Exactly how to establish the age of the hen: the age of laying hens

In the town is rare territory, for not walking Pets. The existence of hens in the countryside is the standard. Although that the hen want liberty.

Lately, chickens are bred also in the apartments, and likewise love to look after them at their summer cottage. Regardless of where you will certainly be living bird, prior to getting you require to respond to the question. How to determine the age of the hen laying?

Just how to figure out the age of the hen laying?

The determination of the age of a poultry might rely on its type. The typical age of the birds is up to fifteen years. Laying chickens are a lot more actively acting in the first three years of his life. The most vital to establish the age of laying hens for boosted egg production. One egg a day from the chickens is the norm. Although that laying chickens can live for ten years, they have not more than one year. Afterwards, the performance of the birds is declining yearly, approximately fifteen percent.

Yearling chicken is meat. To determine the age of the hen, in this instance without problems. In his home there are no such stringent demands, such as, as an example, in producing plants. In the house maintenance in the 2nd year hens provide slightly less eggs yet they are bigger in dimension. For novice farmers, it is very important to recognize exactly how to determine the age of the chicken.

What are the specifications to establish the age of a hen?

If you can develop a hen cage, acquired a good forage and grain, and bought an old bird. Then all your initiatives will certainly go down the drainpipe. In order to avoid a « gap» » at this moment, you must know just how to identify the age of the chickens. Effective age of a bird is not more than three years. In this first year extra effective rest. Experienced farmers yearly carry out an audit of their farms. Old chickens, they allow the meat. And also new they buy. Although that the chickens can live an additional decade to lay eggs, she will certainly not be able.

To identify the exact age of the bird difficult. Error in the determination of the age can be from one to six months. Some professionals there are numerous indications of the appearance of a bird which, it is possible to understand the age. Behavioral indications of this activity. Young will go to the trough, while old elegant. Additionally, children has little bones.

Just how to determine the age of the chickens?

In order not to fall for the tricks of the vendor and do not buy the old bird, you require to recognize the external indicators of the young.

  1. The dimension of the animal. The young are constantly smaller sized. It has mini size and also light weight. At any kind of age you can sell a middle-aged chicken.
  2. The look of the scallop. A must-see scallop. Young growth has brilliant red vet. To the extent that the hen grows older the color of the wattles and also scallops dim. It will obviously pale. Touch the comb must be cozy. It depends on the blood circulation of the animal. In adult hen, it is not the very same.
  3. At the beak it is additionally feasible to determine what age is the hen. It is the main indicator of birds. If the bird is young, then her beak will be smooth. He will have bright yellow as well as rich shade. The aging of the birds beak will certainly have grey color and also will certainly fade. To the naked eye, various other irregularities and noticeable splits.
  4. Inspection of the abdominal area poultry. Signs old hens is palpation of her abdomen. Palpation needs to not be setting. If the hen is old, has weight problems, the solid swellings will certainly be present. The chicken in the first year of life not appropriate to the brew. You ought to pay focus to this symptom.
  5. The problem of the bird’s legs is additionally true forecaster of age. The skin on the legs of the young birds have to be yellow as well as equally colored. The old chicken has paws with fading shade. Must take notice of the soles. They may appear roughness as well as crack. It is worth noting that the scales on the feet of young animals of small size. They are thick, neat exact same dimension. They have to bring in, not drive away.
  6. You need to pay attention to the tuft of a bird. This feature is very important because the bird feathers modifications annually. The young are covered with tidy and also smooth pen. After looking closely to it you will certainly see a thick crust, somewhat glossy. Under the feathers must be down.
  • During the assessment wing in the young there are 2 strokes of the pen.
  • The edge requires to be 10 strong as well as long.
  • After the splitting up of the wing have to be 15 primaries of the wing.
  • The youngsters on the tail need to be tail feathers.
  • On the coccyx of stone feathers.

The progress of moult of plumes is seen for changing the flight plumes of the wings. At the beginning of the splitting up shed plumes. They fall for one as well as expand some. Substitute wings full of starts in a year and a half. In males begins and also finishes later than the poultries.

The pullets molt may happen from the laying of eggs. After a year they stop laying eggs entirely as well as begin dropping feathers. They have actually launched the remediation of the coloring. Precocious hens are very effective. They lay their eggs before moulting starts. They have this process in the loss and comes swiftly. They look worn.

Age of chickens: how to specify?

The young high egg manufacturing may be at the age of five months. As guaranteed the farmers that they can keep high rates for 2 years. In truth, just in the initial year of the chicken can actually carry a great deal of eggs. After 2 years it was starting to cull.

Chicken-pullets — — this is the reproduced varieties of bird. These birds are advised to be bought as laying hens. Optimal for their age is from four to 6 months, comprehensive. Some of them have been particularly bred as egg crosses. They can be at the age of 5 months.

When getting pullets is finest to identify the age of the scallop. If the vendor emphatically not allowed to touch this component of the poultry, then obviously his item is not pullets, and the genuine old Chicks. In the soup they are clearly not fit and possibly will not end up being a champion egg production.

You have chicken brilliant and also small comb, which does not turn pale. If you touch it, it will

be cozy and elastic. It must not be chilly or flabby. To figure out the age of the hens, maybe, from the viewpoint of productivity. This parameter is challenging to figure out with accuracy. Yet birds are actually plays a role at fault a couple of months.

Please keep in mind that very early spring pullets to acquire. Spring offer expanded chickens at the age of 6 weeks. Quickly after the winter season the sellers, market to the bouillon of the chickens they don’t intend to feed during this period.

There are some basic techniques that will aid you get high quality HH-pullets.

  • There is a yellow beak.
  • The visibility of a red comb, soft to the touch.
  • Clear, pure eyes.
  • Yellow and also smooth beak.
  • Legs and skin ought to be yellow, tidy and also smooth.
  • Claws are not fractured, as well as heels fragile with no splits and calluses.
  • The stomach is little and the range from the keel to the womb three fingers.

Now you recognize the basic specifications whereby you can easily determine the age of the chicken. Yet if for you this parameter is set. Best on the market to select a knowledgeable farmer or an expert in this area.

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