Manufacturer of cages for hens with their hands

The content of the poultries in cages is acquiring a great deal of appeal amongst gardeners and expert farmers. This is attained as a result of the density of the host birds, and additionally due to the ease as well as simplicity of upkeep. Such cages for hens can be done independently with their own hands, adhering to the directions that will certainly be provided listed below.

Of training course, each style is(and the question now is not even on the cells, and definitely regarding any kind of point) has its advantages, however additionally disadvantages, which, however, can not be prevented. To understand whether to use cages for reproducing birds, you require to recognize about them, including their disadvantages. Just this way will certainly create the appropriate view.

The advantages and disadvantages of cell

The web content of the hens in the cages indicates that birds will be put in a tiny location. It offers a large space saving.

Cages for hens can be of numerous layouts:

  1. Stationary that will certainly be installed on the floor or attached to the wall and also consequently never get away with the already marked areas. These cages for the poultries are not mean permanent relocate to a brand-new location.
  2. Portable, which will be geared up with castors or legs. This is essential in order to at any time of the year it was possible to transport the bird.
The favorable high qualities of the material of hens in a cage
  1. On any square you can fit a large number of poultries. But financial savings are not the just excellent function. Considerably minimize the expenses of heating as well as lighting throughout the cool periods. Because of convenient as well as excellent construction the cage is really simple to tidy compared to if birds stayed in pens. As well as also lowered the cost of the trash.
  2. Birds can’t toss food around. This is really essential because in instances when hen brawler and the food scatters everywhere, it is really unlucrative. As component of the feed simply disappears. Financial savings feed with the cells reaches concerning 15-20%.
  3. Water will constantly be clean, it will not be contaminated with clutter and numerous waste.
  4. Enhanced epidemiological and also hygienic problems in the backyard. Besides, the bird will stay in a cage, due to the fact that she will not touch with other birds, as well as this will restrict the danger of illness as well as poisoning.
  5. Hens that live in cages, will certainly remain in consistent safety. They will certainly not be able to be assaulted by various animals such canines, cats or wild rats.
  6. Significantly streamlined, the collection of dung and also feeding the birds.

One square meter can quickly fit one or two poultries, which have different sizes. The primary standard of the thickness of settlement is, naturally, the degree of comfort for the hens. If you discover that birds begin to act terribly, and also dispute, it shows tiny degree of convenience and also landing also close to the « neighbor.» » Birds are offered to understand that sensation as well carefully.

In this case, you require to build more cages for hens, the least weak or else poultry can be killed stronger. Just how close chickens are to each other depends on the egg production. If the hen does not intend to lay eggs, after that you require to make sure that they were not as well crowded. Cons cells In limited area a laying hen will be much less mobile, as well as for that reason reduced the regard to her life. For the chickens of a good type such material is not advised. For those hens, which are made to create eggs and meat, such material is appropriate.

  • Should mineral supplements. Due to the fact that in those situations, when a laying chicken is in a free state, it obtains all the needed for your body by consuming pests and worms, and also fresh greens. And also because case, if the bird is constantly in a confined area, then, obviously, this is not taking place and also you need to care for her male.
  • To make certain good egg production, you require to set up excellent lights.
  • If the bird remains in a state of high accuracy, it is required to frequently monitor the condition of birds, due to the fact that contaminated chickens by transmittable disease illness transmitted quickly and the others.

Chicken farmers with even more experience are recommended to reduce the unfavorable impact of cells in the summer to make these designs with birds inside, outside, and then put them under the cover, as well as also provide to feed the poultries, fresh veggies and also herbs.

To make the components of chickens in cages extra comfy, you will require

  • : place birds in cages for hens in wintertime just; to make sure that birds were not closely; feed the birds fresh yard and also veggies in wintertime;
  • you should use a Mat under each bird.
Design cages for hens

To make the cell very quickly with your hands from almost any tree, which is discovered on the website. This design will certainly make sure the health and great air flow. But most often, for the manufacture of the cells made use of galvanized metal mesh, which are chosen a framework of timber or metal. In such cells there is great air circulation, as well as if there are still Windows, reduced illumination expenses.

Cell includes: drinkers; front wall; feeders; frying pan in which to collect eggs; frying pan for droppings. The floorings in the cells of the grid are made from mesh bias on the front under an angle of 7 or 10 levels. The front component of the floor is equipped with a groove which serves as eizariya. The eggs will delicately slide into this layout, which is outside the cages for laying hens, because will stay intact, as poultry will certainly not be able to squash them by mishap.

