The Australian echidna: populated, specifically animal food

Australian echidna — — among the numerous types of pets lay eggs coming from the family of animals. Lives in the wild, not just in Australia yet in Tasmania as well as New Guinea. Due to its ability to adapt to various climate, a pet can reside in bondage in almost every edge of the world. Pet echidna differs from various other animals by its specificity.

  • Look the Australian echidna is extremely comparable to a hedgehog, and additionally have actually shared similar traits with a porcupine. Practically the entire surface of the body of echidna is covered with sharp needles.
  • Unlike the majority of animals, the offspring of echidna hatches from the eggs. This phenomenon is mostly discovered in birds and also some mammals.
  • Unlike birds that hatch their eggs in the nests of the Australian echidna hatching them in the bag situated in the abdomen, like the kangaroo.
  • Nourishment of the pet occurs, along with the anteater.
  • Derived offspring is nourished by mom’s milk, like the majority of animals.
  • According to scientists, it can be concluded that the nose echidna has an unique cells in charge of the capture of electro-magnetic pulses. Because of these signals the animal can keep an eye on all the pets around her.

Extremely commonly you can locate the contrast of the snake with the bird, it is also commonly called « priceswhere ».


Typically, the length of the body of the snake is about 40 centimeters. The entire surface of the back covered with sharp needles combined with hair. Vipers have no visible neck, so it seems that her little head is abruptly transformed right into the upper body. The mouth of this adorable pet exist in tubular form, inside which there is a long sticky tongue. In order to browse the surface, echidna makes use of the beak. This is the only source of understanding of the globe, since the sight of the pet is not the best.

Vipers legs are extremely muscular, though brief. On the feet, as in numerous animals, five fingers. Vipers have lengthy claws, specifically on the back foot. The longest claw gets to 5 centimeters. They require to comb their needles. In addition to the back, the animal has a little tail is likewise covered with needles. The pet itself is a squat, deftly delving.


Naturally, the echidna chooses to live alone. The pet extremely carefully protects his area and will certainly combat all the pressures with their undesirable guests. But pets do not acquire irreversible real estate, preferring rather to move easily around the globe. In appearance the animal not to say that it can also swim across a tiny pond, yet it’s not. Echidna is an outstanding swimmer.

Animals have well — created survival impulse. They have the ability to instantaneously respond to risk and also take ideal steps to shield themselves from the adversary. One of the most common place for asylum in times of risk it is thick and fractured rocks.

If echidna came face to face with your adversary, it begins really swiftly to curl into a ball, subjecting its needles as a safety tool. This approach is very good at assisting to save the life of vipers. Yet this approach of self-defense animal use in case when the ground is also difficult as well as vipers is not feasible to dig a hole to conceal in it.


The basis in the diet regimen of this pet are termites, molluscs and ants. For the manufacturing of food, animal can conveniently ruin the mound, to peel the bark of a tree. Due to their muscular legs, Australian « hedgehog » can conveniently eat and also press a huge rock under them bugs and worms. At the time of food in the digestive system with food obtained tiny stones as well as earth, which are beneficial to the digestion procedure.

Echidna has a very long as well as solid tongue, which she throws over cross countries. As a result of the sticky surface of the tongue, it sticks manufacturing, which the pet squashes in his tooth cavity of his mouth.

The process of searching mostly occurs at night. Day production of food is performed just in trendy weather. This is because the animal is completely absent in the glands, in charge of sweat. However the body temperature does not exceed 32 degrees. That is why the Australian animal really does not tolerate warmth along with cool.

When the temperature level is too low, the echidna comes to be slow as well as the procedures in charge of crucial features, blunted.

It deserves noting that animal, under negative climate condition, may come under hibernation, the duration of which is up to 4 months. Currently, the nutrients the body obtains from fat built up for the season.

It should be noted that vipers use extremely little water. Supply of required liquids for typical functioning of the body goes along with eaten by bugs.


Up until 2003 the procedure of reproduction of these animals has actually been a mystery for mankind. By outcomes of investigates it was developed that the duration of fertilization in these pets starts in early springtime and also finishes in very early September.

At the time of mating period, echidna can coexist together and live a little group of no greater than 6 individuals. Ahead of this team is always the woman who is the only one of its kind in this little « area ».

The courtship of female by man, proceeds for one month. If the women lies on her back, it reveals that they are ready for fertilizing.

At this moment, the males start a flurry of activity. They begin to stomp around women trench depth of 30 inches. The trench itself is a type of « battlefield» » on which the men attempt to push each other past it. Ultimately, the victor mating with the lady. Pregnancy lasts approximately 4 weeks. The duration of pregnancy depends on the air temperature. The cooler it is, the longer the maternity.

Who would certainly have believed, but this animal during pregnancy, developed an unique bag in which women lay leather eggs. The cub is born, it typically happens after 10 weeks, transfers to the front of the bag of the mother, where it feeds upon milk. There he is 2 months, after which, the lady releases it to the expanse of the outside world.

Her problem does not finish there. She pulls a little hole, which lies in a secluded location, and also every 5 days comes to see him. The duration of these visits lasts up to 6 months.

It desired this duration, from a little child formed adult, able to separately produce their own food as well as to live individually from the mother.

The truths of reproduction
  • the lady can breed from 3 years;
  • recreation takes place hardly ever, typically not more often than once in 5 years;
  • for one insemination, the lady may be just one youngster;
  • bag for birthing spawn, appears only while pregnant.

Because of its adjustment to climatic problems, anybody can admire this remarkable animal in the zoo.

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