Poultries types Adler silver: description and also web content

The type of hens meat-egg direction are incredibly popular among the breeders. Besides yummy nutritional meat such hen you can get and egg items.

Adler silvery chicken, breeding which dog breeders were participated in more than 10 years, are by far the most preferred amongst small farmers and also owners of large chicken activities.

Summary Adler types of poultries

Along with high efficiency, Adler silver hens can flaunt an exceptionally attractive appearance, well balanced character and also unpretentiousness to the conditions of detention.


The development of the Adler silver type hens began back in 1951. Dog breeders of the city of Adler (Krasnodar Krai) in the last 14 years has crossed different breeds, each of which was planned to obtain the most effective high quality. First attempts were not totally successful: the bird very first and also second generation acquired by going across of Pervomayskaya and Russian white rocks on its criteria was remarkable to each of them individually, however the meat top quality was listed below the wanted.

It was chosen that out of every one of posterity to choose only the most effective samplings and also reproduce them c poultry breeds brand-new Hampshire, which is renowned for high meat performance. The fourth as well as third generation of hens was obtained without including any kind of other types as well as just the fifth generation is crossed with a white type plimutrok. The resulting children were bred with orlovskimi chickens that have actually supplied good lead to terms of increasing egg manufacturing.

The final development of breeds Adler silver occurred only in 1965, after many years of hard work as well as choice of the very best people.

The facility of the Adler silvery poultry location with the engagement of the complying with types:

  • Russian white;
  • Pervomayskaya;
  • White plimutrok;
  • New Hampshire;
  • The spots of the Yurlov.
The Adler type chickens: description of appearance

The specimens have the following characteristics:

  • Head rounded, symmetrical to the body. Comb tool size, straight, red, has a leaf-shaped kind. The beak is yellow, rounded.
  • The neck is moderately covered with plumes, not long, symmetrical.
  • Chest effective and also wide.
  • Tail little, rounded.
  • Little wings, at rest held snugly to the body of the poultry.
  • Hocks broad apart, medium size calf bone.
  • Legs yellow color, bare, as well as high.
  • Adler chickens have copper eye color that is among the trademarks of the breed.

Females as well as males have similar body framework and also color. The only difference can be considered just the measurements of the birds: fowls are constantly larger than chickens. Hens are consistently tinted in yellow, adults have a Columbia coat. Such an intense color Adler hens received from their ancestors sites of the Yurlov day rocks. Unlike various other breeds, Adler chickens can not possess rich quill, which greatly facilitates the care of the bird.

What chickens must be thrown out?

Culling of birds undergoes the following:

  • filled with air declaration of the case;
  • also slim neck with disproportionate length about the upper body;
  • hanging to one side of the comb, bigger than average;
  • huge tail with long braids.

Adlerz grow swiftly as well as put on weight. Currently one year in body weight of the penis gets to 4 kg poultry — —

2.5 kg. In General, this undemanding, quite friendly and also durable bird, which with correct care, shows high performance, as well as for the entire duration of egg production, which is about 4 years old. This number is much more than the chickens of various other breeds.

Russian poultry farmers love this type of chicken because of the quick adjustment of the birds to alter problems of apprehension, in addition to their endurance. Adler silver immune to cool, very easy to get made use of to a new diet as well as a change of surroundings. On top of that, adlerz have a high body immune system, much less vulnerable to numerous illness and also are of good practicality. As well as this applies to both young and adults.

The benefits and drawbacks of Adler types of chickens

Like any type of various other type, Adler silver have both advantages and also particular negative aspects.

Among the advantages of the breed are the following: Roosters and also hens of this type have numerous favorable high qualities, which describes their high popularity. High egg production of chickens is kept for 4 years, while birds of an additional type already one and a fifty percent years is a steady decline in productivity.

Adlerz are identified by excellent quality of meat items, and this puts on the entire duration of living birds, while other hen types is obtaining harder as well as much less yummy after 1.5-2 years.

Women Adler silver very rapidly get to a Mature age, as well as for this reason the rush begins a lot earlier than others. In 6 months from Adler chickens you can get the very first egg.

The Adler type poultries call for marginal power as well as maintenance, are ability to consume any sort of feed, therefore quickly gaining weight, not losing productivity.

Cons of the type

However among the lots of benefits, there are some downsides, the main of which is the loss of Adler, the women mother’s instinct. That’s why raising poultries can be made complex, especially for beginners.

Nonetheless, this trouble is conveniently resolved with the assistance of an incubator or by using the services of an additional hen. Uncommon, but it takes place that of all livestock stands out for 1-2 people that have not lost the reaction of motherhood. If you discover that the bird is loud cackles and demonstrates attempts to construct a nest, so she’s all set to be a mother. Certainly, these chickens needed to make certain the ideal problems and not to rack up the meat.