The trash tray need to be set about 10 and 15 centimeters lower than the floor. And also its production is made from galvanized sheet. The feeder is installed on the front of the wall surface, it must be over eizariya. As well as regarding 10 or 15 centimeters over the placed the enthusiast.

Side and also back component of cage for laying hens is made of plywood or OSB, however it is much better to do these walls of lattices. This will certainly make certain the health as well as good ventilation. Cover can also be constructed from lattice. This is needed to make sure that the cage might be put on the street as well as there was all-natural light.

The door combines with the front wall as well as it is hinged for simplicity of cleansing as well as upkeep of cages for laying chickens.

The needed dimensions

There are some guidelinesthat you need to comply with to the inhabitants of the cells really feel in complete convenience. One square meter is 2, and even 8 people. The main criterion is a freebie to the poultry feed and water. As a result, ideally the deepness of the layout to do about 50 or 60 centimeters, and width depending on supply, 60 or 120 cm. Larger kinds of cells are really bothersome, since the floors will SAG, and also the tray where the clutter is dumped, it will certainly be too heavy. In the long run, the cell merely will not endure the lots and also break.

Below are the sizes that are advised for cells with different variety of hens: The number of chickens heads Depth, mWidth, m The elevation of the rear wall surface, m General elevation, mLocation per bird, sq. m.2-30,5-0,60,6-0,10,450,650,1-0,34-50,5-0,61-1,40,450,650,1-0,216-80,6-0,81,4-1,80,50,70,1-0,249-120,7-1,01,8-20,50,70,1-0,3

If the chickens in the cage are egg-meat, the area must be enhanced by about 30 or 40%.

The essential materials and also devices

To make a cage for hens will certainly need the list below products:

  1. Processed wood (all timber products need to be meticulously polished, or else hen can get a splinter or seriously wound on your own) the bar dimension of 40 * 40mm or 40 * 50 mm, Length is 3 meters. You will require 5 items.
  2. Bar density 20 mm or 40 mm. it is Necessary 3 meter in 2 pieces. A grid of steel appropriate for the side walls, floor as well as ceiling. The size should be 1 meter.
  3. Grille, steel front wall. Size of 1 meter.
  4. The parts of metal that will certainly be used to manufacture the framework. If you plan to wall-mounted cage, they will be utilized in the manufacturing of the canopy.
  5. The screws are galvanized.
  6. Tinplate sheet density of 1.5 mm.

Device required:

  • electrical jigsaw, handsaw;
  • screwdriver set;
  • Bulgarian;
  • tape procedure, degree as well as square construction;
  • sandpaper;
  • pencil or other composing object.
Supplier of cages for laying chickens

For a start it is essential to apply the markup on the materials that will be used to manufacture the framework. Now you need to take the ready bars 40 * 40 mm and also disperse them according to selected dimensions. All completions are safeguarded with sandpaper. Workpiece securing is made through screws.

To enhance the frame can be screwed to the gusset of plywood on the sides. To put the bottom tray, require to do the flooring as well as lattice bar 20 * 40 mm. From the very same bar made structure of the door. If a framework is made of metal account, all the information need to attach making use of screws on metal. The Assembly will take place from the location or account of the pipe. You can make use of the welding equipment if it is offered in the house.

The flooring is constructed from grating. You should cut the mesh to needed dimensions, the reducing side is curved in the type of a tray. To strengthen the flooring you require to utilize a transverse assistance bar 20 * 40 mm. Distance in between them is not much less than 20 cm Block must be treated with antibacterial, you can utilize varnish. Then the grid is attached to bench with screws.

Side and rear wall is sheathed by a grid of metal, you require to protect it with screws. To stay clear of added benefit reducing the mesh, you can just flex the finished item and connect it. The front wall of the door is covered with mesh. To have the doors secured, you require to install the locks. Cover is made from lattice or plywood that is fertilized with a moistureproof structure. Everything is connected with screws.

The tray is made from galvanized sheet. The leading edge can bend as well as get a kind of manage. Area the tray on the top of the bar.


To chicken well eggs, you require to set up proper lighting. For this objective you can make use of led strip. Lodging you require to make to make sure that all components of the cages for laying chickens evenly lit. The backlight if you want, you can automate your very own hands to establish the timer and the correct time.

That’s all. Cage for hens, gathered their hands, all set to utilize.

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