Fascinating truths about swallows

Swallows — — little birds that come from the household of swallows in the passerine. They differ from other passerines is long wings as well as tails. Swallow wide chest, brief neck and flat head.

The beak is short, level, broadening in the direction of the base, practically triangular, with a little curved end.

Legs short, weak as well as small claws. Plumes are brief, tight per other, with the particular metal luster. Males and also women vary little in tuft.

The pips however, in the very first days of life are really various in color from grownups.

There are 79 types of swallows. A lot of swallows locate sanctuary in people’s homes, some live on rocks and cliffs, as swallows for the plan of the socket choose the trees.

Most types have adapted to develop tough nests, the outdoors wall surfaces are made from clay swellings taken in sticky saliva. Some types have excellent problem hole openings in the soil, excavation of the high cliffs, make the expansion at the end as well as arranged in a nest, primarily the nests contain a great deal of stacked in a stack of plumes. The clutch normally has 3-5 eggs that are incubated by the woman only.

Swallows are called honorable birds, as to the aesthetic as well as physical sense, they are well endowed. The major part of their life, these birds in flight. They relax in trees, resting on branches and branches without fallen leaves, that would be convenient.

Swallows is songbirds. They are extremely smart as well as wise. Arriving to a new area they are very closely examining it. Swallows have actually discovered to distinguish close friends from adversaries as well as will just trust those that will create their depend on.

Swallows are insectivorous birds. They feed on mosquitoes, flies, as well as small beetles. Capture pests and drink water just on the fly.

Barn ingest

Barn swallow (killer whale)

The upper torso and also the goiter are dark-blue, with a metallic shine. The throat as well as the forehead an intense chestnut color. At the end of a light-yellowish shade. Women are paler shades from the men. Barn swallows are found throughout Europe, Western as well as Central Asia. This species of swallows from ancient times accustomed to guy as well as to his house. The affection of her human home resulted in her our love, and in the Nordic countries have taught the people to believe the arrival of the swallows the beginning of springtime as well as the separation– the beginning of the plain autumn.

The sight of swallows

A nest of barn ingests

Swallows have very good vision. She sees really far a tiny pest in trip, seeks his evaluating stare. The barn ingest’s nesting in the building to the leading it was covered with a roofing. It occurs that in such areas are located large business. The nest looks like a quarter empty dish. On average, building of the nest of one set takes 8 days. Inside the nest are the environment-friendly stems, hair, feathers and various other soft products. Swallows ‘ ‘ nests may be a number of years and also future generations.

An impressive species of swallows

Your house Martin (funnels)

The entire body ingests a city covered with blue-black plumes, and the tail bottom-white. The eyes are brown, beak is virtually black. The Chicks quill black. Your house Martin is discovered in basically the same place where rustic as well as simply a bit North. This kind of swallows builds a nest just in buildings, safeguarded from over from rain. The shape of nest appearing like the nest of barn swallows. The building and construction of the nest lasts 10-15 days.


Swallow beregovushki as well as outlet

The leading feathers are earthy-brown shade; base white with brownish-ashy red stripe on the breast. Beregovoe usual in the majority of areas, it resolves generally on the steep financial institutions. It is with great efforts to throw up in the dense earth deep burrows for nests, and most often on top of the slope, so the water swamped them.

Sitehost swallow

Wings slim as well as long, the tail is lengthy and forked. Beak short, triangular. Legs weak and also brief, but tenacious claws. Whereby ingests cling to walls and also large cliffs. The upperparts are dark with a blue luster, as well as all-time low is blonde.

Swallow is a virginal bird, the partners are loyal to each various other in one season. In Northern areas where swallows make one clutch annually, in the South– 2 masonry.

Swallows is rather secure and endure various lots. Man these birds are of great advantage, ruining tiny pests that do not eat various other birds, mosquitoes and also flies.

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