Fins for spearfishing

An indispensable piece of equipment for spearfishing fins are. Diving suit in General allows you to stay underwater along with aquatic animals. But, the fins allow the hunter the speed to move in the depths.

They save oxygen, which is so necessary for human life, as in hunting period to overcome a long distance and takes strength and energy. Therefore, fins for spearfishing – something like the motor that you want to choose wisely in order to achieve effective results.

For this, there are many models for different conditions, whether it’s a dip with a mask on small depth or prolonged exposure under water with a strong current and thickets.

What fins to choose for spearfishing

To make a choice last follows from the understanding of their design, only then will be the right choice. After all, if you understand all the differences of types of fins, their advantages to each other, and in what conditions they will be used, choice will become easy and effective for the task at hand.

Design lastow usually varies different types of blades and galoshes.

The device galoshes happens two types:

  1. Products covered heel (adjustable strap)
  2. Products with closed heel (can be worn without socks, well fixed)

The blade shape is very different, which gives the opportunity to choose fins:

  1. Fast swimming (length of 85 cm, a light but sturdy plastic)
  2. Dynamic agility (short rupenye to 65 cm, mainly plastic frame and rubber inserts)
  3. Average speed and maneuverability (wide form)

Some sort of fins has an optional hole – window in the main part, they create a tunnel effect, which allows you to spend less energy. These fins are best suited for swimming long distances.

Fins usually made of rubber, plastic substances, carbon fiber.

For spearfishing it is best to stay in closed fins. They are reliable and safe, because open always have problems with straps, legs entangled in the network, grass and ropes.

You should also consider the conditions in which hunting occurs. In the case of the reedy river hunting under water, you need to choose fins that have a full length deep, not hard, easy and comfortable sitting on the leg of a boot. Form should form a tunnel effect, to have a flexible paste or thickened part. For open water or deep water require fins for dynamic movement, which has average rigidity and additional slots. In winter it is better to hunt with fins made of thermoresin having a shortened blade is soft or of medium hardness. Preference should be given to closed fins, but with large size, as it will be to put on the sock. The blades should be designed for speed.

Fins socks for spearfishing

Good socks are also important for spearfishing. They save the feet of the hunter from hypothermia, especially at low temperature, and reduce the chances of injury. Prolonged swimming can lead to the fact that the Shoe will seriously RUB the skin of the foot. The best defense against this is a quality sock.

Importantly, the socks were waterproof and fit well to the wetsuit. Are usually made of neoprene, the thickness of the pick on the basis of temperature conditions. But we should remember that the surface foot of these socks is most subjected to wear, as the hunters very often moved along the shore. Therefore, most of the models do with the strengthening of the sole, using armateks or compression rubber. When you choose you need to look at the quality of the stitches.

Lasty with open heel for spearfishing

A constructive feature of these fins is that they have a pocket device for the foot. There is a possibility of fixing of a foot by means of straps, which are freely adjustable. This type of fin is best for diving and is considered the most effective and comfortable, as it firmly wraps around the foot does not restrict movement and allows you to make quick maneuvers.

A high rate of agility is derived from the fact that the feet and flippers are felt as one. But, when movements occur on the surface, the efficiency decreases sharply, the reason is rigidity. During the dive, prevent the ends of the belt and there is no way to use the open gear, as freezing feet.

Carbon fins for spearfishing

Fins made from such material are considered elite, so choose them as real athletes, and fans of underwater hunting with a great experience. CFRP has excellent elastic quality that provides a high degree of utility for underwater hunting. But, we must not forget that with this product you need to handle with care and regularly take care of him.

If you ignore it, you can ditch the fins for a few days. Any minor blow, can lead to the formation of a small Burr that will allow the appearance of cracks. After that the blade becomes ineligible. And they are very expensive. Consequently, such fins for true professionals, knowledgeable in their field.

Where should I buy fins

For the purchase of the fins should only be handled in specialized shops and firms, since you can always make a quality choice and consult with professionals. There is the option of buying in the online store, but there is no possibility to feel the product and confidence in the selection. Prices vary depending on quality and material.

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