Reproducing poultries in your home. Tips for newbies

To date, breeding hens in the house for beginners taken into consideration to be the instance melogliptin as well as creating good earnings. The breeders do not have problems with dietary meat, fresh eggs are not translated in the house of the farmers.

It is important to make the right options, discover ideal for breeding breed of hen. Presently there are a number of types of chicken, entirely ideal for breeding in the house.

Almost all the farmers concurred that the most suitable for home breeding as well as keeping of the complying with types:

  • Loman Brown;
  • Pushkin striped-motley type;
  • Kuchinsky jubilee breed;
  • Poltava clay breed;

Hens reproduce Lohmann brown are thought about to be the record for egg manufacturing. The cross is taken into consideration to be an egg, was bred in Germany, on a ranch Lohmann. Workers of this ranch’s objective was to reproduce a new egg breed chickens, unpretentious in life. As well as the objective was attained.

Reps of this type have a tiny weight, and all laying chickens. The weight of the birds does not exceed 2-2. 5 kg, this little hen in the year has to do with 320 eggs, big, brown covering. The eggs evaluate around 70 grams, the yolk bright orange abundant color.

Amateur dog breeders require to know that the age of hens is incredibly temporary. Alanskie chickens for about 3 years greatly Deplete the body laying hens, so the herd will certainly usually need to be upgraded.

Reproducing poultries in your home as well as the farming of poultries at home for novices will not be hard. Furthermore, what type of poultries by gender can be determined from the initial day of life, female Lohmann brownish is brownish, with a red tint, and the males yellow.

Pushkin striped-motley breed hens showed up only 20 years earlier, in 1997. Formally standardized in 2007, as well as since then the bird has taken its rightful place, liked by breeders and also farmers.

This breed is considered to be meat and egg.Keeping, expanding as well as breeding the hens of this breed does not require much headache. The poultry is rapidly gaining weight, the preference of the meat is terrific, but rushing this bird well, as much as 220 eggs each year. Egg weight standard, 58 grams, however the high fertility of the order of 90 %. Puberty this breed gets to 5.5 months.

Chickens are distinguished by a multicolor shade, controlled by black and white colors, yet in some cases males are pure white. Chickens for broiler weigh a bit, about 2 kg, males get to 3 kg.

This rock has one peculiarity. If the individual holds out arms to her, the chicken rests on the ground as well as pressed her Breasts. This recommends that this type is not fundamental in the concern of male

Kuchinsky jubilee type just recently reproduced, she’s only 17 years of ages. In 1990, this type is formally signed up, and also farmers instantly valued the new breed. More relates to broiler type cockerels consider practically 4 lbs. Women evaluate approximately 3 kg, per year bring about 180 eggs. Eggs huge, about 60 grams in weight.

Keeping, expanding and breeding poultries Kuchinsky anniversary, as kept in mind by breeders, is really easy. In the very first year has been the greatest efficiency, in succeeding years the efficiency is lowering. The type is able to lay eggs all year egg manufacturing is put on hold just during the moulting period.

Adolescence this type reaches the age of 5 months to lay eggs, the hens start in 6 months.

On sight is a big bird with reddish-brown tuft, the males are black, dark blue plumes in the tail. The feathers have a double border, this develops the effect of spraying. Extremely hostile, unsociable and don’t live well with various other types of chickens. When breeding chickens at home with this type is not advised to clear up near various other family members, roosters are very jealous of their very own territory, outsiders are not endured.

Poltava clay rock chickens has been reproduced in the Ukraine. the Contents, farming as well as reproducing hens of Poltava clay rocks will certainly bring an earnings in the first fifty percent. Taken into consideration to be the type of egg-meat, laying chickens have a tiny weight, regarding 2 kg, men weigh regarding 3 kg. of Eggs in Poltava hens are tool in dimension and consider as much as 55 grams. The covering is brown.

Shade ranges from yellow to yellow-red. Often there are blotches of white on the background of the major color. The grownups are very unpretentious to climate condition, but the really young and young Chicks should be protected from the cold, their components have to be treated. The personality is instead tranquil, the battle will certainly come reluctantly, if definitely needed.

Tips for feeding

A newbie breeder before reproducing and keeping aicinosa or meat breeds of poultries in your home, have to discover everything about the passions of his type.

Growing chickens at home for newbies with correct preparation will certainly not be hard.

Special attention must be offered to the young. To consist of young hens aged from 6 days to 3-4 months. In this duration of life people are especially seeking treatment and also interest.

It is very important that all vital parts were ingested birds in a timely manner.

Correctly made diet for every day will certainly assist the young rapidly put on weight, strengthen the body immune system.

Conventionally, there are 3 major elements that are necessary for young Chicks:

  1. Food in the type of a slurry;
  2. Dry food;
  3. Dairy items and eggs;

Mushy food farmers called mash. It is prepared beforehand, the food is poured boiling water and infuse for one hr in a sealed cover. Needed to prepare on a daily basis, so in order to save you should carefully determine the portions. The mash is not saved for a very long time, as it loses all its useful properties.

Comes the turn of dry food. Chicks need to be given feed that is currently pre-prepared and also properly organized. Normally in the ended up feed is currently adequate quantities of minerals and vitamins, crucial for young Chicks.

As for milk products, it is absolutely impossible to provide fresh milk. It distress your food digestion. Since 6 days old, it is suggested to offer the grinded cheese, steamed egg and also chopped eco-friendly onions.

We ought to not fail to remember that green food is an important part of the day-to-day diet plan and content.

Specialists suggest as ingredients to use:

  1. Nettles (young);
  2. Dandelion leaves;
  3. The woodlouse;
  4. Clover;
Proper arrangement of the henhouse

Correct a poultry coop will certainly save the brood and also adults from hypothermia and frostbite. You first need to select a space. Each specific have to assign up to 0.3 m of vacuum. If on top of the concrete will have a good trash, the flooring in the room to concrete in the instance. Usually utilize make from sawdust or timber floors. This will assist avoid frostbite in the winter.

Ventilation is extremely needed. Issue will help to solve the setup of common Windows. In the winter time it can simply closed, then all the heat will certainly stay in the area. In cozy time of the year a ventilator will give fresh air and prevent oxygen hunger.

Roost as well as nest has to be in the hen cage. Chickens can’t sleep on the ground, so you need to give a large roosts for sleeping as well as simply relaxing. Each bird should have a 30 centimeters vacuum. Yes and hurry more comfy in the nest than on the ground.

Feeding adult

Feeding adults is virtually no various from feeding hens that adult people are needed to provide a calcium-containing components. Crushed chalk, tiny shells, bone meal aids bird to preserve the required level of calcium in the body.

Often it is due to lack of calcium and other beneficial minerals a bird going down on your feet. This is the first indication of disease advancement.

Usually, poultries are exposed to three sorts of diseases:

  • Infectious (salmonellosis, colibacteriosis, pasteurellosis);
  • Non-communicable (atony of goiter, beriberi, cloaca)
  • Disease is parasitic in nature (fleas, ticks, lice);

As prevention of all three kinds of illness thought about to be ideal care. The bird let as well as unpretentious in life, it requires care. One of the most crucial point is making sure proper nutrition and the right centers. Disinfection in the control of parasitical and also infectious type illness required, at the very least when a month you need to do a complete sanitation of the premises where live hens and a comprehensive examination of the birds. If during the assessment of the identified plagued or contaminated bird, it must be isolated compulsory.

If you have signs and symptoms of health problem, if the bird fell on the feet or various other conditions, you require akin to calling an expert. To self-medicate you must not.

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