Hazel Dormouse: the components in the home, taking care of animals

Hazel Dormouse is a tiny rodent, like a mouse, yet with a much more appealing, bushy tail. This animal lives in the wild, but lately its been significantly maintained home.

How to care for such animals? What you need to understand about him? Pet Sonia: features of a rodent In nature there are 2 types of these rats — Dormouse earthbound and arboreal. Ground extra reminiscent of the common computer mouse, as well as wood similar to a squirrel. As well as those and others live well with an individual, if they are created one of the most comfy conditions for life.

It is extremely vital to keep in mind about the cleanliness of the cage: Sony, although that they are very little pets extremely swiftly contaminate your house, as well as this, in turn, brings about an undesirable scent in the area.

Currently a little regarding the look of this animal:

  • hazel Dormouse (her center name is « wood ») has a coat of red shade, yet Sonia planet (likewise called « fat Dormouse»») is entirely gray, that’s why they are compared to squirrels and computer mice;
  • in size the Sony body has to do with 20 centimeters, specifically the very same signs and the tail (respectively, the tail and the body of the pet is symmetrical to);
  • the weight of the Sony has to do with 100 g;
  • animal ears are rounded.

The Dormouse is a nighttime pet, so most of the day she will certainly sleep. Pets live such brief time — — from 3 to 5 years.

It interests observe the activities of Sony on the branches of trees, due to the fact that this small rodent very nimble as well as able to leap a range of 10 m.

Where to get this pet

Hazel Dormouse — — and not so unique pet, so you can acquire in any pet store, as well as in the poultry market or perhaps from the hands of the dog breeders. On the Internet you can usually find ads from people on the sale of this rodent.

By the method, buying Sonya hand, you should exercise caution: it is feasible that this varieties was caught in the woodland, there is for that reason the danger that it may attack its master as well as to

bring him some kind of infection. If the youngster is really shy and not hostile, so he was born in bondage, and also this can continue to teach.

The standard for Sonia will certainly need to pay about 1000 rubles.

Just how to keep the animal at home

Before purchasing the animal, you need to care for his future home. For Sony ideal cell sizes 100х200х50 centimeters with lots of ladders, racks and also houses inside it. Likewise, in the cell you can set the ropes to make sure that the animal was climbing up, and also running wheel, which like all rats, without exemption.

Round cells for these pets do not fit at all. Sonia is best to keep in a typical square or rectangular cell. It is essential that it was spacious and with a great deal of attributes to the energetic life of the animal.

The first time hazel Dormouse will certainly work out miraculous care in its brand-new home, and that’s fine, so don’t believe as well as worry that with a pet something is incorrect. Over time, it adjusts to the cage will examine all the ladders, look at your houses and the wheel, then begin the normal for her energetic way of living. Hazel Dormouse by nature extremely active, so very soon she will begin to climb ropes, to come down according to the established ladder down, then climb up, and this will certainly be her main leisure activity.

Note: you need to not launch the pet from the cage and also allow him run around the home or home. It is a really dexterous rats, so they will certainly be very difficult to catch, besides a high threat that Sonia will have the ability to be stranded someplace, something to cut or be captured by various other Pets (e.g. cat).

Hazel rodent really feels terrific alone, however it additionally can be kept in pairs. It ought to be born in mind that such animals within one cell can live either in a couple or a family members. To put on the same region for two pairs or even 2 family members is stuffed with rats: the hazel Sony will not endure competition and will permanently battle amongst themselves.

These rats are extremely respected, so begin them a pair, you require to be all set for a long-term trash. If there is no purpose reproducing oreshnikova dormice, you should maintain all species different from each various other.

Sony — — not the most easily animals, so in addition to the day-to-day cleaning of the clutter will certainly need to perform regular once a week cleansing of the entire cell, which involves cleaning bottom fish, wires.

What to eat Sony

Food Sony is nearly indistinguishable from the diet plan of any type of other rodent, it contains these products:

  • nuts;
  • seeds;
  • the fruit of the trees;
  • fruits;
  • vegetables;
  • pests — — perhaps the only comparison to various other rats.

It is very vital that the pet constantly has tidy and fresh water, so a water bowl should be cleansed and loaded every day.

On a daily basis Sonya suffices to eat concerning 40 grams of food, so these pets are very unwilling to overindulging and also weight gain.

A couple times a week this pet, you can acquire unique deals with, for instance:

  • ground grey sort simple bread and also natural herbs;
  • red woody will certainly interest normal eggs.
A couple of words regarding the breeding of rodents

These animals really rapidly via adolescence and also already at 1 month old they can be decreased. The spawn they bring just annually, and it’s normally in the springtime. Pregnancy ladies takes place precisely one month, after which the children are birthed in the amount of 10 items around. As the Dormouse is a creature, the young people will prey on mom’s milk. The feeding duration is 3 weeks, after which stronger children carry on to independent feeding. After a week of self food catering kids end up being adults and can bring a children.

Remarkably, these rodents are extremely nurturing to their children, which involved not just the mommy however also the dad. Such a family members can be taken into consideration complete in all respects.

In the winter animals hibernate, that is why cells need to be tiny cozy house with sawdust and rags inside. The cell itself in the cold period must be moved to a cozy space. Therefore, the rats will rest for about 3-4 months, and afterwards, in the springtime, will bring the children.

In the period prior to the winter season and after should pay attention to the nutrition of the animal: it should be much more nutritious as well as well balanced.

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