Roost for chickens: how to construct your own hands

Many metropolitan residents relocate into personal estates, where it is trying to our economy: grow a garden, have poultries. Do not constantly comprehend that the high productivity of poultry depends on the problems of their apprehension. Hen, many thanks to his impulses, created in the wild, resting and also hiding in the roost, as when in the trees.

Therefore, the birds could be in a comfortable setting and were shielded from anxiety, it is essential to arrange the space of the cage appropriately to install unique devices.

The arrangement of your home includes the making of roosts as well as neststhat satisfy particular requirements, the primary problem of which is the capacity of birds to relocate openly and also to eat.

Tools cage must fulfill particular size and positioning. If you do not adhere to these requirements, then you can see as the birds neglect the planned for them the roosts, sleep as well as most likely to various spaces.

Requirements to the tool of the roost

Starting to make the roost your own hands, you should think about the physiology, number as well as type of chicken that you are going to include.

As a layout used in the daytime and also at night, it should fit all grownups.

Roost is created for relaxing and also sleeping birds, so it will be positioned in a cozy and dark location that is shielded from drafts. It is positioned far from Windows and doors so the birds might really feel safe.

The roosts in the form of sticks do not provide poultry a remainder, as this stops the structure of the legs. When the bird takes a seat, her legs curved in the knee joint, tendons stretch, as well as muscle mass agreement. So the fingers are pressed as well as requires to hold on to something. What happens if a bird chooses a wood bar. She gets his fingers, her claws holding on to the timber. The hen in this setting feels steadily and also calmly asleep.

However, too broad planks and also sticks, which the bird will not be able to welcome also not appropriate. The optimum size for posts under the perch– bar-section 40 × 60 or 50 × 50. Among the main needs is the elevation of the perch. Hens for a little construction elevation is 60-80 centimeters, hefty birds increase 80 cm of Birds working out to roost, raise and also fly up slightly, which should work as a type of a warm up for the hens. However, they must not experience troubles, so the height can not go beyond one meter in height. It is better to make a small stairs, so the hens could get up without interrupting the next-door neighbors.

The size of the perch represents the width of your home, which, in turn, depends on the variety of birds. Laying chickens need to be totally free to rest to be comfortable.

So, one specific represented about 20-30 centimeters, the range between the poles is between 30-60 centimeters.

Too long the bands need to strengthen a couple of props to ensure that they do not SAG under the weight of birds. Strap need to not go beyond greater than three meters.

The width of the poles should be done in a half open legs chicken so it will certainly be easier to realize. The side part of the poles need to be round.

There are unique suggestions on the poultry houses for different types of hens. According to them, the ideal size of the perch are: height 90 centimeters, size of bench– 4×× 6 centimeters, the range between the bars– 25-30 centimeters size of the poles I anticipate about 17-18 chickens, which amounts to 240 cm

The kinds of perches for the hens laying hens

The most simple tool is a structure made of posts laid along the walls and organized one above the various other. In this circumstance the birds remaining on top will certainly ruin their clutter, those that get on reduced levels.

Despite the simple style, this roost is not extremely practical for laying hens. In such situations goes against the health material, problems can happen in between birds for the leading locations.

The cage with the beams found on the border of the buildings as well as a few degrees more comfy for the birds. The construction of such roosts will certainly not take much time, their tool is rather small and is devoid of the aforementioned disadvantages.

If you do the places at different heights and the perches are detachable, it will be much easier to adjust their place.

The mobile perch is a kind of table with poles. The design is conveniently transferred as well as its quite easy to keep clean. In manufacturing it is more time consuming than repaired.

Box with perch is a variety of table and suits the rather restricted number of birds.

The production of a roost for poultries with their hands

To work you require the complying with materials and devices:

  • aircraft;
  • hammer;
  • screwdriver;
  • nails or screws;
  • screws;
  • sandpaper;
  • a wooden light beam.

Hardwood timber is pre — treated with an airplane, fined sand with sandpaper surface, so the birds have actually not been harmed. The number of posts as well as their size is determined in accordance with number, weight, age as well as type of birds.

Set up assistance bars (with a length of roughly 60 centimeters) to an elevation of 90 cm In cut a recess dealt with poles. The range between them and the wall must be 30-40 centimeters Design is hence to make it much easier to cleanse the space.

Under the roost it is required to prepare the tray for droppings. To this end, on the side walls at a height of 40 centimeters is affixed to the beams, which laid a flooring of boards. The top is a wooden or plastic pallet. All-time low is filled with sawdust or sand for ease of cleansing. If the perch to make a single-tier, the pallet is optional.

In some layouts bar match over the nest at a range of 30 cm of the Nest in the kind of plywood boxes are below, and also their tin covers contribute pallets. The advantage of this device is to save space in the cage.

Edge roost is used, if the number of animals is not very large– approximately 20 individuals. The layout can be made as single or multi-tiered. In the device it is fairly easy, nonetheless, in procedure, multi-tiered perch have problem in cleaning.

Manufacturer of mobile roost for hens, chickens with their hands

Products required:

  • Board 15×× 2 centimeters– 4 items;
  • plywood– 1 sheet;
  • mesh.

Pre-made box made from boards with a plywood bottom on which you install the grid. On the sides of the box are taken care of 2 bars with notches for posts. They laid poles.

Another choice perch made from an old table or patch together new ones. The bench is dealt with two plates with notches. After the installation of the poles satisfied the pallet with a net.

Educate the hen to roost

In order to accustom the bird to the perch need to place a lot of initiative, otherwise the chickens will certainly bring and also rest in various angles, overlooking prepared a place for them. If the perch is made all the rules, after that you can begin to tame him poultries.

Every evening you need to grow hens on perches as well as gradually the birds begin to establish the response– they will certainly settle on the perch. Such efforts may continue for about a week or even more.

Nests for poultries with their hands

The plan of the outlet with your hands enables the chicken to hatch out eggs in the same place, which enables not to be afraid for their safety and security and family member pureness. As different varieties can not lay at the same time, the nests can be provided for 3-5 chickens.

Establish nests as well as perches, in a remote and silent from the door the location does not obtain direct sunshine. Function boxes on some height from the floor, as moist as well as coolness in birds can bring about various illness.

The function of the nest vary from the roost, so this type of building has the shape of a box. For this objective you can make use of simple cardboard boxes, wicker baskets, wood or plastic boxes. The size of the container is approximately 30х30х30 cm for tool types of hens.

For making nests with your hands you will require the following materials:

  • OSB with a thickness of 8-10 mm, plywood;
  • screwdriver;
  • jigsaws, nail file timber;
  • screws, nails;
  • blocks of wood 25 mm;
  • sandpaper.

Benches cut into items of 15 cm (the height of the nest) and treated with sandpaper.

Cut 4 spaces from plywood or OSB size 15х40 cm, all-time low is made of a square of side 40 cm All items are gathered and bolted to the rails with nails or screws.

Complete box set at an angle of about 10 degrees. The bottom of the nest is constructed from straw, hay or sawdust.

Its layer should not be as well thick and not to disrupt the movement of the spheres.

The design of package offers a port and also under the bottom you require to make a tray for accumulating eggs. The tray is lined with a soft and thick layer of litter to make sure that eggs are not damaged. Upon conclusion of package set on an unique stage, or affixed to the wall surface. Effectively constructed nest gives high efficiency of laying chickens.

There is a variety of structures of the roosts, which entail making use of different products in order to reduce the construction of bird’s « area of remainder»». The primary guideline is the production of comfort and safety and security for birds. Only in these problems we can anticipate health and also increase egg production.

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