Features of feed for broilers (composition, food)

Feed for broilers is primarily a balanced set of nutrition for these birds. This raises the legitimate question as to accurately match the composition of feed and not it just be easier to do it yourself? Let us consider this point in more detail.

Advantages and disadvantages of using mixed fodders

The use of feed as the main food allows the birds to achieve the greatest weight in the shortest possible time. The fact is that the meat breeds of chickens slaughtered for meat early enough after about 1.5 or 2 months. For this reason, the farmer is the most important task to ensure the chickens full and the equilibrium menu. To do this without complex power – unlikely and impossible.

But still, in such a utilitarian and comfortable feeding scheme featured a number of drawbacks. Firstly, not all producers of mixed fodders for broilers faithfully perform their duties. Natural (natural) sources of protein and amino acids for the production of substitute counterparts, but only artificial. Note the fact that in the wild, and the birds in the open pasture the primary foundations of protein are insects and worms.

And synthetics are not known to be best mixed with other components of feed. Consequently, many farmers, most likely saw a picture of that after the food in the trays remains a powder of white color, that is, amino acids and proteins.

Therefore, the use of such animal feed: the young are unable sufficiently to gain weight. Secondly, high quality and nutrition for broilers is extremely expensive. For comparison, the grain will cost half the price.

And even appendage in the ordinary food of vitamins and attitudewith allowances, will cost much cheaper. As a result, the majority of farmers prefer not to spend money on prepared food, and opt for their hand-made – consistency.

An acceptable feed composition for broilers

Meat orientation chickens need nutritious food. As a result, the purchase of mixed feeds, it is advisable to pay close attention to their composition.

The feed must include:

  1. proteins;
  2. vitamins and mineral supplements;
  3. protein (his source appears to be grass meal);
  4. feed wheat;
  5. corn.

Feed composition can be varied, but the above listed elements are mandatory components.

The scheme of using combined feed

Meanwhile, there is a special table on which fed broilers. It is of 2 kinds: both methods are entirely safely used in the poultry company.

The first option

Consists of two phases, in other words, the life of the bird is divided into two links, and each of them is used due to the short allowance. From birth to months of life attached starter set, after that the course is the final feed.

The second option

In large farms and poultry farms, the broiler is divided into three periods. Chicks up to three weeks give pre-launch a set of feed. It strengthens the immunity system, and the subsequent feeding occurs in the preceding diagram.

How to make a feed with your own hands

In order to produce feed, you need to count its quantity. Do this by sticking to the program: count the number of Chicks purchased and multiply the number by 25.

Chicks under two weeks requires a day – twenty-five grams of feed. Moreover, do not forget that with age, the amount consumed by the birds of feed increases before slaughter broilers take about 150 grams per day.

After the well-known calculations, you can begin manufacture of feed. In order to provide broilers with sufficient vitamins, used corn and meal. The presence of protein will ensure the recovery of fish or bone meal. In particular, the basis of protein may be the herbal powder. Besides, great fit and Lucerne.

Starter set

In the initial stages of feeding, you will need the following items:

  • maize (or corn flour) – 48% ;
  • sunflower cake (meal) -19% ;
  • wheat (ground)-13% ;
  • bone meal -8%;
  • compressed yeast-5%;
  • herbal flour -3%;
  • fats (feed) -1% .

Specifically, prior to slaughter, birds must consume more calories, so ingredients remain almost unchanged, but changes according to their dosage:

  • corn flour -45% ;
  • sunflower meal (you can eat meal)-17% ;
  • crushed wheat-13% ;
  • the herbal powder and chalk ( each 1% );
  • bone meal-17% ;
  • yeast-5% ;
  • feed fats-3%.

To prepare the feed for broilers with their hands easy, but not all farmers are planning to engage in this activity. For them it is easier to buy ready food. Without a doubt, this is a more appropriate variation, however, making bird food with your hands, you will be assured 100% that used only real, so to speak, natural ingredients.

What to buy feed for broilers

We have already mentioned that otkormke broiler at home, usually divided into two periods. Therefore, you will not be a surprise that at any stage used all kinds of food.

The most time during the first two weeks of life, broiler Chicks to feed as well, and the rest of the young chickens – easily digestible protein. It’s boiled eggs, ground millet and curds.

Feed at the event, you can just practice, but if you are going perfectly to grow broilers without any problems, then you should apply the pre set. For example, perfectly describe yourself BR-1. The cost of bag per 40 kg would cost about 1020 – 1050 rubles depending on the region of residence.

Almost without exception, farmers used PK-5, note only as a starting set for broilers, Data feed perfectly digested by the birds, in addition to their production are used only natural components. Price per bag ranges from 600 rubles and above.

To finish fattening you can apply PK-6 or BD-3. Through these feeds, broilers are able to recruit the maximum weight before slaughter. The purchase price of finishing range from 710 to 800 rubles for a bag.

However, in the fierce market relations vital is the question of the profitability and efficiency of any agricultural business.

The balanced content of macro-and microelements, vitamins and sarasparilla nutritional value of the feed mixture not only speed up weight but also will protect your chickens from various diseases and will provide the highest quality of commercial products. Therefore, it is very important to monitor the quality of the diet at all stages of fattening.

It goes without saying that high quality food is 85 – 90% success in growing any living creatures, and especially if we are talking about broilers.

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