How to make an incubator out of a fridge with his hands

Incubators are the devices for hatching. However, the cost of such products is quite high. In order to save, for performing such work, can accommodate a refrigerator. Option good the fact that design has excellent performance of insulation.

Eggs are stacked on shelves, and the bottom in the pan, you can put the water, creating the necessary humidity.

Purchase the incubator has a number of unfortunate design decisions:

  • small term of operation of Cabinet, the foam framework;
  • bad design of the device for changing the position of the eggs;
  • dimensions do not allow to place a large number of eggs in one-story housing;
  • a fairly high price.

Made, homemade machine, with his own hands, eliminates all the shortcomings of factory product. It does not concede on technical characteristics, but lowers the cost of operations due to greater volume.

Requirements and calculations a homemade incubator

To properly make that adjustment with your hands, you need to examine the demands of the poultry farmers:

  • the distance between the eggs during incubation should be between 10 to 20 mm ;
  • the temperature range in the area of 37-38 degrees, depending on incubation time;
  • humidity, one of the most important components. The main indicator of its 40-60 percent. In the period of hatching, it increases to 80. Before the youngsters relocate out of the incubator, the percentage is again lower;
  • in the incubator, hand made, must be provided for ventilation.
  • Needs to be approach, with the aim of turning the eggs horizontally or vertically to approximately three times a day;
  • using the calculator to do all calculations: the required number of trays, the dimensions used usable area, the distance to the heater element;
  • in the case of using the refrigerator large parameters to provide design solutions for the installation of the fan.

There are three options for making homemade incubator out of a fridge:

  • vertical;
  • horizontal;
  • semi-automatic method of making a homemade incubator out of a fridge.
How to make an incubator out of a fridge, using a vertical layout?

To make the incubator such a way with your hands, you need to have the proper tools and materials:

  • old fridge;
  • trays, where located, their eggs can be deployed automatically. They are easy to make with your own hands, as the material using the wire;
  • electric motor that can be included in the network 220
  • thermostat;
  • timer;
  • glass, with the aim of mounting a viewing window;
  • air intakes.

Step-by-step actions:

  • is withdrawn from the body freezer, and along with the plastic plugs are inserted where shelves. Using fiberboard, drowning out a niche;
  • made a window for observation, which is inserted into a prepared glass. All the cracks sealed with sealant;
  • using the screwdriver, you need to make a number of holes. One party in the lower part of the refrigerator, and the second on the observation window. The hole diameter of two centimeters. Through them is the installation of breathing tubes;
  • are laid improvised trays. They can be made from wire of a diameter of 6 mm . Outside they need to wrap a fishing net;
  • at the top and in the center of the engine, bottom mounted hull cartridges, in the amount of from two to four pieces. In the future they will be installed the light;
  • at the back of the refrigerator, considering its size, placed one or two fan;
  • screw the light bulbs in the cartridges and connect their fans to the system network;
  • at the bottom put the tray filled with water. It is necessary to maintain a certain percentage of humidity;
  • with the help of the thermostat, is the measurement of temperature in different places of the incubator, made by his hands. If measurements at all points in the record testimony to 43 degrees, the incubator is ready for operation.
Horizontal method of making with their hands


  • an old fridge whose freezer is withdrawn;
  • thermostat;
  • wire grids or trays for eggs;

Unnecessary refrigerator is mounted horizontally on the floor. All standing there shelvespreviously removed.


  • front of refrigerator must have an opening equal in size to a matchbox. Applying the adhesive tape, fix on the outer side of thermostat. Then enter through holes on the sensor, which will register the temperature;
  • the inner surface of the door is required to sheathe with plywood and make it a slit, equal in magnitude to the door. Then it is required to install the cartridges and light bulbs, as well as to hold the electrical wiring;
  • as the bottom of the base, now serves as the rear wall, which is fitted to a container of water;
  • the top container is covered by a wire grating, so that the eggs remained dry.

Incubator, made his hands, ready to work. It is important to follow all necessary parameters: to monitor changes in humidity and temperature fluctuations. Not to be mistaken in the coup of eggs, they should be marked on opposite sides. For example, top point and the bottom of the comma. The second way much more often are constructed makeshift incubators, as they are most easy to operate.

The semi-automated manufacture

Work on its production with his own hands, are complex, however, and the impact greatest.


  • spent his time fridge;
  • screws;
  • homemade trays;
  • stands of metal;
  • the heating device;
  • fan;
  • plank, for a future axis;
  • container with water;
  • a breathing tube.
Description of the installation
  • in the first stage is the cutting out of the freezer;
  • select the center of the side walls and in these places is mount the metal rack on which are located holes for future axis;
  • Right in the middle of the trays, is doing a release and through them is passed the axle, which is inserted in these plates;
  • There is still one bar fastened to the trays with the axis. They need to combine all the system tray into a single unit. Then drilled in the ceiling liberation, through which omitted the front placket. Now, in the case of raising the front plank up, the whole system is in motion around a Central axis. To keep the trays in a certain position, the top pin is inserted;
  • Measuring from the floor a height equal to one third of refrigerator, apertures and through them held the vent tube;
  • At the bottom is a fastener cartridges, install the thermostat and laid electrical wires;
  • Side carried out the fixing of the fan from the calculation to the air stream passing through the heated bulbs, went for eggs;
  • At the very bottom is the water in the water reservoir that provides humidity in the incubator. In addition to the metal vessel are welded darling that you can put a damp rag. This will increase the area of evaporation of water.

Create your own incubator with their hands, the occupation is very interesting. Addictive and the withdrawal process itself young. But most importantly, this craft is very profitable. When interesting work combined with a decent income, the person gets double the fun.

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