Pushkin type poultries: summary and information of breeding

Poultry farming is essential in our time. Farmers reproduce the birds for various purposes: for meat, eggs or simply for fun. Popular in the farm are chickens. This is one of the most usual and also many chicken.

The chicken is trained by human beings, the bird people began to proactively grow and show her new type. The most usual species are meat, egg meat, meat-egg and also egg, poultry-laying chickens.

All these types are reproduced with the purpose of obtaining top quality food products: meat and also eggs. A type combine meat high quality, they are ideal for bring eggs.

In fowl among the definitive aspects is the high performance of the type. This indicator has Pushkin reproduce hens.

Pushkin poultries — — striped-colourful birds. They have an attractive look and also have a docile nature. You can securely allow them right into the yard and to visit them in the confine.

Pushkin hens — — young breed, registered in 2007. The name was due to the city of Pushkin, Leningrad region, where the Institute of genetics and advancement of farming animals. In this Institute, and was bred this type of birds.

This breed of hens were artificially reproduced especially for ranch breeding. To obtain the Pushkin breeds of poultries were gone across two types: « St. Petersburg » egg type and also « Moscow»». These 2 breeds are really different, yet very comparable in terms of reproduction. Breeding type hens Pushkin was attempted to make use of for reproducing such types like white Leghorn, white Moscow, cross-cold, black-and-white australorp.

The result of crossing a brand-new breed with high efficiency, egg manufacturing.

Pushkin type poultries

To read more about this terrific type, allow’s consider it in even more detail.

Pay special interest to the adhering to criteria: summary and advantages of the breed; productivity; content; description of poultry feeding; the uniqueness of reproduction. Summary and benefits of the type The head of the bird of this type is elongated, oval. Eyes from light yellow to bright orange. The beak is sharp, comb purple or bright red. The neck is lengthened, the body is trapezoidal, broad chest. The hen legs are long, each with four fingers.

The usual colors of the hens of this breed is a seen, striped. Fowls are normally white with huge dark places on the plumes. The dense cover of plumes, down white.

Birds of Pushkin’s varieties have a accommodating and serene nature, they do not such as conflict, harmful scenarios trying to avoid. These animals hit it off with various other non aggressive varieties. Pushkin chicken will certainly interest children, they more than happy to speak and also come to be tame. These animals are trained and also often made use of as entertainers in circus programs.

Why Pushkin reproduction of chickens has become such a popular type of farming? The answer to this concern lies in the benefits of this type.

Pushkin poultries are flawlessly matched to business tasks, their eye-catching look permits to take a deserving place on the market of chicken meat. This bird is really tolerant of the cold season and seldom unwell. It does not call for special and pricey food. Hen coops for growing hens Pushkin is easy in construction as well as material.


Pushkin poultries are for meat and also egg breed. The meat of this bird has taste, high dietary and also beneficial properties.

Hen gets to no greater than two extra pounds, cockerels grow more — — approximately 3 pounds.

The breed is identified by high egg manufacturingin the very first year one chicken can disable to 290 eggs. The rate of egg manufacturing per year is about 250 eggs. Poultries start laying eggs from regarding the twenty-first week of life.

Pushkin chickens have high meat efficiency. Of the 100 eggs hatched out 90 Chicks, this is a very high level. Eggs are light off-white, weighing approximately 60 grams. Hen eggs is a dietary and also very healthy and balanced product. It is virtually completely soaked up by the human body. Eggs are really abundant in vitamin D, which is accountable for reinforcing bones of a guy. In eggs consists of such helpful minerals and also vitamins like potassium, calcium, phosphorus, zinc, magnesium, vitamin a, E, C and also several others.

Hen meat is the major resource of healthy protein, the basic building block of human cells. It is a nutritional item and contains big quantity of amino acids essential for health and wellness as well as growth. The hen meat contains big quantities of vitamins and minerals. The caloric worth of 100 grams of chicken regarding 190 calories. Poultry is prepared initially, 2nd meals, salads, soups and numerous various other delicacies.

To supply beneficial eggs as well as meat can everybody accustomed with the problems of keeping and also breeding hens.

The components

The type is plain, unique problems of apprehension is not called for. Sufficient to give a cozy as well as completely dry location to sleep as well as winter months animals. And also need to respect the absence of drafts in the cage.

Warmth the space for wintering of these birds is not necessarily enough to shield it well. For wintering on the flooring of a chicken cage poured straw, peat or sawdust. This substrate will give heat all winter months long.

The bird has a steady resistance to contagious as well as catarrhal conditions. A container furnished with added sloping stairs, so the hens might conveniently climb. Poultries of this breed can’t fly, so no need to do the roosts high, they should go to a height of 70 centimeters.

When the temperature is over minus 10 degrees, the chickens can be released right into the fresh air.

