Flippers for diving

You can, of course, and to dive without fins and to swim under water without them, but still any underwater hunter will tell you that fins for spearfishing necessary because using them much easier and faster to swim, especially when it comes to scuba diving.

The divers better to find a more maneuverable smaller fins of the same material.

Those fins can be convenient or not depending on your complexion. Pick through the selection, testing those and others in the water, you will understand what fins you easier and easier.

Flippers for diving

Scroll to the two parameters by which we assess flippers for diving.

  1. Comfortable fit to the foot, so the boot (it is open mainly for the summer and closed for putting on socks and boots from wetsuit, heel).
  2. Efficiency. Than fins for diving more efficient, the less air will need to overcome a certain distance. I highly recommend the long fins of a resilient plastic with rubber galoshes (high speed and excellent hydrodynamic properties).

Suggest not drying the fins under the sun or on the stove, to avoid deformation, and the storage, use plastic inserts in the boots that included. So the fins will last you a long time without problems. Successful purchase last!

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