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5 Jul 2013 I, together with members of my family were gotten rid of paid lackeys of the high-level Berekashvili Coal from the area of the island (Sestroretsk), what was the reason of my associate with the motion « Against the seizure of lakes ».

These are individuals with a solid civil position that are defending the accessibility of the coastline of water bodies for typical usage, as ensured by existing legislation. When the paper job comes to a standstill, participants of the Movement occupy construction devices as well as rolled up their sleeves as well as create « folk taking apart » defenses.

In one such action in Udal’tsovo town(Priozersk district of Leningrad region)took part I do. August 24, in 2» minutes we had to take apart two areas of the fencing, obstructing the flow along the coastline of lake sukhodolskoe, after which he was connected guard us police. « Why damage the fencings, act in the lawful area! »– in one voice state to the lobbyists of the movement « Against the seizure of

«lakes » managers. Just Recently, Roman Larin from Sestroretsk Leningrad region made a March to the offices of «authorities. About the outcomes, he claims in his report on the site of the movement « public beach ». Obviously that actually recognized in the « environmental walks » offenses in sukhodil’s’ ke I made the declaration in nature protection workplace of public Prosecutor of Leningrad region. As the months passed. The Prosecutor sent my allure

to the Department of Rosprirodnadzor. Soon there came reply. From this it followed that the examination was conducted area situated … ideal next to those that I asked you to examine. To perplex it was impossible! I clearly wrote « please examine the areas North of the trout farm », why chosen to take a look at the really trout ranch?! It’s not for you to create me in action: « the audit of the trout ranch OOO « Eco » offenses of the Water code is not disclosed, » due to the fact that they are truly not there! Constant «strip of offenses begins from behind the fence, LLC « Ekon ». But the examiner somehow did not observe. Annoyed by the negative action is without benefit, we determined to directly speak with the officials who had actually sent out requests. Along with the organizer of the « Against the capture of lakes » Irina Andrianova, taking a couple of more contact us to other objects, we «went»to the local ecological Prosecutor’s office. On success, the head of Department, Prosecutor Sudakova Tatyana Nikolaevna was on the spot, furthermore, consented to accept us. Directly. In fact, our good luck finished. The discussion

somehow simply has actually not worked. Sudakova initially took a rigid administrative placement, tfootball statement Sukhodolsky, because « they (Rosprirodnadzor– R. L.)we are not obeying. » Timid efforts to suggest nipped in the Bud. Abusing academic tone, the owner of the workplace his whole appearance made it clear that in the Leningrad region and also without whom we need to supervise the regard of the regulation. At the end of the four applications took just 2. « And they went to the burning sunlight » to the Department of Rosprirodnadzor.

By a strange coincidence Department, this is located at the Foundry, 39– in the exact same house where lived the Minister of state property, in the very same home, whom the poet Nekrasov committed to the popular rhyme « Reflections at a primary entrance »: This is the primary entrance. On austere days, Obsessed servile disease A city with some fright Approaching the sacred doors. We, the pedestrians, Nikolai states in the third «verse: But on average days This wonderful stairs Speed up unpleasant face: Schemers,

work searchers, And the old guy progressed, and also the widow. From him and also

to him and also recognize that in the early morning All carriers with documents leaping …. Have ridden with us. Offhandedly, durika

, under the stately arches, as previously– not puschayut. Call the watch phone

:– Could I meet …– call the name of

the liable signatory.

Woman’s voice:– And you to the reception taped?– No … But a minimum of I send an application …– Applications are approved approximately three.

(And currently fourth)– Girl, we right here from the Prosecutor’s workplace sent out.– Without a record is not taken, make a consultation and also come tomorrow….– I come much … So we sparred in a tube.

One hundred fifty-five years have passed– nothing has actually transformed! In vain. Irina does not experience! She dials the telephone number specified in among the

replies, as well as a minute later on a nice boy leads her in between two bison

(sculpture )under the fabulous column.

Leaving the guard a ticket, rush then I do.

Soon with a deep feeling of satisfaction we damage totally free: the application sent, the reasons described, the sphere on the opponent’s side, you can rest. It is written: « the Tree is known by its fruits, as well as individuals in business. » And the fruits of « activities » environmental Prosecutor we see the near nearly every pond in Leningrad area. Like mushrooms after the rain new Berekashvili.

And currently honest people, seeing the impunity of property habits more brazen next-door neighbors, begin to follow their negative example is transmittable. The process resembles an avalanche: a chain reaction

. As well as if a few years «ago the appropriation of land can afford only high-ranking» official or actual authority, today every blotter tries to slice off his jackals share the Motherland. Isolated cases became a mass rally of fences to the water. Voryu(if to call things by their correct names)are withstood only by a group of individuals who in their very own totally free time and also their very own cash to defend state rate of interests. And all tasks are various and well-paid of the state apparatus, as a matter of fact, utilized to cover prohibited acts. This is reflected in the straight passivity, as well as « zamatyvanie » statements in the bureaucratic cyclotron, and also in lawsuits(lobbyists well-worn on the courts ), as well as in detention throughout

the « people’s taking down ». Simply think! At the very same sukhodil’s’ke, to safeguard the unlawfully mounted fence arrogant huckster, a hundred kilometers from St. Petersburg, was appointed a loads cops! That’s not counting the regional guards of the law. We are not merely herded from the station, at the terminal we were waiting for! Ie, carried out some police work(surveillance? a cable? introduction? ). That is doing all this? Not those who are on task to preserve order as well as the «policy of legislation? Lot of inquiries, but I can

consider just one word– sabotage. From French Sabotage– unyielding failure to perform or negligent efficiency of certain responsibilities, unrealized resistance to anything. In October of in 2014 the President signed the law on fortifying of management duty for unapproved line of work of the shores of water bodies. Now, for such acts, people can be fined in the quantity from one to 3 thousand roubles; on specific businessmen– from 10 to 30 thousand rubles, or their tasks may be put on hold for a duration) to 90 days; on lawful entities– from 50 to 100 thousand or suspension of procedures up to 90 days; for officials the fine from 10 to 30 thousand rubles. AID According to the Water code of

the Russian Federation, the shoreline can not be privatized, leased and also fenced for the personal needs of the specific or company. It is clear that for the culprit, that paid a few million or tens of numerous rubles for coastal land, a fine of a couple of thousand is not scary. Responsibility does not release the guilty from the obligation to get rid of the offense. Below it should link control authorities, largely the Prosecutor’s workplace to safeguard the launch of the shoreline. Sadly, the huge majority of instances nothing such as this occurs. The evidence is completely developed and covered with fencings established around the shores of the cities essentially large bodies of water.

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