Pine marten the location of its habitat

In the forest is home to various animals. Killers, mammals, birds, reptiles — — is not a full list of the forest dwellers. Forest elegance, the uncommon charm of wearing a coat the shade of buckwheat honey, is called marten. Still it is called jelously. Function and description This pet belongs

to the family members Mustelidae as well as the genus of Martens, active, elegant creature. In the procedure of searching

the marten quickly climbs up trees, gets over great distances and also are able to hunt for a long time. So, it looks like marten? Woodlandresident belongs to the killers, the development of which does not exceed 50 centimeters Short muzzle with a broad temple, his head crowned by

big ears with rounded top. Nose black, eyes in the evening cast a reddish tint. The body is extended, slim and also versatile. The limbs are short and also small legs end in claws. In winter months, the sole animal obtains hair that enables the animal to not sink in the

snowdrifts. With this number the marten conveniently overcomes obstacles such as branches, promptly react to the appearance of the production. Excessive weight this pet is not impacted, as it is frequently in motion. On the neck of the animal characteristic is thought about to be a bright place in the neck. Pine marten are considered a valuable fur-bearing animal, its hair is very valued in the manufacture and embroidery

of hair layers and also other fur products, so the marten is safeguarded by regulation. Weigh the ache marten are reasonably couple of — grown-up individual does not surpass 2 kg. Ladies get to 1.5 kg, men are much heavier as well as taller. Regardless of the little dimension and also weight, this animal has a powerful jaw with sharp teeth. Marten is able to reduce the bones of his sufferer. Environment Specimen of this breed lives mostly in coniferous and beech forests. In the regions of woodlands, combined woodlands, pet the most common. Marten can endure also in the highlands, altitude has to do with 1800 meters

above water level. A preferred place of residence of the members of this types taken into consideration to be woodland locations, unblemished by male. Fallen trees as well as hollows in old trees help the yearn marten conceal from risk, to locate a warm location for the winter months and just relax. Pets do not reside in one place. They comply with the nomadic way of life to a day off, the animal locates a suitable hole up as well as sleep till nightfall. Animal pursues mainly during the night, by day it is essentially impossible to satisfy.

Representatives of this varieties live alone. For every specific tacitly fixed location of land which animals are meticulously identified. The region of women is rather less website males occasionally limits can becrossed. In the wild this types of killers located a great deal of opponents. They determined to consist of: Owl; Lynx ; Wolf; Hawk; Fox; Food In the diet regimen of representatives of this varieties are tiny warm-blooded animals and pests, such as: hares; proteins; rats; shrews; bugs; some varieties of snakes(serpents ); frogs; grouch; grumble; A crucial area in the diet of a lovely predator is a protein food. A natural resource of protein are bugs. Dragonflies, different beetles Supplement the meat diet regimen of the killer. In the winter, when

each day consuming is obtainingharder

  1. , marten could obtain as close as
  2. possible to
  3. the residence

of man. Sufferers of


pet in this situation come to be pigeons and chickens. Reproduction Mating in this varieties occur throughout the summer, a warm time of the year. In

  • this period of
  • time the females
  • observed
  • in warm,
  • it lasts 2-4
  • days. All ladies males inadequate, so male
  • companions with numerous ladies
  • in turn.

In winter, males are common about marital relationship periods: at this time, aggressive men plaguing ladies, however the mating does not occur. Maternity is very long and lasts regarding 274 days. As a matter of fact, the baby in the womb

establishes just

30-40 days, the remainder of the time exists stage. Before birth the women begins to thoroughly get ready for the appearance of progeny. Select a place for the setup of the nest, the Nest is

ready, the woman continues to be there until the birth. Cubs are born in the month of April, the weight does not exceed 40 g, length 11 cm Newborn children at birth

are blind as well as deaf, slotted ears 23 on the bottom of life, to see they begin on the 28th day of life. Mommy does not desert the

kids, leaving the nest only throughout of the hunt. If the young are threatened, the mommy takes little or Martens in the other area, or eats the entire brood. The first 6 weeks of life, calves consume only mother’s milk, they are swiftly gaining weight. After a fifty percent and also a month grown up cubs go searching with their mom, actively exploring the area near the nest. Until the fall of the children live with the mommy, then one begins an independent life. There were times that the cubs stay with their mom up until spring.

At the age of 2 years, the representatives of the weasel family members totally Mature. Fertilization usually occurs in the 3rd year of life. The man and also the marten The fur of this animal is very beneficial, people around the regulation as well as destroy agents of this types for profit. The decrease in the populace of jellouse additionally adds to deforestation, in which the animal is comfortable house in a natural environment. Some individuals for experiment tried to include marten in the home. The opinions were split. Seledochka at home he acted in a different way. Sometimes, she swiftly got made use of to people after a brief time the pet domain names to human and also calmly

approved the pats as well as hugs. Some people did not Express to the individual any rate of interest, behave as if surrounded by jelousy in any way. The 3rd team of jellouse acted extremely hostile, as well as the owners needed to launch the pet in its natural environment. Participants of the category Mustelidae live about 14 years. There are instances when some people lived to 18 years.

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