Sugar possum lives of flying squirrels in the home

Marsupial flying squirrel called sugar possum living in the East and North of Australia, Tasmania, New Guinea and nearby Islands. These animals – mammals, refer to the most common small species of possums.

Sugar marsupial flying squirrels are very big fans of sweet and know how to fly, which gave it the unusual name.

Sugar marsupial flying squirrel – description

The animals have small size, body length of females reaches 27-28 cm, males up to 40 cm possums usually Weigh from 90 to 160 grams, depending on gender. The body of the marsupial flying squirrels are covered with soft and thick gray-blue fur. Can also occur individuals with yellow and brown-yellow color, and occasionally can be caught even albinos. In appearance the animal resembles a small squirrel, so it is often called sugar squirrel.

Marsupial flying squirrels are small and elongated muzzle, which is dark stripes. The same bands are covered and the back of the animal. The stomach of the possum is white, with cream tint. Of females it is bag. The ears are of large size, which can be turned to the sound source. Eyes are large and black with a dark bezel that extends to the ears. Sugar possums are nocturnal animals and see perfectly in the dark.

The forelimbs and hind limbs of flying squirrels well developed. On each foot are five long and fairly thin fingers, the ends of which have sharp claws. In nature, such fingers pet may eat, for they took from under the bark of trees, various insects and larvae, and sharp claws help it is good to stay on the branches of plants.

A distinctive feature of the sugar possums – the presence of a thin membrane, which is a layer of skin, covered with fur and located at the sides of the body from the front legs to the back. During the jump this unusual part of the body is stretched and gives the animal the ability to fly a certain distance. Through these membranes of flying squirrels can adjust the direction and distance of the flight and easily fly from one branch to another in search of food or just for fun.

Features of flying squirrels
  • Sugar possums kind and affectionate animals.
  • Animals can make different sounds like a dog barking, whistling, chirping.
  • Are nocturnal, can see perfectly in the dark.
  • Shed flying squirrels 2 times a year, and if the animal is not eating and is under stress, he, too, may experience hair loss.
  • During the flight the animal is able to cover a distance up to 50 meters, and with the help of paws and a tail to change direction.
  • The females belly is a bag with four teats inside.
  • If the possum is not enough feed, he falls into a peculiar state similar to a permanent sleep and can be up to 24 hours.
  • Males have a large quantity of glands on the body, by means of which they secrete a special substance with a smell resembling that of musk, and mark their territory.
  • In vivo sugar possums live in groups with a predominance of females and a dominant male at the head.
  • The life expectancy of the animals is 4-7 years, in captivity up to the age of 13.
Sugar possum at home

If you decide to have an exotic and unusual animal, then you should definitely pay attention to such a wonderful animal, as sugar possum, which is able in a few moments to win over any person. Anyone can enjoy his funny and friendly character, charming appearance, interesting habits. By purchasing this furry baby, you will gain a friend that will always enjoy your meetings, to lighten the mood in moments of sadness and just love you!

Today sugar possums are gaining more and more popularity as Pets. Having made the decision to acquire such an unusual animal, you should really learn about the care, feeding, and characteristics of the character. To contain flying squirrels at home, of course, difficult, but not impossible. For this it is necessary to adjust their habits, lifestyle and diet.

The pros of the content of marsupials letjag
  1. Very interesting to watch these animals, especially when they live in a home small group.
  2. Flying squirrels do not require complex care, it is very important to feed them on time and be sure to communicate with your pet.
  3. Very attached to his master, love and expect it, have a good-natured character, absolutely not vindictive.
  4. Sugar possums can live in captivity.
  5. Animals can communicate with other household Pets such as: rabbits, hamsters, chinchillas, Guinea pigs.
  6. Marsupial flying squirrels are very clean animals, very well take care of their coat themselves.
Cons of the sugar content of possums
  1. You can’t trust the contents of these animals, for example possums can bite or scratch a child if he’s gonna get caught or crushed animal.
  2. Sugar squirrels are nocturnal, so can be very noisy at night in his cage.
  3. Marsupial flying squirrels celebrate the need anywhere, sometimes on the fly, and to teach them to do it in one place is impossible.
  4. Males will mark their territory and the smell will get rid of almost impossible. And if you release from the cage of your pet, then be prepared for it.
  5. Feed the beast is quite difficult, for example, for the full development of young animals need to give live insects.
  6. If you live in the house cats or large birds to the animal they will always be dangerous.
The content of sugar possum and care for him
Living conditions

For a full life at home to the squirrels-flying squirrels need a lot of space. It should not be forgotten that these animals are quite active and in the wild live in trees. So the first thing you need to prepare for your pet a spacious cage with all the necessary equipment. And we must not forget that the possums heat-loving animals, so their habitat should be warm, without the presence of drafts or too bright lighting.

Conditions of detention should be:

  • To live, these exotic animals need in large cells, it is quite suitable designed for keeping birds. Possums are quite active, so the cage needs to be high, estimated its size for accommodation of one animal will be: length and width – 50 cm height – 80 cm
  • The cell should be small houses, which will serve as animal nests, made of wood, plywood or other dense material. They should hang at the top of the cage. At the bottom of the houses necessary to put a soft Mat of thick fabric.
  • Be sure to put in a cage or snag a few branches without bark to animals was convenient for him to climb and grind down sharp claws. Should not forget that they need to be changed regularly.
  • And there must be a few firmly established feeders and waterers made of metal or ceramic. It’s best if all those attributes are firmly attached to the walls so that the animals are unable to turn it. Verify that the possums know how to use a drinker.
  • To squirrels-flying squirrels are not bored in the cage must be the wheel, without the presence of wire in its construction. You can put still toys, made of plastic and quite large in size, the animals are very well suited different balls, mouse balls designed for cats.
  • You can build fun animals ladders, hammocks, ropes, and tunnels.

Hanging houses should be cleaned 1 time in 3 days, and cell every day. It is best to use regular baking soda or Laundry soap.


Diet sugar possumov 70% should be from proteins and the remaining 30% are assigned to the carbs. In the cage should always be fresh water for drinking. It is impossible to overfeed their Pets, otherwise they will suffer from obesity. In any case, do not feed the furry Pets from your table, do not let foods that contain preservatives, it could affect the health and lives of flying squirrels. Try to keep in the food was more calcium and less phosphorus. All vegetables and fruits should be cut in large pieces to the animal it was convenient to take them in the foot.

Sugar possums need to feed the following products:

  • Proteins. Here must include the insects: mealworms, maggots, Topobase, grasshoppers. Daily rate for adult Pets – 2-3 pieces of Topobase per day or 5-8 meal worms.
  • Meat chicken or Turkey, just cooked, about thirty grams per day for one individual.
  • Dairy products can be given 2 times a week.
  • Quail eggs without the shell – no more than 1 time a week.
  • Baby food in the form of purees for the first feeding.
  • Porridge, cooked in water, should be given 1 time per 7 days. The animals will be very useful especially oats and buckwheat with fruits, candied fruits or honey.

You can offer Pets the juices and mashed fruit to 20 ml per day, fresh and dried vegetables and fruits, except prunes, 1-2 pieces a day. Sometimes treat diabetes possumov treats, e.g. nuts – 1-2 a day, honey, about 1.5 teaspoons, drops – not more than one per day.

Where to buy an exotic pet

Today sugar possumov no problem you can order and buy in pet shops of a big city, or you can find a lot of ads on the Internet about the sale of exotic animals. Cost animals are different, but the average price of one marsupial proteins from 6 thousand to 7,500 rubles.

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