Springtime hunting 2018: In Kostroma, accepted the terms

The timing of the springtime open season 2018 adopted in Kostroma region

The timing of the springtime hunting season within the 10 calendar days established in Kostroma area each year based on current weather conditions as well as separated into 2 weather zones. The timing of spring hunting for feathery video game in

2018 established by Resolution of the Governor of the Kostroma region from 13.04.2018 No. 90 « On establishing the timing of springtime searching in the hunting premises of the Kostroma region in 2018 ». From 21 to 30 April — in the southerly areas( Kostroma, Krasnoselskoeas well as Nerekhta districts)From 29 April-08 may — in the Northern territories(Antropovsky, buyskiy, Vokhomsky, Galich, Kadyysky, Kologrivsky, Makar, manturovskiy, mezhivs’kyi, Sydney, October, Ostrovsky, Pavinskaya, Parfen

‘evskiy Berëzovka, Pyschyug, Soligalich Podlesnoye, Susanin, Chukhlomskiy Rozhdestvenskoye areas) Attention hunters! In addition to the Federal rules of hunting in the Kostroma area set to the regional specifications of springtime hunting During the spring search in the searching grounds of the Kostroma area is a time of production: 1)woodcock in the evening-drawn — from 18.00 h to 23.00 h; 2)black grumble on a Lek — 02.00 h to 10.00 h; 3)grouse on a Lek, from 20.00 h to 09.00 h.

Spring hunting drakes ducks without the use of decoy ducks is forbidden. Searching of geese is
restricted without using sanctuaries — and also application of digital devices Mankova. In the workout — of hunting ducks and also geese in
one fabricated sanctuary at the very same time can be no more

  • than 2 people.

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