Hyena. Their habits as well as look

More repulsive in appearance, the creature than the hyena, it is tough to visualize. Body and face– from mongrel pet dogs, ears– feline smile– the lion. As well as effective jaws, unlike any kind of other jaw of the animal globe!

Joke– stress on anything that hops on them is 70 kg/cm 2. This indicates that in an issue of mins, they are a great mill that can grind bones in a meat of practically any animal. The hyena a cat or a canine? Obviously, these unappealing functions of a pet born upon the reports as well as legends. Some African people thought that hyenas are wicked spirits that come by evening to the grave as well as intensely wreck them.

The occupants of savannas as well as deserts led them on a furious quest, liking to see these frightening scavengers in dead than in online. And after that buried the bodies so deep in the sand to the bad hyenas regardless it does not come out. For a long time these pets are thought about polykote and also prosobee, not yet established as well as has not connected them

to the Carnivora household of hyenas. This description presented the Latin terms: Caniformia, i.e. cobacabana hyenas. This types with a distinct sharp nose of a canine, propriedade gait and also clawed, incapable for the cat

  • to get involved in the paws. A common rep of the course– earthen wolf. Feliformia, i.e. korkoobraznymi hyenas. These representatives have a brief snout, sloping the back by short back legs, long harsh coat with a distinct
  • hair around their necks and also retracting claws. Brilliant representative of the course– the spotted hyena. 4 kinds of hyenas Presently known just 4 varieties of hyenas. The lightest weight is thought about to be an earthen wolf. Its mass, generally, does not go beyond 10 kilograms.
The biggest predator is the discovered hyena, individuals which reach 85 pounds. In between them isa heavy group that includes brownish hyena and candy striped hyena.

All the predators have roughly the exact same routines, but different in habitat, pigmentation, as well as food preferences. The table listed below shows the features of each enters order of increasing weight as well as power of people.

Hyena Environment as well as environment Look, height, weight, life expectancy Behavior and also habits
The earthen wolf or Protel Distributed in Africa. Lives in completely dry savannas, dwells in burrows. Big ears, short hind legs, 5 toes on front feet and 4 on the back, the mane from the neck to the tail base, yellow-white fur with stripes. Body size from 55 to 85 cm, Weight 10-12 kg Lives in nature as much as 10 years. Prey on termites, beetle larvae. When you assault it makes a barking noise and resposive hair, therefore raising in dimension, throwing away an undesirable smell from the anal glands.
Brownish hyena Lives In the African Savannah. Colour dark brownish, without bands. Lengthy ears, shaggy layer, effective jaws. Body size without the tail — — from 85 to 150 cm. men can consider approximately 43-45 kg. Lives in nature up to 20 years. It eats carrion, small rodents, fruits, birds ‘ ‘ eggs. Can scent target from afar, trying to find carrion per evening can travel approximately 50 km.
Striped hyena It stays in Africa and also Asia. Chooses to stay in savannahs, reduced shrubs, gorges, caverns, canyons. Brief hind legs. The feet have 4 fingers. Gray shade with stripes around the body. Length without tail 110-135 cm Weight: male 70 kg. Stay in nature, as much as 15 years in bondage longer. Omnivorous. Consumes carrion, turtles, rats, eggs, nuts, vegetables. It hunts at night. In groups not going to reside in pairs. Like their congeners, have an unpleasant odor.
Found hyena African local. Clears up in savannas, semi deserts, timberlands Has the most powerful jaws. The head is big, the muzzle blunt. Length from 125 to 165 centimeters Weight 85 kg. Lives in the nature of 20-25 years. In zoos, there are instances in 40 years. I live and search in packs. Consume alive, and rotten meat. The belly will certainly absorb meat as well as bones, as well as horns, as well as hooves. Seek prey any time of the day.
Detected hyena

The table reveals that the seen hyena is the biggest family member. The powerful jaws of the monster treat in one resting the bones of antelope, Buffalo, Zebra. Searching in packs on the animals of the Savannah, they arrange a genuine slaughter, when on-the-fly with a speed of 60 kilometres/ h into the side of the sufferer and also begin to shred still to life.

