Mole regular environment

The common European mole, as well as is most often discovered in forests, areas and also fields. Where moles real-time, darkness prevails, so moles have no eyes. Some representatives sometimes satisfy eyes, they are almost undeveloped and also small, with the aid of the mole can only differentiate evening from day.

The mole is almost all the time is underground, externally it is picked in the procedure of digging kratovil. Underground mole vision not need, he developed the various other senses– smell, touch as well as delicate ears. Listening to the internal mole.

So, it appears like a mole? This is quite a tiny dimension specimen, the size of which does not exceed 20 cm from the Muzzle of a mole without any eyes, covered with hairs, with which the mole perceives the surrounding world. The pet’s nose looks like a trunk. With the assistance of the mole generates his very own food. Animal covered in black hair, to the touch the coat soft as well as smooth. Frequently this pet is located black in shade, but agents of this varieties are ashy and brown. Hair grows exclusively up, no instructions of development was observed, i.e. the hair does not exist left nor neither appropriate, neither up neither down.

The mole paws look like hands. They have fingers, only 5. The fingers are long thick claws that assist the pet to dig and build tunnels. The neck of the pet you may not notice on initial evaluation.

Normally representatives of this types molt 2-3 times a year. Best on the touch and also appearance, the woollen ends up being after the autumn moult, before the winter, it grows thicker and longer to secure the animal from hypothermia in the wintertime.

In my life the reps of this breed grows up to 44 teeth.

In spite of the average growth, the weight of the animal is very little. Moles just evaluate 180-200 gr. Males slightly bigger than women.

In wintertime time the below ground citizens don’t go to bed, rest for them is not normal. They sleep during the day for 2-3 hrs and go to sleep a number of timesa day. With other individuals worldwide coexist divide the region. Able to consume carrion, eat the dead tribesmen. Below ground opponents have little bit. The danger to the mole existing ground killers such as foxes, Martens. Underground resident for these animals– the last in the food cycle, because the mole radiates unpleasant for all the various other animals scent.

Skin parasites make pets underground a lot of problem, it usually leads to fatal outcomes


To the question « where does a mole?» » is a precise response. Man with his own hands develops favorable problems for the existence of moles. Farmers are processed annually numerous hectares of land than rep of this kind appreciates. He « relocated» » the currently plowed land. This substantially facilitates the vital features of animals, due to the fact that on the fields the soil is loose, due to the fact that an unique effort in excavating tunnels and crotalin not called for.

Typically, the mole holes up at 6-7 cm, but often the passage depth can reach 50 centimeters Often underground individuals construct residences on the financial institutions of the storage tanks. They are exceptional swimmers as well as love water. To life ashore, they are not appropriate with the kind of clutches is almost impossible to walk. Crawl mole can not for factors of individual security to avoid ending up being very easy victim for the predator.

Underground delving animals dig complicated passages, they can be separated right into:

  1. Residential tunnels that usually cause the storage tank as well as connect with each other.
  2. Feed passage, excavating to locate food.

The rep of this types is exceptionally voracious. A day he consumes food weighing with himself (100-120 g). Farmers and garden enthusiasts mistakenly thinkthat a mole in the ground feeds on roots. It happens that the pet is a mole digging passage nibbles run into in the origin and the plant dies.

Underground homeowners not herbivores. They mostly consume

  • bugs, little reptiles and also
  • rats. Their diet plan contains: shellfish;
  • larvae;
  • worms;
  • slugs;
  • millipedes;
  • lizards; a small little computer mouse.

The below ground residents are trying to consume solely invertebrate food. In the winter months they consume what was stocked for the whole cozy duration of the year. Eventually, a specific parcel of land food ends, so below ground occupant relocated to a new place of residence.


Below ground miners reproduce the like most other mammals. The process involves two people, male and also lady.

Before breeding, the pair is building a nest. All-time low is carpeted with dried-up young grass or soft moss. The nest warmed up fallen leaves. Equip them deep enough, regarding one and a fifty percent meters. Animals dig nests under the origins of trees or under dense bushes that serves as an additional protective aspect.

Maternity lasts about 40 days, the brood can be from 3 to 10 krott. The young of the mole are birthed bald, however quickly growing, quick grow hair and also gain weight. After a few weeks crotta begin to live apart, leave the nest as well as look after their living. Upon reaching 2 months of age the children start to dig their very own wormhole.

Injury and take advantage of moles

The farmers are aware that their properties wound up unwanted lodger. On earth there are a small earthen mound. This is the departure of the pet to the surface and vent at the exact same time. The tunnels are interconnected, what is done also in order to the underground sanctuary sufficed oxygen-rich air.

Occasionally below ground miners cause substantial damage to the crop, damaging the roots and also maintain dampness in plants. As well loose, these animals dig the ground, the plant sheds its assistance, the roots do not obtain enough amounts of moisture.

When it comes to usage, the underground tunneling pets feed primarily on pests, so they can save the plant from too much assaults of wood lice, worms and also various other pests.

In the modern apparel industry began to appear the coats of the sleepers. They are very costly, yet the high quality are exceptional. It is thought that in this layer it is difficult to ice up. Coat with the mole started to stitch as well as other fur items.

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