The broiler poultries. The care and also feeding in your home

Growing broiler hens is presently obtaining much more extensive amongst the proprietors of personal subsidiary ranches, also suburban and also country locations. This company is thought about rewarding, as broiler, you can rack up the meat within 2 months after birth.

This recommends that also within the summertime period you can conveniently grow a half as well as a bird to two extra pounds. Dishes from griddle meat are much more delicious than the meat of conventional chickens. Besides, meat is dietetic, has a delicate structure as well as excellent preference.

Why reproduce griddle chickens?

A crossbreed breed of meat chickens, which differ from various other high-growth, rapid advancement as well as rapid buildup of mass, are called griddles. The benefit of expanding griddle chickens is not only quick growth, yet at a minimum expense to feed per kg development, when compared to the more youthful individuals other poultry.

There are 2 main points of reproducing broiler chickens:

  • Meat ripeness;
  • The rate of egg production.

High egg production are required to recreation of types of griddles. That is why reproduction is needed to elevate chickens to adulthood. These birds will not be suitable for massacre for meat, yet they have to lug that eggs hatched out the brand-new meat hens griddles.

Why the need for the crosses?

Crosses are called lines of poultries, which are specifically based upon particular integral homes. At today time has not yet began the energetic reproduction of residential chickens conducted by experts, specially chosen birds relative efficiency and also enhancing the meat weight are not kept. Now pure type hens typically are bred just in private houses. On large poultry ranches is expanded cross hybrids, which have the highest productivity.

Crosses can be called mnogopotochnoy crossbreed hens that is specifically tailored for expanding in artificial conditions as well as controlled atmosphere. That is why they are bred in big poultry farms, farms, poultry houses based upon specific settings.

General features of griddles is as complies with:

  • The size of the carcasses are bigger than the typical hen;
  • Can evaluate approximately 4.5 kg in fowl as well as 5.5 kg at adult rooster;
  • Downed and also a powerful torso, is horizontal;
  • Poor egg laying, however has a strong instinct of incubation;
  • Calm temperament;
  • Legs and also wings are brief;
  • Muscle mass is developed promptly.
Just how to choose the right chickens for expanding in your home?

Ideal Chicks to purchase from dog breederswho breed the griddles specifically up for sale, adhering to all policies and regulations. You can also use an additional option is to buy young animals in poultry farms or on stations-incubators. In both situations, nevertheless prior to you acquire you need to plainly comprehend wherefore objective are acquired the bird for eggs or meat.

When purchasing it is important to understand that the universal crossbreeds, which likewise have great egg manufacturing as well as rapid development, does not exist in nature. If the vendor guarantees you it is not worth to trust him. In laying chickens meat is more stringy and also meat ripening begins at the age of 6 months. Meat broiler will not provide a great deal of eggs, and also at the age of 2 months would consider regarding 2 kg.

Currently allow’s look at exactly how to care for hens broiler in your home.

Treatment griddle

There are 2 major approaches of content of griddle poultries:

  • Extensive;
  • Intense.

The option of technique depends on problems provided by proprietor of personal management of their birds.

In the first situation the griddle Chicks are purchased in the springtime and also grown until mid-summer, until you obtain commercial high quality. As soon as these qualities are obtained, the entire batch of birds clogged. Up until the next breeding period is put on hold.

In the second instance, a new batch of broiler Chicks are bought every 3 months throughout the year without disruption. The farming occurs throughout the year as well as not seasonal in nature. In growing hens you need to pay attention to the reality that if the birds maintain greater than 70days,

then it will be economically adverse. To expand poultry in cages or on the floor on a Mat. Let us take into consideration both options.

The materials on the floor

Below, special attention needs to be paid to the covering on the floor, however instead its composition. Clutter should hang, dry and also absorb all the dangerous gases. The very best alternative will be the dried out sawdust from wood without significant chips and bark.

Arrangement of the room: First, the flooring should be covered with powder of quicklime in the quantity of 1 kg per 1 square meter; The lime is sprayed over the top layer of completely dry sawdust with a minimal thickness of 10 centimeters;

  • If the Chicks are one color, you require to deal with the round-the-clock lights in the space;
  • Also, you should have great air flow;
  • I need to care for the temperature inside. In the initial 15 days the Chicks the temperature level must be 26-33 degrees. It is very important to make certain that the temperature does not fall at night;
  • After 30 days, the temperature level can be lowered to 20 degrees. About this indicator and temperature level must stay throughout the whole cultivation duration;
  • You should additionally follow the regards to relative humidity. For young poultries this number should be no more than 65%. After 20-30 days the humidity can be boosted to 70%.

You must take notice of the fact that need electrical heaters to preserve the needed temperature level in the room, which consisted of poultries.

The components in the cells

If broiler poultries kept in cages, after that you will certainly require to abide by the various other norms and conditions. In one cell can not have greater than 20 birds, as well as the requirement number will certainly not transform with the age of the broilers.

Cells can be set up in tiers that will save much room in the space. In each tier needs to adhere to specific standards of temperature– the temperature level needs to not fall listed below 35 degrees, as the poultries in cages no capability to move silently and also search for more warmer area, unlike hens, which are kept the floor.

Into the cells is not needed to lay clutter, yet they need to be regularly cleaned up and also disinfected. Sanepidemstantsii give preference to chicken in cages than on the floor, as it is hygienic and risk-free for hens and also for human beings.

In the area where the cells are meant to be air flow.

When the content of griddle hens at home, below are the treatment requirements should be observed. Currently is more detail to familiarize with the regulations of fowl feeding.

Feeding broiler at home

Inquiry griddles is one of the most vital regarding care and also upkeep in your home. From correct feeding and adherence depends upon the rate of increase of mass, and also the preference of the meat. Also important is the expense of feeding.

In the initial days of life of griddle poultries meat fed in the same way as Chicks aicinosa rocks. After a specific period, the design and high quality of feeding should be transformed.

The procedure for feeding griddle: From the first to the 3rd day after the birth of a steamed egg is the major food. In the very early days the poultries need lots of protein, so the diet regimen can include milk as well as cheese; Starting from the third day to the diet adds the sliced eco-friendlies in the form of lawn and nettle leaves. The lawn can be changed with natural flour, if hens are grown in winter;

  • On the fifth day, to feed you require to add minerals in the form of bone meal, smashed shells and chalk. Since that time, eggs can be given with the shell;
  • Two weeks after birth in nutrition introduces the grated carrots and steamed meat, as well as millet, oat meal, split wheat, corn grits;
  • Three weeks old 20% price of grain need to be changed with boiled potatoes. All the elements are mixed in a wet mash. Wet food should be alternated with completely dry;
  • From the 2nd month you must reduce the quantity of feed healthy protein as well as enhance the juicy, herbal ingredients.

When feeding should focus on the truth that griddles must be fed a lot and also typically.

If you comply with the right diet plan, the danger of excessive weight would be absent.

  • In the first week the diet regimen must be eight-time;
  • Starting from the 2nd week, the Chicks are fed six times;
  • The third week you can go to a four-time feeding;
  • A month to the massacre of griddles fed two times.

Furthermore, it deserves taking into consideration that in chickens in the troughs must constantly be clean and also fresh water, the temperature of which should not surpass 30 levels.

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