Poultries faverol: description and productivity of the type, the materials

In the mid-nineteenth century in France was type hens bred faverol, which was initially intended to be made use of for brews. After mating with bigger birds and also expert choice relevance of the breed increased, it started to consist of for top notch meat products.

Today, hens are also faverol and exhibition, as have uncommon quill. How to feed birds and what is called for to guarantee that the problems of apprehension?

Crossing and breeding of birds engaged farmers from the French community Faverolles, in whose honor and also was called breed. Got it after crossing chickens mantsch and gudan. In the future, to improve high qualities were utilized and other breeds of poultries. The resulting meat of faverolles was very appreciated for the specific preference and exceptional top quality. Bred them just on personal cattle ranches, so attempt meat can be had only in restaurants.

A little later the German breeders got a comparable breed, called lockhunter salmon or hen. It hens faverol salmon ended up being separated in industrial scale.

The breed is plain and also maturation and high egg manufacturing, which is very valued as well as widely bred by farmers of both Europe and Russia.

Physical description

Poultries faverol have an uncommon appearance, numerous followers of decorative types to get them for his individual collection.

  • To differentiate the species by the complying with qualities: a little extended plus size case;
  • tight to the body high placed wings;
  • raised up a little bit short tail. not long neck is embeded in lavish hair;
  • entirely conceals the jewelry and also goatee; rather powerful, however short beak;
  • tiny leaf-shaped comb;
  • increased pen cover in area containers as well as beard;
  • little dimension level head;
  • well created strong legs;
  • sides of the head plumage reminiscent of sideburns.

A little different look of penis and also hens:

  1. Little roosters head is a comb with teeth as well as a cool white or pink beak, which is not the sticks ahead. The eyes of the men are orange or red, the red face is a little down, and also the storage tanks can be of different shades. Thickly feathery feet fowls.
  2. Chicken was rather tight as well as they have a plainly noticeable tummy. Ahead of laying of intriguing hair at the nape feathers are maturing and under the ears located horizontally. Hens have a broad back which climbs slightly to the rear of the body. They have a little brief tail, which looks like a roof covering.

The most popular type of poultries faverol salmon shade. Hens have a pale tummy and chest, and also the neck and wings are reddish. Cocks stomach, chest and also tail are black, and the back– cosy white plumes.

Poultries faverol can have not just salmon, but likewise blue, ermine, black and white color.

No much less stunning as well as intriguing poultries faverol. Currently by two months of age they can be differentiated by gender, since birds have released a special beard as well as sideburns.

Productive feature

Poultries breed faverolle are valued for its quality, tasty meat as well as good egg manufacturing.

To their efficient characteristics consist of: With great care and proper feeding of the fowls put on weight up to 4-5 kg, and chickens approximately 3.5 kg. Juicy and also soft meat, the taste of which looks like a pheasant.

  • The survival price of young pets is 90-95%.
  • Sex-related maturity of hens involves six months in age.
  • An excellent level of oplodotvorennogo.
  • Throughout the year, each laying hens can rise to eighty yellow-pink eggs evaluating 55-60 grams.
  • The maternal impulse in laying chickens is virtually nonexistent.
Advantages and downsides of the type

Poultries faverol are highly valued by farmers, as they incorporate exceptional preference of meat, good egg production as well as a gorgeous appearance, which can embellish any type of backyard.

Experienced dog breeders have noted the following positive qualities of the breed faverol:

  1. Earliness.
  2. Superb taste as meat and eggs.
  3. Quick and also easy addicting birds to any kind of climatic problems.
  4. High egg production also in cold seasons.
  5. Tough, good resistance of calves, fowls and hens. Birds of this breed is rarely influenced by illness that advertise the constant invoice of their items.
  6. The birds are durable and he is not capricious.

With these advantages, the poultry breeders agree to reproduce in their locations breed of poultry faverol.


Like all types, chickens faverol have their disadvantages:

  • moderate mother’s instinct;
  • when gone across with birds of other breeds might shed their efficient top quality;
  • vulnerable to excessive weight, you require to bear in mind the farmer and deal with feeding responsibly.

Yet all these cons are very minor compared to the advantages that have poultries reproduce faverolle.

Web content features

Calm as well as plain the roosters and chickens faverol are large, so the cell contents are not adjusted. They have to arrange large hen coop and increase birds besides various other varieties. It is impossible to include in a tiny space a lot of people, considering that or else the risk of transmittable diseases.

Birds resistant to chilly, yet can not endure high moisture. The residence should be furnished with great air flow as well as completely dry clutter.

The feeders for faverolles need to be deep, rather narrow and with a post in the middle. They should be hung, or else the chicken will gather in the container as well as throw food around.

The roosts are not too high and are outfitted with a convenient ladder. They need to be broad and round. Located high on a perch huge birds will be difficult to obtain, as well as they can get hurt.

