Angling rules for far Eastern fishery container

The far Eastern fishery basin consists of:

a)Chukchi sea with swimming pools of rivers streaming right into it, the Bering sea containers of rivers streaming right into it, the waters of the Pacific ocean beside the East Kamchatka and also Kurile Islands with pools of rivers moving into it, the sea of Okhotsk with the containers of rivers streaming into it, the sea of Japan from basins of rivers moving right into it, as well as fisheries worths located on the land territory of the Russian Federation within the borders of Chukotka Autonomous Okrug; Primorsky, Khabarovsk and Kamchatka regions; Jewish Autonomous area; the Sakhalin, Magadan and also Amur regions, the minimal pools of the above-mentioned rivers, with the exemption of ponds and also flooded quarries, had by the component entities of the Russian Federation, exclusive and metropolitan building. b) locations of extraction (catch ), angling areas(subzones), and also the names, borders and classifications are specified

in accordance with Annex № 1 « the Areas of removal(catch), angling area( subzone)of the Russian Federation in the much Eastern fishery container » to the fishery Rules. Guidelines relating to Amateur and also sport fishing should highlight the following points: V. the Rules of extraction(catch) of water bioresources for the functions of Amateur and also sports fishery 57.

Citizens have the right to perform Amateur and sports fishery on water items of industrial fishing

significance for General use freely and also at no cost according to the Rules of angling. 58 . Amateur and also sporting activity fishing on the angling premises given to customers (besides citizens)on the basis of arrangements on the provision of fishing premises for the company of defined sort of fishing, with people is accomplished

in the visibility of the license(the document validating the verdict of the contract of made up making of services in the area of Amateur and also sporting activities fishery ), given by the customer. The license needs to be defined the amount of water organic sources, concurred for the removal( catch), area of removal (catch)within the fishing grounds, the devices of extraction( catch), the duration of its legitimacy. People took part in Amateur and sporting activities fishing in provided for these functions, the fishing premises need to have a ticket, passport or other identity file. It is prohibited to accomplish Amateur and also sports fishery: 62. Within the developed based on the legislation of the

Russian Federation protected areas exclusion of hydraulic frameworks and also bridges; on the angling grounds at a range much less than 500 m from the setting stationary tools for

removal(catch ), Tonya, Plava; on rice checks. 63. It is restricted to

perform Amateur and sport fishing all sort of water bioresources in inland water bodies of commercial fishing relevance, with the exception of interior sea waters located on the area of the following Russian Federation topics: 63.1. Primorsky Krai: in the tributaries of the Razdolnaya river: rivers Nezhinka,

Anan’evka, Dirty

, the Second river from its mouth to the river Nezhinka; in the Yellow river; in ryazanovka rivers, Barabashevka, Vasilkovka( a tributary of the river Avvakumovkoj); 63.2. Amur area, Jewish Autonomous area and also Khabarovsk territory at the boundary locations of

the Amur river, situated at a distance of 0.5 kilometres from the tidewaters streaming right into it tributaries, and also deep into the Amur river on the whole width of these tributaries, as well as within tributaries in the boundary area

(with the exception of Amateur and also sports angling permits); 63.3. Chukotka Autonomous district — on lake Elgygytgyn. 64. Forbidden Amateur and also sports fishery in the adhering to terms in the interior sea waters of the Russian Federation as well as in the territorial sea of the Russian Federation: 64.1. in the subzone of Primorye (in the borders of Primorye area): shrimp organic anywhere — from 20 might to 1 August. all type of water bioresources around the mouths of the rivers flowing right into the sea

of Japan and Peter the Great Bay at a distance of 2 km in both instructions,

and also 2 km inland sea or Gulf throughout Pacific salmon from 1 June to 31 October, with the exemption of fishing lures, crankbaits, other synthetic baits on the lure with one

hook( single, dual or treble hook ), 4 rewriters for the tools of manufacturing(catch )one citizen; 64.2. in the subzone of Primorye

(within the boundaries of Khabarovsk area): Pacific herring, along with the removal of kelp, eelgrass, phyllospadix, where the eggs of herring — from 1 may to 30 June; 64.3. in the North Okhotsk sea subzone in West Kamchatka subzone (within the borders of Magadan area )— manufacturing of algae throughout spawning of Pacific herring in the period from 25 may to 20 June, and in the area from the mouth of the Yana river to the Northern

Cape — removal (catch) of water organic resources by

the set web from 15 might to 20 June; 64.4. in the Chukchi sea as well as in the Chukchi area of the Bering sea(within — the boundaries of Chukotka

