Lentils what type of bird where there

There are a fantastic range of birds of various size, color as well as behavior. Typical rosefinch is a medium-sized bird from the passerine, takes place in North America, Europe as well as Asia.

Belongs to the family members of finches. The area of lentils Lentils are a migratory bird. The variety of its distribution is broad. Basically it is Siberia, Middle and also Central Asia, Eastern Europe. On the area of the former USSR the bird is found nearly anywhere(with the exemption of Transcarpathia, and Moldova ). Lentils there are in the Urals, as well as on Spore, and in Ust-Tsilma. You can often locate the bird on the borders of the Northern woodland, on the territory of the Anadyr Krai, Sakhalin and Kamchatka.

Lentils living in China, Afghanistan, Iran, and also the Caucasus.

Surprisingly, regardless of the territory, one can observe gaps in the location of lentils:

  • from Transcarpathia to Bessarabia on the border of the steppe Ukraine.
  • Between the Volga and the Don.
  • The Eastern component of the Tien Shan hills.

Lentils do not live in:

  • Central Asia (in its desert areas).
  • South-Eastern Altai.
  • Mongolia.

They can fly cross countries. In spite of its tiny size, the bird is able to travel long distances. It was discovered in Sweden, Malta, Holland, etc as their wintering prefers area of India and also South-East China. This establishes it besides other reels, as it is primarily the household winter seasons in our area.

The nature of the stay

As the particular attributes of lentils are prone to lengthy movements. People who choose nesting in the southerly regions, are more prone to a sedentary lifestyle. It is tough to figure out the precise boundaries of the breeding variety, as not all people nest. It shows up late. A lot of movement occurs at the end of April and also mid may.

The bird often migrates in tiny groups of 10-15 individuals. Sometimes there are groups of as much as 50 people.

From August to the end of September, the lentils begin winter migration. Most usually it is directed in South direction, South-East as well as in Asia. Resembles Just there are four subspecies of lentils — red, ordinary, pink as well as juniper. They all have mild differences in dimension as well as color. As a whole, all kind of small dimension (no bigger than a Sparrow).

Ladies are light in color, with the stubborn belly lighter than back and also with brownish-grey tuft. Young birds similar in shade to ladies. Males are brilliant in shade. They have the tail, wings and back, additionally head as well as thorax intense red. Abdomen pink. Specific participants of the species Breasts as well pink. Such a brilliant color make these birds recognizable.


Each bird picks not only an environment however additionally the environment. Common option — — wet meadows with bushes. They are often discovered in hedges, burial grounds, gardens. In hilly countries, they prefer to pick the edges of woodlands, estuaries, Alpine fields. In the forests prefer hedge and tree landscapes.

The nutrition of lentils includes plant-based. She consumes mainly seeds of plants such as buttercups, Fox sedge, umbrella as well as legumes. Chicks are fed seeds of Stellaria. As a source of healthy protein moms and dads, they generate various pests. Frequently it is the caterpillars as well as small beetles.


Monogamous birds. Simply put — — birds develop sets permanently. While researchers have actually documented several nests where there was one man. However, in most cases, agents of this species monogamous.

On arrival to the area of the nesting set are starting to develop nests. The place selected by the woman. Normally, it’s the middle of a young tree or bush. In some cases she can particularly select uncommon tree for nesting of various other birds. The nest is made of dry branches, thoughtlessly and freely. Slim trays laid from down, wool, rootlets as well as blades of yard. The typical diameter of the nest is about 16 centimeters, however this is an estimate.

During the breeding duration one can observe a type of current. The male sits on the leading branches of a tree, raises his crest and also presses the plumes. Ready, he begins to sing their ringing trills. So he flew from tree to tree.

If he gets in the region of one more male, after that there is a serious fight. The woman is sitting on the lower branches or on the ground. After the mating occurs.

In stonework, to a maximum of 6 eggs. Over the summer, shows up only one clutter of young. Eggs have blue shells with black dots. Usually, they show up in June, but in the southern latitudes, they can be detected and may. Incubates the eggs by the lady just, lasts regarding two weeks. The male is nearby, feeds and also shields her.

Men quit singing after hatching Chicks, as they require major feeding. After the young leave the nest, the parents stay in the background and are unobtrusive way of living. Lentils almost not singing in non-breeding period, which does not extradite its presence.

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