Exactly how to make a nest for laying hens

Among the massive variety of breeds of domestic poultry, laying hens are one of the most usual. It is not weird, due to the fact that such birds are renowned for their low upkeep, outstanding egg manufacturing as well as excellent meat high quality. Getting such a bird is a great investment that swiftly pays for all expenses.

It is essential to understand that the proper upkeep of laying chickens includes a number of prerequisites.

Among them:

  • building a high quality hen cage with excellent air flow as well as optimum temperature level indicators;
  • the plan of the cells;
  • preparation of nests for laying hens.

The main features of the last stage we will review in our today’s article. It is important to comprehend that the absence of a good nest will certainly be the root cause of the frequent searches eggs around the house or the bordering location, where you will certainly stroll birds.

To build a nest for laying hens with your hands is not as difficult as it appears. It was very important to follow the guidelines and take notice of all the little information. This will stop possible troubles in the future.

Varieties of nests for laying chickens

In our days, the farmers and novice farmers make use of numerous kinds of nests for laying chickens.

Among them:

  • An unique box for egg chickens. Resembles a typical house-a box with an aperture for entrance of a bird. The dimensions of this style stays optimal for grown-up chicken. It is important to instruct her to being in one area and also swing without leaving the nest. The variety of cells relies on your wish.
  • Layout with accessorial. To make nests for laying chickens with their hands can be one more method. It entails the use of unique trays near the nest in which the birds will lay eggs. A good advantage of this option is reduced threat of damaging the eggs.
  • Articles of cardboard boxes from the appliance or basket. An excellent remedy that is easy to do with their hands. The layout is extremely basic: take 2 cardboard boxes as well as connect them with each various other through opening. However sadly, this alternative is suitable only for short-term use. If correctly to organize the nest, the hen will not feel significant discomfort when mosting likely to lay eggs.

The sizes of nests for laying hens do not depend on its kind. Essentially, these features continue to be the exact same and are figured out only by the size of hens.

The optimum deepness of the outlet is 30 cm. Width as well as height the exact same. , if in the nest will bring meat types with huge dimensions and also weight dimensions need to be 35х35х35 inches.. Prior to you use the materials in action, they require to thoroughly tidy from knots and other flaws that can hurt the bird. Any kind of extending objects, you can overwrite the file or reduced with a mill.

How to make the appropriate nest for laying hens with their hands

Ways to produce a successful laying nests there are many. To think about each individually makes no sense, so we will certainly focus just on some of them. High-quality and very comfy capacity for incubation can be a normal plastic box or wood box in which to place the sawdust, hay, straw or various other comparable bed linens. The style is positioned in a sheltered, lightly shaded location. In one basket can be as much as 3 poultries at once.

If you are mosting likely to build even more complex and also enclosure, make use of the following approaches.


Is a multi-functional layout, downed with plywood or thin boards.

To work you need to apply the list below products and also tools: Board or plywood; screws or nails; screwdriver or a hammer; the saw; stapler; foam. Originally, you need to treat the plywood sheet sandpaper to rid it of protruding components, knots as well as other flaws. After this plywood can be cut by adhering to the computation (35х35х35 centimeters). Then you need to create a box to strengthen the corners of the light beam. You likewise need to fill out protruding nails as well as to prepare the holes inside the box, which will certainly function as « input-output » for the birds.

It is very important to seize the possibility of securing take-off platform. It suffices to affix a straight bar along the entire size of the framework. The flooring is covered with soft material, and also the nest placed at a height of 30 centimeters.

Jack accessorial

Option socket with accessorial much more complicated, however it is quite feasible to do with your hands, without the requirement for unique building skills or experience. The layout is made all set of package, with ideal sizes, or of some boards and also plywood. To work you need to apply: a container for eggs (an easy shelf under the veggies, which is mounted in a fridge or any type of other ability), hammer, nails or screws, steel mesh, saw, screwdriver.

You need to put with each other a box without a top and the front, using chipboard or plywood sheet. Dimension is figured out by the qualities of the chicken. It is far better to make use of the fundamental standard, 35х35х35 inches. At the bottom of package is taken care of likely aircraft, which is made use of as the steel mesh. It ought to go to a small slope and fall in the direction of the back wall. The back of package drills a hole on which the eggs will certainly roll freely in the container without danger of damages to the covering. Then to the rear of the structure to attach the container, shots his sawdust or other softening material.

Cut a hole for the eggs can be covered with a cloth that will cushion the loss. The lower part of the box is far better to place cozy bed linens.

What much better area to mount the nest

After finishing the treatment for producing a nest for laying hens with your hands, you can browse to the right place of the structures in the hen cage. At this stage it is very important to think about a lot of attributes, consisting of the physical needs of the bird. Experienced farmers as well as fowl farmers are guided by the standard regulations of placement of nests.

The residence needs to be mounted at an elevation of not less than 30 inches from the flooring. The minimal cross-section of the roost should go to least 5 × 2 cm and located 10 cm from the entrance of

the house. As floor covering it is better to utilize sawdust or dry hay. In the last case the hay needs to transform to stop it decaying.

To guarantee excellent air flow at the bottom of the socket apertures or utilize a flooring constructed from metal mesh with a little cell.

The nest is better to maintain in a well-darkened quiet place where there are no rats or parasites.

Roost need to not be put near the entryway to the room with the birds, because even with an excellent heating system the chances of direct exposure drafts is not omitted. A strong wind can cause many poultry illness as well as the quick wear and tear of eggs.

You ought to not connect the outlet straight to the wall. Unstable hardware can lead to devastating repercussions, including the death of a hen.

You also require to avoid the installation of structures in areas with high moisture. Such ecological problems are ideal for the growth of colds, reduction of egg laying as well as other health issue fowl.

Exactly how to look after the nest for laying hens

Making a nest for laying chickens with their hands it is necessary to make certain adequate disinfection and also timely cleaning. Chicken ought to have free access to the tray with the eggs as well as floor covering.

The bird promptly obtained used to the new location, your house is set in the cage prior to the beginning of laying. Ought to initially weigh the « pros » as well as « disadvantages » to provide chickens the very best conditions for a comfy and complete hatching eggs.

If you want to rapidly teach the bird to nest in a new location, follow these basic guidelines:

  • Do not position the nest in an inaccessible location. Entryway to it have to be rapid as well as convenient.
  • Regularly change the hay, straw or sawdust, to stop mass recreation of the nests of parasites and decaying product.
  • Deal with the optimal temperature level mode. With drafts, close all openings, and throughout abrupt cold wave placed in the room good heater.
  • In the basket you can put little crushed rock that will certainly conserve you from the trouble of attachment of eggs in procedure of hatching.
  • Use just proven food and unique vitamins to improve egg production.

If for any reason the chickens negative rush or do not agree to sit in a nest in a new location, you may have to make an additional style, carefully reviewing all the previous imperfections.

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