Kangaroo lifestyle

Probably not enough words to describe all the variety of fauna of our planet. In almost every country and every region has its own unique animals are endemic speciesthat occur only in specific habitat.

A good example of these creatures is the kangaroo.

And if you ask anyone the question “where are the kangaroos”, it is without doubt answer: in Australia. Of course, he is right, because much of the kangaroo lives on this continent and marsupials handsome and still is a national symbol of the unique and little-known state.

However, if you dig a little wider, the animal kangaroo may live:

  • in New Zealand;
  • in New Guinea;
  • on the Islands of the Bismarck archipelago;
  • in Tasmania.

It should be noted that in nature, there are more than 50 species of animals with its own characteristics and interesting facts. Meet giant specimens of red and gray, and found a small kangaroo rat, which also belong to the marsupial, also has a Wallaby – a species of medium size, and many others.

With kangaroos: a description of the animal and lifestyle
Key features

Kangaroo belongs to the marsupial infraclass is a rather large animal with a height of 100-170 cm and a weight of 20-40 pounds. Such characteristics define males, because females are slightly smaller and lighter. The main feature of the animal is light grey or brownish-red color coat, bare black nose and long ears, which can successfully catch the slightest sounds and to determine the approach of an enemy.

Also, the animal has long hind legs and a flexible tail that allows you to keep balance when performing complicated and lengthy jumps. During the movement of the animal can develop incredible speed, which often reaches 60 kilometers per hour. If the kangaroo sees danger, he can sprint up to 90 miles per hour.

Of course, he is able to run with such speed only a few minutes. Front legs substantially shorter than the rear and have sharp claws. The claws, the animal uses for protection from predators and search for water in a dry land. The claws also serve as an indispensable tool in clarifying relations with each other.

How I live?

The life expectancy of a kangaroo is often up to 18 years. Puberty ends at the age of two, and the mating procedure can last for a year. A pregnant female is carrying a baby for 32 days, after which the light appears a little kangaroo. Local residents call Joey. A baby is born completely blind and without fur cover.

While its size is incredibly tiny – 2.5 inches. In the first days after birth, the tiny creature climbs into the mother’s pouch and remains there for up to six months. When he turns six months, he begins to take his first independent steps, and then keeps coming back in the bag.

The child finally is on the freedom at the age of nine months. You should consider the fact that bag have only females, because there are teats for feeding offspring with milk.

When feeding , the animal may produce several types of milk. This is due to the fact that the female can get pregnant again even if the bag is already a little baby. The result is often in the bag of the animal can accommodate a few kids of different ages. The size of the bags are kangaroo’s discretion, depending on the size and number of cubs. When Joey begins to grow, the mother expands the bag, and when she is going to go a long journey, pulls up so that he popped up during the move.

Where you live and what you eat kangaroo?

Kangaroos can live in four major regions:

  1. Australia;
  2. New Zealand;
  3. New Guinea;
  4. Tasmania;

Sometimes they can be found on the territory of the Bismarck archipelago.

In most cases, a kangaroo found in rocky parts of Australia, where they feel protected. Considered to be a social animal, so it is gregarious way of life in families of one male and several females. On reaching Mature age the animal leaves the family and begins to create their own. In the diet of the kangaroo is exclusively vegetarian food. If the region is entering an intense drought, the animal begins to dig holes with his claws. Sometimes deepening reach meters in depth. In addition, kangaroos are able to extract liquid from food.

Features lifestyle

As for lifestyle, then these marsupials it is almost night. At dusk the animals out on pasture and supported with lush grass. In the daytime live in Australia is very difficult, which is due to unbearable temperatures of the air and the scorching sun, so kangaroo is hiding in the shade of the trees.

If kangaroo will notice the danger or the approach of predators, it immediately begins to beat feet on the ground, notifying the neighbors about a possible threat. For centuries the animal was able to live on the continent and not be afraid of predators. But when in Australia appeared first European colonizers, the situation has changed significantly.

It is known that they brought to this continent, the Dingo dogs that run wild and became main enemies of the numbat. If a kangaroo is in danger, it begins to drive the dog to the nearest body of water and going to drown him. If access to the pond is missing, the animal can run to the nearest tree, and a powerful blow in his back legs to attack the predator. But Dingo isn’t the only problem for these animals. Australia is home to countless dangerous gnats that clogs the eyes and causes inflammation, can deprive an animal of vision.

Kangaroo is great with people and is almost afraid of contact with them. Currently, the animal can be found in an ordinary city Park or in the woods. If you manage to meet a kangaroo in the wild, maybe he will allow you to take pictures with him and feed from his hand.

By the way, near the Australian continent is one unique island, which was named “kangaroo island”. The fact that there are these animals very much, and they are represented in their original form. Few people have mastered the territory, therefore, the number of marsupial reaches a record high.

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