Spearfishing in winter

To date, spearfishing in winter is quite common, but about 10 years ago, such activity was very rare. The question arises: What motivated the man, when he first plunged into the icy water?

Perhaps the first place among the lovers of underwater hunting in winter is adventure and a huge desire to see the winter underwater world, and lie on the couch all winter a real man will not.

It was a man, because to fight ice and severe frosts will not every man. It should only ignite the desire and the underwater hunter don’t stop.

Selection of weapons and equipment

Your choice depends on the reservoir, which will be the hunt for trophies. In the hunting community hunting areas are divided into the following categories:

• Large rivers, where the ice is not formed.

• Waters with warm water.

• A small river partly covered with ice.

If hunting is conducted in open rivers where there is no ice, then you can do a summer fins, speargun and snorkel. But, putting socks leg gets bigger and then it is difficult to wear flippers. In such cases, resort to the fins of the large sizes and another shape (with the heel). Fins should be rigid, to easily overcome an undercurrent in the winter there is almost no vegetation and the flow is much stronger.

If the temperature of the reservoir ranges from 50 degrees to 0 wear costumes with a thickness up to 10 mm. These suits not constrain, keep a good body temperature. When the thickness of the suit more than 10 mm is necessary to wear an additional weight belt. With the development of equipment for underwater hunting appeared in the sale of a cargo belt that relax the lower back, removing her burden.


winter fishing in warm water

In warm waters summer temperature of water and therefore the fish are actively seeking food, “traveling” along the bottom. Is at hand an underwater hunter, you can try their luck by “ambush”. It is necessary to find a secluded place and wait for “guests”, the fish might fit any, so it is advisable to have at hand a reliable and powerful weapon.

There are some features of spearfishing in open rivers and a heated fishing. Open rivers have clear water, which affects the shooting distance (have to shoot from a distance), in this case, it is advisable to use a long gun.

On the “warm” waters of the small size of the hunting is done in a modest area. Therefore, the fisherman may at any time emerge not far from his car and without problems to change in a short time while a suit is not frozen. But, there are times on big rivers, when a fisherman sails on the long distance (150 – 200 metres) from the car. Once it leaves the shoreline suit slowly begins to freeze, becoming “stone”. On arrival to the car the suit is fully frosting, after which it is very difficult to remove and have to wait until it thawed.

Hunting small rivers

Typically, such hunting wear dry suits. The main advantage of these costumes – the opportunity to swim at a considerable distance from their vehicles, returning to the car – you don’t turn into ice statue.

Small rivers have small depth and therefore, the shot is done with a little distance, you can conclude – you should use a gun with low capacity. The shot is made with the surface of the water, by the way is another plus – no need to do deep dives, allowing you to spear even with a small cold.

The search for the reservoir

It would be ideal to have a lot of friends who could advise open waters. You can also find spearfishing in the Internet on special sites and forums. If these two options did not help you, you can use the map of your region, on which is painted a spot of blue color. Reservoir near different kinds of power plants are very common, look!

Start the underwater hunt

If you went for one day, then you need to take sandwiches and hot tea. Need to arrange a Parking spot, unpack, and near them to kindle a fire. The fire is not only a source of heat, but also a way to please the soul. And so, left to change clothes and get in the water!

Unfortunately the number of fish has decreased significantly and therefore, no need to rely on “gold mountain.” It is possible to hunt for carp or roach, a small pike. Although sometimes fate makes the gifts and on the river bottom you can see a trophy carp or pike. Anyway, without even seeing the fish, you can stay satisfied. What is only beauty on the shore, all covered by a white “blanket”, all colorful icicles.

Before immersion in the mandatory review with the fishery Rules in order not to break the law.

The exchange of experiences

Spearfishing is almost finished, one last, the same interesting stage – the gatherings around the campfire, sharing stories. Each underwater saw something interesting, than just have to share with your friends. Sharing stories is required near the fire. To kindle a fire in the winter is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. Everywhere there are dry branches that break easily. No wonder they say that you can always look at three things, one of which is fire.

I hope that this article will be useful for all fans of underwater hunting, regardless of experience and skill!

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