Autonomous Okrug)of all aquatic varieties — established internet from 15 June to 15 September(with the exemption of removal — (catch)of Pacific salmon under permits ); 64.5. in the East Sakhalin subzone of shellfish and shrimps from 15 might to 15 July; 64.6. in the East Sakhalin subzone as well as southern-Kuril location of oysters, Cockerel and also Spisula — from 1 December to 1 might;

64.7. in southern-Kuril location of the shrimps and shellfishes — from 1 July to 31 August; 64.8. in the areas of Yuzhno-Kurilsk, North Kuril, subzone East Sakhalin crab spiny — from 1 June to 31 August, in the subzones North Okhotsk sea and Western Kamchatka — from 1 August to

31 August; More details on all reservoirs and also locations, see below: 73. Sport and Amateur fishing is allowed in the complying with tools of production( catch)

: 73.1. without a license: pole-and-line devices for — extraction( catch )all kinds of

things, including spinning, with total amount of hooks no greater than 10 pieces on tools of removal (catch )of one of the resident( in the execution of entertainment as well as sporting activity angling without authorizations with making use of hook

equipment on a « catch and release » use hooks without barbs); in summer season, the rewriters, appeals as well as various other fabricated lures on the bait

with one hook(solitary, treble or dual hook), 4 rewriters for the instruments of production (catch)one person

; wintertime knickknacks (in the aquatic

water bodies of industrial fishing relevance) with one solitary hook inflexible placing, not greater than 4 rewriters for the instruments of production (catch) one person; winter months baubles in inland waters(other than inland waters )not longer than 100 mm, furnished with no more than 4 solitary hooks stiff mounting with the distance between the lower arm and

the sting of no more than 20 mm; mnogokrjuchkovye equipment with an upright plan of hooks (such as « tyrant »)with a total of hooks no greater than 10 items on tools of removal (catch) of one person; unique weapon or a weapon for undersea searching; in the aquatic water bodies of fishery significance, by Kiddle(20 hooks per person ), besides the period of generating salmon

; kralovkou level (cover extended it delu), or polygonal folding, with a size of not greater than 1 m(not more than 5 karbolovoj one person)as well as a string as well as an attraction for target (catch )crabs of all kinds, with the exemption of Kamchatka(no greater than 10 string with lure at one of the person); trolling, yet no greater than 4 equipped appeals for 1 ship; forceps as well as webs for the extraction(catch) shellfish(other than

pearl-shell, oysters ); « track » for a

rowing watercraft(without engine and sails), but not greater than 4 equipped appeals on the exact same watercraft; rakolovkoj for the

removal (catch )of cancer; a hand net with a size not going beyond 0.7 m, leaving out trawling a net along the bottom for the removal(catch )of capelin as well as anchovy; a conical trap for the removal (catch)of lawn shrimp with a size of 60 centimeters with the size(action)of the mesh 10 mm not greater than 2 pieces at one resident;

with a spade for the extraction (catch) of polychaetes(with the exception of interior aquatic waters adjacent to the coastal edge), amphipods and other not restricted for removal( catch)of invertebrates; the kanza (sixth)for

the removal (catch) of kelp, not more

than one product on the watercraft; calmaramon take on include no greater than 5 kalimaritsa one person; the catch net (a fish-traps)for the removal(

catch)of fish in water bodies of industrial angling value in Ust-Kamchatsk as well as Milkovo districts of the Kamchatka region no larger than 2 x 1 x 1 m (not more than 1 Venter

, among the resident); 66. Prohibits the removal (catch)of the complying with marine bioresources in inner sea waters as well as the territorial sea: chum, masu, as well as pink salmon, with the exemption

of the application of Amateur as well as sporting activities fishery under licenses; juvenile Pacific salmon;

polychaete worms( Polychaeta ); Kaluga; herring Pacific South of the Gulf of Olga, with the exception of Amateur as well as sports fishery under authorizations; crabs: Kamchatka, blue, spiny, hairy, snow crab, opilio, with the exception of Amateur and also sporting activities fishery under permits; women crabs of all kinds;

scallops, with the exemption of Amateur and sporting activities fishery under licenses; far Eastern trepang, with the exemption of Amateur as well as sporting activities fishery under licenses; the haarder, besides entertainment and also sporting activity fishing vouchers; kelp, eelgrass, phyllospadix on

which the eggs of Pacific herring

; crabs (Kamchatka, blue and


with the exemption of Amateur and sports fishery under licenses; Pacific salmon, with the exemption of Amateur and also sports

fishery under permits; kelp one year; sturgeon(the Kaluga sturgeon), and also their juveniles; scallops (beachfront), with the exemption of Amateur

as well as sports fishery under authorizations; women crabs of all kinds; 71. In Amateur and sporting activity fishing is prohibited: application Akhanov(connect with the size(step )of the mesh 90 mm and also more )the samolovama, base and also pelagic trawls, « lights », catches, jail; installation in water objects of fishery stabbing and other sorts of obstacles; to quit the gain access to of oxygen

as well as water in water things of fishery through devastation of sources of supply, in addition to accomplish the descent

of water objects of fishery with the objective of removal(catch )of water bioresources(except

ponds for business

aquaculture(commercial fish farming)located outside of watercourses all-natural watercourses and also outfitted with water supply, managing the circulation and also discharge of water);