Chickens Adler silver breed require abundant as well as very regular feeding, specifically in the initial week of life, when the young must be fed no much less than seven times/day. In the diet plan of the Chicks ought to go into the crushed eggs, which need to be slowly add the semolina. Lots of poultry farmers thinking about the inquiry of life expectancy Adler birds. So just how do they live?

With correct feeding when the bird obtains the highest quality food with all the vitamin

as well as mineral supplements, adlerz can live concerning 6-8 years. While just as important are the first days of life ofChicks when their diet regimen needs to include the called for amounts of vitamins and protein. The growth of the young in the food selection are added to the milled grains, ideally wheat or barley. Adult poultries, along with all of the above, needs to get a range of origin veggies, corn and also fresh herbs. The diet regimen of more Mature individuals is necessary to consist of fishmeal and moist cake.

Therefore, well balanced and also appropriately ready diet advertises the growth of healthy and balanced birds, and likewise stops rascle eggs. This issue does not happen very rarely. The reality is that bad nutrition causes a shortage of minerals (specifically calcium) in the body of the hen which she is required to get them out of their shell.

To prevent this, you need to install in the house an unique feeder with chalk as well as limestone. This will enhance the strength and quality of egg covering, as well as the poultries quit pecking eggs.

The indicators of productivity likewise influences the frequency of feeding birds. Grown-up hens ought to be fed at least twice/day. Special attention ought to be paid to the well balanced feed in wintertime.

Adler poultries are really friendly and extremely receptive to the initiatives of the proprietor. They swiftly get utilized to the new area and also the conditions, but there are some subtleties.

With the objective of maintaining productive poultry has to give a particular flexibility. The Adler breed hens equally well feel as if you outdoor as well as the cellular contents. You ought to think about the reality that the efficiency of chicken consisted of totally free variety, is much higher.

The space which contains the bird population ought to be entirely dry without any indicators of humidity. If outside web content, make unique bedding out of peat as well as ash that will certainly assist to avoid the growth of different parasitic infections.

Bed linen can be made of peat moss, which perfectly absorbs moisture, and also aids to cleanse the bird’s legs, permitting the chickens to prevent the growth of joint diseases.

Unlike various other, less effective types, Adler hens can be bred in over three years, while getting a steady revenue. And that is essential — — travel and also modification of environment have no effect on the standing of the wellness and also efficiency of chicken.

Performance of the breed

In kind poultries Adler silver breed are considered meat-egg. At the age of one year old the hen gets to a weight of 2.8-3 kg, dick is about 4 kg. generally, an excellent Egg — — 2 eggs in three days. This is a high number for a bird of this direction. One chicken can continue 160-190 eggs, considering 60 grams in a year, given the seasonal reduction in productivity.

With respect to meat products, below likewise there is a high occurrence. Interestingly, when the content of poultries Adler silver type, the farmer is given the opportunity to adjust the performance of the bird group. The truth that breeders had actually seen a pattern — — the even more weight of the hen, the less it brings eggs.

The proprietors of the hen livestock that are interested in obtaining a greater number of eggs, deliberately limited feeding, with the result that egg production considerably enhanced (up to 200 eggs/year).

Adler hens start egg manufacturing at the age of 6 months, however occasionally it takes place earlier. It is not needed to be glad to this truth, as very early egg manufacturing impacts the wellness of pullets. As a rule, precocity various bird born in the very early springtime. Such individuals, it is desirable to plump for meat, since their efficiency will certainly be extremely reduced.

The ideal laying hens are obtained from pullets, hatched in very early summer season (June). These poultries, in contrast to their earlier or later counterparts, develop most sympathetically.

Because hens types Adler silver are fairly quick expanding and acquiring weight, they can quickly be used as a griddle. The survival price of young animals and chickens is about 98% which is fairly high.

Beginners fowl farmers may be puzzled by the reality that young hens (under one year) are too tiny eggs. Do not assume that the bird in some way affected by external problems. If observed all the guidelines of feeding and maintaining hens, it is likely that after a long time the size of the testicles will comply with the norm. The only point you need to understand that such products can only be made use of in food, because the spawn of these eggs to fall short.

If you discover that a laying chicken that has gotten to one year of age, still continues to bear tiny testicles, ought to reconsider its diet regimen, as the food of fowl depends on the size and also quantity of eggs, problem as well as life span of the chicken, as well as the high quality of meat products. Not enough to create the fowl optimal living conditions, have to also meticulously keep track of the diet. If you ignore this regulation, is unlikely to succeed to achieve great lead to breeding hens Adler breed.

Due to its high productive quality as well as simplicity of material and also great survival of the Adler hen was and also remains one of one of the most popular breeds suitable for farming in small personal ranches and big poultry factories.

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