caterpillars, beetles as well as frogs. Hedgehog can be fed a real-time computer mouse, if you can catch one. Yet snails pet dog to offer is not suggested, as they might be contaminated with lung parasites.
  • Fruits as well as vegetables: the hedgehog you can give all plant foods except citrus. Fresh vegetables and fruits, you can change the child mashed containers, but only if their structure is starch and also sugar.
  • Eggs: the diet of a wild animal can be boiled or raw eggs (poultry as well as quail).

It is thought that domesticated hedgehog works to feed dairy items, namely cow’s milk. This is actually a mistaken belief, as modern vets it has been confirmed that cow’s milk is as well fatty as well as heavy food for the little animal. The same goes with yogurt, lotion, home cheese.

Hedgehog is not suggested to feed food from the table, because the dishes that chefs for a guy, consist of seasonings, seasonings, and also a big quantity of salt and also sugar.

Hedgehog cottage: what to feed

Typically the dacha owners tell us that their stories were occasionally gone to by hedgehogs. Individuals, the question occurs regarding what to feed a hedgehog in the nation. In this instance, the pet can be provided any type of food without sugar, salt and also dyes. It is additionally recommended not to feed a hedgehog milk.

The rate of weight

The person that has in the house of a hedgehog, keep in mind that springtime as well as summer season rodent is gaining weight. Fat gets assists the hedgehog to support the body during hibernation. However it is worth keeping in mind that the additional weight can be dangerous to the wellness of the hedgehog, as a result, the weight of his body have to be regulated. Preferably, the hedgehog requires to weigh 800 grams (plus or minus 100 grams). For wintertime, the hedgehog goes into hibernation, as well as it happens between or at the end of October.

The components of a hedgehog in the house does not call for much effort as well as expenditures. Yet if the pet dog came to be lethargic, as well as his actions is not associated with the winter season hibernation, after that you have to seek advice from a vet.

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