The lawn

Because chickens faverol prone to excessive weight, they need to organize the lawn as well as releasing them on a walk in the warm time of the year. High fence around the courtyard. so regarding fly birds of this varieties do not like.

Farmers appreciate these birds much more as well as for the reality that in the lawn they’ll never dig yard bed or flower bed, while trying to find insects and also consume

with enjoyment. Wandering hens locate their own food, which is rich in various nutrients. It can be various insects, environment-friendlies and worms. Birds that everyday walk in the fresh air, much less most likely to get ill and also have high egg manufacturing.

Feeding hens breed faverolle

Pedigree chicken require a well balanced diet plan and a strenuous approach to feeding. It is far better to provide completely dry food, because wet mash filthy hairy beard birds.

When feeding forage to calves should be offered:

  • approximately four weeks old– feed PC-5;
  • approximately three months– PC-6;
  • from the age of three and also adult birds– PC-4.

Individuals that were selected for fattening, arrange round-the-clock insurance coverage and free access to the combined straw PK-5.

The consolidated feeding group give food three to 4 times per day. It is suggested to alternating the completely dry food and fodder. In the cold season, wet food offered warm, as well as the remainder in forty minutes eliminated.

In summer, the hens ‘ ‘ diet plan necessarily must be eco-friendlies. If birds are not produced on a farm, the farmer should give their Pets eco-friendly mass in the form of clovers, dandelions, woodlice, nettle and other herbs. Greens must comprise a 3rd of the diet regimen. The rest contains oats, corn, feed and wheat. Each person will require about one hundred fifty grams of feed.

If the birds begin fattening, feed them, give no greater than eighty grams each day. Will certainly also aid protect against weight problems added to the feed of corn. In the cold season of fresh greenery is replaced by dried and feathery you can offer the pine as well as spruce needles, hay, carrots, pumpkin. Contributed to the diet with special vitamin-mineral complexes for chickens that you can buy in specialized stores. Layers that are poorly rushing the diet plan is introduced oat meal.

Chicks in the initial days of their life feeding boiled chopped eggs, cottage cheese, brittle cornmeal. With the fifth day in their diet regimen slowly introduced sliced environment-friendlies, yeast, wheat bran, veggies. So they expand much better, they are offered customized vitamin compound feed PK-5.

A day the young people need to be fed six to eight times. In between feedings must go to normal periods. With months old the Chicks are fed 4 times a day as well as for adult dishes the young convert at 2 months of age.


Faverol as poultries are poor layers, eggs for getting the Chicks out from the nest as well as put in an incubator.

The herd for breeding and breeding chickens is made up of one penis the other line and also five or 6 hens. Is that to ensure that when blizgareva crossing appear hideous poultries, the type deteriorates, the efficiency is minimized.

Experienced growers suggest eliminate poultry faverol in February to the warm period they have grown, and they can be placed on the paddock.

Eggs to remove the young are taken from chickens that have gotten to one year old. Before placing in the incubator to keep the eggs for 2 weeks at temperatures above 10 levels.

In the incubator established temperature level is not listed below +37,6 levels. To check the temperature of the air should be really thoroughly, because it will certainly reduce also a tenth of a degree causes birth of babies with problems such as dislocated feet and also fingers.

On the twenty-second day of hatch poultries, which are positioned in ready devices with air temperatures of +38 levels, as well as with cozy, completely dry bed linen.

Children in the very first days of life requires excellent illumination, so the area is geared up with lamps, which in over cast weather and also brief daylight days do not rest the auxiliary lights.

Wellness hens faverol

Thanks to dog breeders, birds of this breed have a strong body immune system and also almost never ever get ill. The errors in their content as well as treatment can lead to different diseases.

An unbalanced diet and unhygienic conditions are the reason for the weakening of chickens, so they can create contagious or microbial conditions.

It is extremely hazardous to the health of the birds, insect bloodsuckers and also worms. With the objective of avoidance is not to prevent contact of poultries with wild birds and also in the cage should be frequently disinfected.

The poultries did not show up skin parasites, the fowl homes are furnished with storage tanks with a combination of ash and also sand. Such ash-sand bath birds will more than happy to approve and at the same time to remove bloodsuckers.

Vulnerable wellness of the birds throughout the moulting period which starts in the fall. Is this procedure excruciating, so the chicken hiding in the corners, a little step and also eat. During this duration they are called for to offer micronutrient, vitamins and develop a secure and also comfy setting. Laying chickens throughout the molting stop laying.

Chickens reproduce faverolle growing fast, as well as different tasty meats, well and look attractive, which inhabit the leading areas in the ranking amongst the most effective breeds of chickens. In Russia, they are still not widespread and are only individual investors.

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