Saturate the meat with blood, insatiable Crookshanks will certainly not refuse dessert in the form of turtles, fish, serpents, lizards. Adult healthy person has the ability to eat up to 14 kg of feed. She is drinking extremely little.

Clans with a clear pecking order

In social terms , the seen hyena is a really arranged killer. Nobody else from her relatives there is no clear social ladder as these people. Hyenas stay in clans in which every person complies with the guidelines of matriarchy. Even the sickly lady its importance transcends to any male. A clan can include approximately 80 people. The most outright and also strongest women becomes the leader of the clan, as well as the attempted coup in their ownership dealt severely with opponent. With males of problems in the group virtually does not happen.

The main task of the clan, together with hunting, is the security of the territory. The major competitors of hyenas competing with them on the exact same food, are lions. So often there are conflicts between the large pet cats and noble small scrappy scavengers. If hyenas are attacking in huge groups, they are able to tear down the lion.

Philosophers on the hyenas

Wild bloodlust detected hyenas offered food for thought to old thinkers. Below only three mythsthat led people to regard hyenas as « hell spawn »:

  1. Pliny the Elder, nature professional, guaranteed that the monster especially simulates the human voice, enticing people from their homes to consume them.
  2. An additional thinker of Ancient Rome, Publius Ovidius clearly argued in his « Metamorphoses » that one and the same private hyenas are bisexual, and can turn from female to man.
  3. Went additional thinker of Kievan Rus ‘ ‘ of Nestor the Chronicler. He composed that the hyena, like a dog extending along the body, therefore determines its size as in the Procrustean bed, and afterwards bites off the added inches.

Horror, and extra! Nonetheless from all the above applies only to the voices of hyenas. Often useless drawl, in some cases squeaky and also annoying, however extra often equivalent with wild giggling, he recalls the tones of human emotions. These sneers at banquets with martichenko adding the careless lions from the surrounding Savannah, with very little labor price to take the prey. When the lion barks, hyena is silent.

The structure of the genital organs in ladies

In fact hyenas are hermaphrodites? Certainly not. Like all mammals, they replicate by mating with people of the opposite sex. In nature the male conveniently distinguishes the woman from his sibling. The guy is not always able to appropriately figure out the sex of the animal. There were even instances, when awaiting pairing, in a cage in the zoo have actually placed 2 ladies, including their opposite-sex people, and then ask yourself why they are instead of Congress presented battles.

The factor for the complication of the sexes depends on the structure of the genital organs of the lady. In connection with a high material of the man hormonal agent testosterone in her blood, in the process of development has actually altered the look of the clitoris. It is a very long as well as commonly gets to 15-17 see Due to the lengthened shape as well as large size of the clitoris is mistaken for a male genital organ. The illusion the blending of the sexes strengthen firmly meshed the little lips of females, resembles a scrotum.

How not to show up terrible tales regarding pet is a hermaphrodite!

The breeding period as well as spawn

The lady lies, mating throughout the year, but the male is much more easy. The rainy season is celebrated from may to August. In the duration of the rise of hormonal agents of a young male attempting to obtain females their abominable means, while staying shy and mindful. Since spotted hyenas in a clan controlled by the woman, and also she can rather Pat suitor, if it is something not like his behavior.

The gestation period lasts 100 to 110 days. Hyena brings, as a rule, only two cubs. They are birthed with open eyes, with a typical weight of around 1.5 kg. the Coat of the newborn is ordinary and also smooth, without the particular places that only show up after 3 months. At this age the female will certainly start to bring them meat, and to instruct to search. However, however, still a year as well as cubs continue to be with the mother in the burrow. It will certainly be about them thoroughly to care as well as secure your household from dads who will certainly not fail to appreciate a tender meat youngsters, if suddenly the women gape.

The hyena, though it looks unattractive, as well as builds human faces with a grin, struck him really hardly ever. Amongst several African people also taken care of the attachment and commitment of individuals to the two-legged master. The beast is conveniently subjugated, replies to affection and secures of the hands of food. As well as in Kenya, for example, also put on a show feeding these creatures as well as the involvement of visitors. So, « weird gait and also satanic laughter with enjoyment» »– only covering up to the guy, to reveal his malignance and madness.

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