Porbeagle is found in all parts of the world, though considered to be close, but Northern cousin the white shark, reaching 7.5 m and 11 m. sometimes the Body porbeagle powerful, the bow of the torpedo is characterized by large eyes and do not have a protective film.

Five Gill strips in front of the pectoral fin. Size up to 3.5 meters.

The front dorsal fin is large, triangular, posterior small, located above the anal. Before the tail has two side keel fin, the tail is Crescent-shaped, with a characteristic notch at the top. Back dark blue, flanks lighter, belly white.

Porbeagle feeds mainly on herring, cod fish, mackerel, octopus, and occasionally by dogfish.

Shark Katran

Spiny dogfish shark – Squalus acanthias (family katrenova or spiny sharks) is a marine, bentonite-predatory fish. Their food consists of fish, cephalopods, crustaceans. Lives in the coastal zone of the seas. In our normal waters in the Black sea (the black sea shark), found in the Barents and White sea (the locals call napotnica) and is abundant in the Okhotsk, Bering and Japanese seas. This is a small, edible shark, weighing up to 12 kg (there were instances of up to 24 kg), viviparous, quite a strong fish, what particularly attracts anglers.

Shark Katran is not held in one place, and moves to fetch some fish. Hunting at her, and makes a great seasonal migration to give birth approaches the coast. During the day moves along the vertical is in the bottom layers, and in the dark rises to the surface of the water column.

With spinning you can get the biggest catch. Catch her and the track. The size of the spinner must be large and heavy. The shape of the spinner can be varied, but the choice of shades should be guided by the rule on a dark background in muddy water better visible bright bright baubles and Vice versa.

For catching sharks apply a tyrant. At the end of the two-meter fishing line there are several hooks on leashes. The success is explained by the fact that the hooks takes small fish, such as mackerel, which can attract a predator.

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