Starting with the cozy springtime, the bird is transferred to open area, which shall be equipped with shelters from the rain. It is desirable to release the pets for a walk in fenced locations, as this breed is instead slow and also in case of risk will certainly not have the ability to leave promptly from a killer.

Description of chicken feeding

Birds Pushkin type are plain in food. However still, we must take responsibility for their diet plan. Definitely require to provide grains, vegetables as well as various eco-friendlies. Very good pumpkin, cabbage, zucchini. Environment-friendlies well matched nettle. Some farmers are stocking up natural herbs for the winter, so the hens had not experienced an absence of vitamins. This nettle is reduced as well as dried.

When reproducing birds with the objective of acquiring meat you require to offer 20% even more food than laying hens and also to stay with this diet:

  1. Two sort of whole grains.
  2. Two kinds of fractured grain.
  3. Fresh as well as prepared veggies.
  4. The tops of veggie plants.
  5. Wheat bran.
  6. Bone meal and also salt.

For efficiency of bearing the eggs and the fortifying of bone cells give the hens bone meal smashed seashells and chalk. Birds can begin to peck at their eggs if there is not adequate calcium. To boost food digestion the birds provide the crushed gravel as well as sand.

If you want the chickens laid in the winter season, provide them excellent food in this period. In the winter you must increase the quantity of veggies as well as environment-friendlies in the diet plan.

A wonderful resource of food in the summer season time will be the new-mown hay and turf. Most definitely need to keep an eye on the top quality of grain that feed the animals. Pushkin poultries are susceptible to obesity, so frequently eat way too much. To avoid this, you require to ration the portions and not to sour food. And likewise, it is needed to establish a feeding routine.

Generally the food spread in the morning, concerning 5 hours. This feeding duration is generally given whole or crushed grain. 2nd period power — — 8 am. Offer veggies and bran. Next dish at noontime, you need to give vegetables and also natural herbs. The last dish in poultries at 6 at night. Usually provide the grain. Definitely require to keep an eye on the accessibility of clean drinking water in animals.

The specificity of reproducing

Pushkin breed has a high fertility price. Out of 10 eggs hatched nine Chicks. Offspring out feasible.

For breeding hens, you require to have one rooster for 25 poultries.

Chickens do not do long the hatching of the eggs, this process takes roughly two weeks, so you need to place eggs in the incubator.

Birds Pushkin breed are undemanding to food, living conditions. They completely feel themselves free to dig and stroll in the manure, find food in the turf. Poultries have excellent stability, so extensively spread out in almost all climatic areas of our nation.

For breeding Pushkin hens need to select the appropriate cipleYou need to pay interest to parents as well as grown-up chicken as well as rooster. They need to satisfy their breed.

Pushkin’s distinct characteristics of the breed are: trapezoidal body; broad chest; also back;

  • the absence of pure black feathers; non-fluffy as well as stunning tail.
  • have paduch white just.

If you make a decision to buy Chicks from private proprietors, after that make sure to check out his adult chickens if they satisfy the above criteria.

When buying young pets on special chicken ranches can be advantageous in regards to purchasing a full-blooded chickens. Yet these Chicks can be with mental illness, to be fearful that will have a negative impact on their efficiency in the number of birthing the eggs as well as the taste of the meat.

For chickens require special problems.

It is important to keep the right temperature and also moisture. To maintain the viability of the Chicks in the incubator they must be given unique business feed as well as vitamin-mineral supplements. A crucial component in supplements should be calcium to avoid rickets in birds.

When the chick turns the 5th day, his diet regimen, you can gradually get in the cut greens of the winch and beetroot tops. In the once a week age of chickens provided special prescription antibiotics, liquified in broth or various other food. Avoidance of illness with antibiotics at this phase of the life of Chicks is really important.

From the second week of life, Chicks can provide the steamed potatoes just unheated and also a little starchy. Starchy foods can cause death of the pet.

Uneaten food needs to be discarded, so it does not turn sour in the pet and also the trough is not poisoned.

Get rid of Chicks from the incubator just after it is totally dry. This youngster ought to be immediately transferred to the room air temperature plus thirty levels. At this temperature, the little chick obtained 5 days to live. On the sixth day, the temperature level was lowered by 3 levels. To quickly and also without injury to the wellness of chicken, the temperature level in the hen coop each week lowered by 3 degrees. When the child bird turned one month, he was only 18 degrees in the coop.

Like lots of various other species of birds, Pushkin chickens molt. Do not hesitate, but do not be confused with the seasonal moult with skin conditions. If unsure, the most effective program animals to the veterinarian.

Pushkin breed of birds is identified by exceptional yield, resistance to diseases and frost. These hens bred for the meat and also to produce eggs. Chicken easily sated as well as content, they manage perfectly with various other Pets.

Take on Pushkin a chicken for the spirit and as an animal for your children. If you have this type for food, you will obtain a fantastic result in the form of helpful, delicious and healthy food product.

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