Lin for spearfishing

Spearfishing is a very interesting look at the lessons the mesmerizing beauty of the underwater world. You every year again and again go hunting.

The number of fans is constantly growing. It is courageous people who are not afraid of difficulties. Underwater weapon must be reliable and safe. Process safety most hunting largely depends on the state of Ling. You need to monitor his condition and ability to work.

Lin for spearfishing

It is a device that secures the spear to the crossbow. If you are going to hunt, you need to conduct a visual inspection, to repair the damage or replace it. Special attention should be paid to fastening the harpoon and the gun.

In the process may occur abrasion of the tench, he “dubeet” in loops, knots – increases hardness, decreases the strength of the rain and even the possibility of it open to hunting. The appearance of the nodules need to pay special attention to the hunt, they will be delayed.

They need to liquidate immediately, swam to the shore. Regardless of the diversity of models, the total lifetime is small – two or three seasons of hunting. Constant wetting and line drying contribute to the gradual decrease in elasticity, strength. After returning from hunting, it needs to dry in the shade, then to reel to reel.

What is the Lin for the suspension of hunting is better to choose?

Used many species, different in their characteristics, but all important to be on the gap high strength. Important and the cross-sectional diameter. It depends on what will be the rate of departure of harpoon range, the probability of hitting the target.

Apply line:

  • nylon Lin with rubber grommet;
  • braided nylon with a diameter of 2 to 8 mm. the Most suitable cord, braided, resembling a cord for TV
  • from “braid” and threads inside with a round or flat profile. The stiffness should be low;
  • you can apply parachute straps, the threads used in the manufacture of the racket;
  • Lin-absorber that reduces the impact of jerks fish;
  • Kevlar thread nylon sheath. Applies to rubber tie rods;
  • nylon;
  • Lin Cinema. This high-strength nylon thread. It is relatively soft, unbreakable bends and melts easily. When sealing the ends of the line is important – it is easier.
  • “supernet”. It is specially grown polymer composed of a single molecule.

In the discussion on the forum which is better Ling to use: mono or dine lovers of underwater hunting with a crossbow often prefer lines of manolescu (62%) and dine (17%).

Fans believe that two weapons with rubber bands that are only different in line – one with monolines, and the other with braided cord will work is not the same. Much longer can shoot a harpoon with braided cord. The movement of the harpoon slowed down due to the fact that the network, becoming wet in an aqueous medium, weight weight Lin.

Cinema does not stretch like mono. If a strong pull, it is easy to break.

If you choose Lin should give preference to one that is more durable, reliable, comfortable at work. It is necessary to consider what fish you will be hunting, where you will spend hunting. It is important to take into account their financial capabilities. If Lin is chosen correctly, the angler will feel comfortable shooting both in the small and in the large fish.

How to pin Lin on the crossbow

The crossbow is one of two types of underwater weapons. At its core are rubber traction, which accelerate the arrow. The main advantage is high precision. It is reliable, simple design, not expensive, silent. Using high precision, most often a crossbow used for hunting small, fast fish.

Binding of the harpoon consists of monoline, which lies in the bed of the weapons, and extra nylon or other line. The main line can be on the coil, supplied with shock absorber. If it is tied to a harpoon, will be able to eliminate the sagging Lin, entanglement and the shot will be made more accurately. Tie Lin in several ways. Safer, more beautiful binding with the firmware banding.

When you bind Lin will need: a shotgun, a harpoon, a part of Lin, a piece monoline, two clamps, a damper clamp, scissors.


  • the end of the monolith odevaem in the clamp and into the hole on the harpoon, which is at its end;
  • produce a loop, the end monoline set up in the clamp;
  • anchoring clamp;
  • the harpoon is inserted into the gun. The loop should be on top;
  • monoline remove the excess with scissors, leaving about ten to fifteen centimeters;
  • knit another loop;
  • slightly burned Lin, not to hit;
  • Lin tied to the loop made on monoline;
  • selectable attenuator;
  • for linesbrasyvatelja hold the free end of the line, make a few turns;
  • attach it to the carabiner. The shock absorber needs to be stretched;
  • loop of monoline closed on the ear of the separator. A metal separator is used to monoline, when fastening the harpoon does not RUB against the edge of the hole;
  • in the tail of a harpoon inserted folded portion of the separator;
  • the protruding part of the cut produced by raskladku;
  • to connect with monoline line;
  • between the derailer for Lin and a ledge in front of the gun to produce a couple of turns of the winding;
  • namatame Lin the coil completely and fix a stopper.
Where to buy Lin for spearfishing?

The lines are varied. You can buy in stores that spetsializiruyutsya selling dive gear. The main thing – to make the right choices and to remember that the choice of Lin and its attachment depends on your safety. Enjoy the beauty of nature and richness of the underwater world.

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