Methods of manufacture of combined straw for hens with their hands

Great success in breeding hens can be achieved just if the right to elevate poultries from the initial days of life. It is essential to make sure appropriate nutrition. It simply needs a feed for chickens. It includes the right bird vitamins, trace elements and minerals advertise health and wellness and vitality of the Chicks.

Ready-mixed feeds might seem expensive fancier, and maybe approximately residence it is not that easy to obtain. In this instance, to begin growing birds will aid feed for poultries with their hands.

Feed can be made independently on the basis of the dish feed industry, for example, blended « Sun ». The main thing is its blend satisfies all the needs of the more youthful «birds. Quality feed should be present the whole range of nutrients. Food is selected according to the age of the poultry, because the growth needs of the Chicks adjustment.

The feed « Start » for the chickens and also feed the « Growth » utilized in the first month of life hens. Then the young start to feed « Finish ».

Starter feed poultry feed in the very first two weeks of their «lives.» « Start » or « nulevka »( spoken)from different makers have different structure, but the main ingredients coincide: wheat; corn; peas; barley.

«The major element is corn fine work, which positively influences the formation of the skeletal system and also increased muscular tissue mass hen enhances his tummy. Many producers in the starting mixture is included limestone, cooking soda, fish meal, feed phosphates, veggie fat, antioxidants, vitamins, amino acids. Feed The « Growth » In age from two weeks to one month Chicks are moved to feed the « Growth » adding to weight gain. Of all, from the above, this feed is grinding. In « Growth » includes large granules, which contributes to the much faster absorption of food The composition of the « Growth » is much more grown-up birds. In feed combined oil, lysine as well as meat and also bone dish.

The result is the following equation well balanced food: healthy protein; grain; amino acids; particular elements; minerals and also vitamins. How to feed it? To compute the amount of feed required for the birds, you require to know typical daily dosage. For example, « Start » is fed with the expectation of 10-27 g per chick, and « Growth »– 90-120 g(the number boosts with the «growth» of the hen). The first five days of fed 6-8 times a day, with 6 to 14 day — 3-4 times/day, then you can feed 3 times a day.

Therefore the birds should be long-term access to alcohol consumption water, instead of which in the first days it is much better to offer the chickens a light option of manganese to avoid indigestion. One full feed is inadequate that the bird was fully created. For that reason , in the first days of life the diet plan need toconsist of: eco-friendlies «; home cheese; sliced boiled egg. Progressively mixed into the feed.

For» optimum development and also task of poultries from seven days of age with prefabricated food provide minced offal (liver, heart, lungs ), minced green onions, dandelions, ground meat of sea fish. Evaluations feed Prior to poultry farmers today is the obstacle, what to feed hens: grain or forage. Grain is cheaper, yet well-informed individuals state that the feed gives the very best result. Some observed that the poultries consuming the feed, get sick much less commonly.

Farmers drew attention to the reality that well balanced food is spent 3 times less grain. In 95 %of cases, you select the feed. Swear by the demanding « Sun » for Chicks, designed for birds matured from day to a month.

The make-up of this feed consists of all the essential ingredients, so you can do without greenery, eggs, and so on. Food improves immunity of chicken and also contributes to weight gain. The only negative aspect is the high expense. Feed « Start » and « Growth » chooses every 2nd birder. In high quality they are equivalent with the mix of « Sun », but their price is somewhat reduced, why feed used a lot more commonly. The survival price of Chicks «making use of data feed is 97-100%(subject to the regulations on the web content ).

A great deal of favorable comments concerning the demanding TM Kalinka, making certain optimal survival rate that boosts the growth price, added to the purchase of hen meat an excellent flavor. Currently the firm is not too known, yet « Kalinka » there is everything to win out there «competitors. Feed with your own» hands To make feed for chickens with their hands, the needed components»need to be blended in the complying with proportions.

For Chicks under two weeks: A 50% ground corn; 16 %– wheat; 12%– fat-free yogurt; 14%of the cake; 8%barley. For Chicks aged two weeks to a month: 48 «%corn cleavers; 19%of the cake; 13%of wheat; 7% flour of meat as well as bone meal or fish oil; 5%of feed yeast; 3%powder skim milk as well as natural herbs; 1%– feeding fat. Regarding the ingredients In the grain consists of vegetable proteins and also carbs that are required to provide energy for the growing birds. Sunflower dish consists of fiber, promotes digestion more youthful Chicks.

In the dish is protein and around 2%veggie fat required for power, formation of cells of the chick, the buildup of protective subcutaneous fat. Fish and bone meal is a valuable resource of calcium as well as pet protein. Picking meat and bone meal, discover the odor and also shade.

Yellow meat-meal, might claims that it has a great deal of machine made plume as well as eating this item might cause cannibalism of the chicken populace. The moldy odor of meat-meal most likely indicates the presence of pathogenic bacteria. Code to touch the flour is greasy, so poor completely dry.

In fresh green weeds contains a great deal of vitamins and also fiber. Vitamins are organic catalyst for most of metabolic procedures in the body of the more youthful birds, they also join the development of nervous and also sex-related system. Especially vital are the b vitamins, because they are the basis for the development of muscle mass. Without vitamin D will certainly not develop a solid skeleton. Trace minerals– the components of the significant systems and body organs of the hen, and they are part of the digestive system enzymes and hormonal agents. Among of these minerals consist of: Selenium; Iron; Cobalt; Manganese.

Selenium is very important for laying hens, because if the diet it sufficient, the egg manufacturing of birds rises. Macronutrients are parts of minerals that are present in the feed in relatively large amounts( from 0.1 to 3 mass% ). These consist of basic materials for organic protein and also calcium to aid the hens to create a healthy and balanced skeleton as well as to have a high egg production in the future. Mix Quality food should be: homogeneous; fresh; stabilized; conveniently absorbable.

To acquire harmony of feed blends: Mixed, crushed, and also entire grains. Included cake, dish and pellets– stir once more. Meat as well as bone meal or yard meal independently blended with ground feed chalk and vitamin supplements. Different combined parts include in the complete combination, continuously mixing the composition. The dry ingredients better to mix in a broad pan. To add a separate mixture should be continuously stirring the grain basis. If the feed or fish oil, it is advised to add the action of blending crushed or entire grain.

Not suggested to include fats in little grain, dish or meat and also bone dish, due to the fact that these will lead to delaying of the elements in clumps, which will certainly lead to uneven feed. Adding fat to the big grains allow them to be distributed uniformly. The mash was prepared as follows: Mix the milled grain. Include meat, oil-cake and also dish as well as bone meal. Include the chopped environment-friendlies. In the pre-heated liquid based included fats, vitamin supplements, calcium supplements and also salt(mix to dissolve the ingredients).

Pour dry combination liquid Foundation and firmly insist half an hour with mixing every 2-3 mins. This technology will assist uniformly disperse the vitamins as well as minerals that are added in small amounts, uniformly. Excellent conditions and also feeding– an assurance that the Chicks will grow healthy, will certainly be good to gain weight and also lay eggs. If the right to raise chickens from the very first days of life,

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