Angling guidelines for Baikal fishery container

The Baikal fishery container consists of the lake Baikal basins of rivers flowing right into it, the Angara river located on reservoirs and other water objects of fishery, lies on the land area of the Russian Federation within the limits

of the Republic of Buryatia, Zabaikalsky area and also the Irkutsk region, with the exemption of ponds, flooded quarries, had by the component entities of the Russian Federation, exclusive as well as community home.

Policies associating with Amateur and also sport fishing must highlight the following factors:

10. For the implementation of Amateur as well as sporting activities fishery:

10.1. residents deserve to carry out Amateur and sports fishery on water objects of industrial fishing importance for General use openly, according to fishery Rules;

10.2. Amateur and sports fishery on the fishery sites provided on the basis of contracts on the stipulation of fishing location for the organization of defined kinds of angling, with residents is carried out in the presence of the permit (the document confirming the verdict of the contract of made up rendering of solutions in the area of Amateur as well as sports fishery), released by a legal entity or private business owner. The permit should be defined the amount of water biological sources, agreed for the extraction (catch), area of removal (catch) within the angling premises, the tools of extraction (catch), the duration of its validity.

11. Citizens in the implementation of Amateur as well as sports fishery on the offered these functions, the fishing grounds requires to have:

the license;

a ticket or various other identity record.

3. Prohibited for extraction (catch) of water bioresources:

18. Prohibits the removal (catch):



Val (with the exception of water objects of fishery, lies on the region of Baikal region);


trout in the river Angara, the Baikal container as well as in water objects of fishery, situated on the area of the Republic of Buryatia as well as in Zabaykalsky Krai;

Lena to the Angara river, the basin of lake Baikal and water bodies of fishery significance, positioned on the region of the Republic of Buryatia;

Baikal seals, consisting of pups-of kumutkans;

the tugun in the Angara river;

the Arctic char

31. It is restricted to carry out Amateur and also sports fishery:

31.1. all kinds of water bioresources:

in areas restricted to commercial angling, except Irkutsk tank and also the Barguzin Bay of lake Baikal;

the prohibited terms (periods) established for business angling other than using fishing pole of all names and also systems, no more than one fishing pole at the person with a variety of hooks no greater than 2 items from the shore without the use of floating facilities, as well as ice cover of water item of fishery;

31.2. the species of water bioresources restricted for industrial fishing.

32. When it comes to subordinate catch of water bioresources prohibited for removal (catch), along with water types, not named in the license, the defined water bioresources need to be released in a natural habitat with the least problems.

33. It is restricted to:

a) application:

tools of manufacturing (catch) are restricted for the removal (catch) of water bioresources for the objectives of commercial angling;

networks of all types, with the exception of removal (catch) of water biological sources according to the authorizations. It allowed using one set or a smooth network length not exceeding 30 m (leading option) from the resident in water bodies of business fishing relevance (or their components), which allowed the use of internet in the application of Amateur as well as sports fishery»». Install (use) in these water bodies of business angling importance (or their components) are permitted to use fixed or smooth the mains at a range not less than 1.5 kilometres from a stationary non-aqueous Tonya as well as a minimum of 1 km from taken care of nets;

repaired as well as zakidnogo Seine internet;

catches of all kinds (catches, Venter, rug, secrets, prope, CPMS, Fiala, pots, « Mord », « hapov », « troughs », « frauds », « kotze », etc); of fishing rods and reels of all systems as well as products, as well as zakidushek with the overall variety of hooks (single, increases or tees, then — — hooks )greater than 10 pieces on devices of extraction (catch) of a citizen;

barmashovo Udy making use of as bait and appeal bormash (gammarus, amphipods, gammarids areas) with the complete number of hooks more than 5 pieces on the tools of production (catch) a citizen;

Kiddle with a variety of hooks more than 10 pieces on tools of extraction (catch) of a resident;

clubs as well as Gerlich with the total variety of hooks more than 10 pieces on devices of extraction (catch) of a citizen;

« the»ships », « dictators » with the total number of hooks more than 5 pieces on the tools of production (catch) a resident;

dreams, internet, scrapes, trassi as well as dragonhouse instruments of manufacturing (catch);

« capes », « TV »,

« displays », « headscarfs »; lifts(« crawlers »), otzyivyi scoops or various other gadgets bigger than 100 x 100 cm and with the size (action) of the mesh more than 10 mm;

loops, magic traps and other exciting tools of manufacturing (catch);

samolovnye nanaginip longline;

puncturing guns production (catch) (including prison), with the exception of Amateur as well as sports fishery, accomplished with the use of special handguns and also rifles for underwater searching;

tools and also ways of removal (catch) of water organic resources by electric present, along with eruptive, toxic, narcotic drugs (compounds) as well as various other banned by the regulations of the Russian Federation of tools and also methods of removal (catch);

firearms and also airguns;

b) to accomplish the removal (catch):

method of barenia, jamming, gon (consisting of with rattles and anatomy);

« the illumination» » from vessels and floating tools, in addition to ice cover of water object of fishery — — making use of illumination components and lights of various styles on the surface as well as in the water column during the night (astronomical, with sunset to dawn) for the removal (catch) of marine biological resources, with the exemption of the implementation of spearfishing, angling making use of fishing rods (including bottom fishing pole) as well as rotating equipment all systems as well as items, as well as special traps;

with the help of the gadget sesdaq, fencings, dams, partly or entirely overlapping the network of the watercourse as well as stop free activity of fish;

on the track (with using sail and human muscle mass power) utilizing more than two appeals on one ship;

the trolling (motor application) utilizing more than 2 attractions on one ship;

through the descent of water from water bodies of industrial angling significance.

The minimal size of removed (caught) water bioresources (commercial dimension)

Kinds of water bioresources Commercial dimension, not much less than, centimeters
Equine 30
Goldilocks 44
Carp (domestic type) 33
Whitefish (fresh water house kind) in lake Baikal 36
Whitefish (fresh water home form), with the exception of lake Baikal 33
Trout 70
Grayling in lake Baikal 29
Grayling, with the exemption of lake Baikal 27
Pike 42
IDE 33

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