72. In Amateur as well as sporting activity angling withoutauthorizations forbade making use of dredges, repaired, smooth and also various other types of

networks, nets, fantasies, Venter (an) (with the exception of the extraction(catch)of

the Venter carp in Ust-Kamchatsky and Milkovsky «district, Kamchatka area), catches(rug), hand nets( with the exemption of extraction(catch)of capelin and also anchovy), lift nets, loopholes, grasps, wicks. The minimum size of extracted(caught )water organic sources for the application of Amateur and sports fishery The types of marine bioresources Industrial dimension of not much less than (in centimeters)Edentates 10 Valek 25 Skygazer 60 Loaches(migratory kind) in water bodies of fishery of Kamchatskiy Krai 26 Loaches (constant type)in the water things of fishery in Primorsky Krai 45 Loaches (feed-through)in the rivers streaming into the sea of Okhotsk within the North sea of Okhotsk subzone( within the boundaries of Magadan area)32 Loaches (migratory kind)in water bodies of commercial fishing significance of the Khabarovsk Krai 35 Loaches (migratory type)in water bodies of fishery of the Sakhalin area 20 Loaches (feed-through)in the rivers moving into the Okhotsk sea within the West-Kamchatka subzone (within the boundaries of Magadan region) 36 Loaches(continuous form)in the various other areas 40 Arctic char(freshwater residence type) in water bodies of fishery of the Sakhalin

area 11 Arctic char(freshwater residence form)in the water items of fishery in Primorsky

Krai 15 Arctic char(freshwater


various other water bodies of fishery
ASP 25 Snakehead 40 Flounders of the far Eastern 21 Carp in the Amur river container as well as other water bodies of

commercial fishing significance of the Khabarovsk Krai and also Jewish Autonomous region 20 The carp


the closed lakes of Khabarovsk Krai as well as Jewish Autonomous area, the channels not gotten in touch with the Amur river and its canals 18 The carp in the Ust-Kamchatsky and also Bystrinsky

areas of the

Kamchatka region 18 Carp in other areas 16 Steed 20 The crab hirsute quadrangular 8 The crab 13 Crab spiny 10 Crab mohnatyi 5Crab blue 13 Krasnoper Mongolian 30 Redfin-Ugai much East 15 Prawn herbal 6 Shrimp uglovaty 6 Corbicula2,2 Goldilocks 45 Bream 35 Mussels 10 Pollock 30 Whitefish 39 Cod in estuaries Avacha Bay 17 Cod in other areas 19 Burbot 45 Halibut Nephrolepis 62 The thick

shelled river mussel 7 Cancers cells 8 Whitefish 24 Carp in the

Amur river basin

within the boundaries of Khabarovsk Krai, the Jewish Autonomous area 42 Carp in various other locations 35


herring in the West Sakhalin subzone to the North from Cape Lamanon, in the subzone of Primorye


the North of the Zolotoy Cape 19 Pacific herring in the Western Bering sea zone 25 Pacific

herring in

the waterobjects offishery
of Kamchatskiy Krai15Pacific herring in the water things of fishery in Sakhalin region 16 Pacific herring in the subzones of the littoral South of the Zolotoy Cape 23

Whitefish in the basin of the Amur river 35 Whitefish in water bodies of commercial angling value of the Chukotka Autonomous area 32 Catfish freshwater 50

Trout 70 The bluefish remain in the Northern part of the Okhotsk sea beside the Magadan area 18The bluefish are in

various other areas 25 Carp 60

Sea cucumber

far East
100 Cod 40 Trumpeters 7 Oysters

12 Grayling in

the container of the

Amur river and also water bodies of commercial fishing significance of the

Jewish Autonomous area 18

Grayling in water

bodies of

business angling relevance of the Khabarovsk

area(with the exemption

ofthe Amur river)

20 Grayling in other areas 25 Chir 40 Shrimps-cubs

9 Pike in water bodies of fishery

of Kamchatskiy Krai and the Chukotka Autonomous district 40 The

pike in other areas 50

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