The Mariana trench

The fourth pole of the earth, the deepest point, the depth of the ocean – not only as the Mariana trench! It was formed millions of years ago, its width is 80 km, length 1500 km.

On land there is nothing that could compare to it in scale. It is wider than the Grand Canyon, its depth – 11022 metres, it is much more than the height of the “Roof of the world”. The pressure of the water column at the bottom of the basin 1100 times atmospheric!

For a long time it was generally believed that her bottom is completely uninhabited. It seemed, well what can survive in such conditions, with such pressure, in the darkness. There were even proposals to do, in the pit of a nuclear burial ground. But the hollow was inhabited!

One after another, researchers have discovered the new and unknown and mysterious life forms. The bottom of the basin consists of biogenic sludges – waste that life which boils at the top. It serves as food for the inhabitants of the abyss. At the bottom of many geothermal holes near these boiling hot springs live colonies of unusual crabs.

Research submersibles were able to take pictures of luminous shellfish, fish with bulging eyes, all sorts of horrible mutants, ranging from octopuses and stars, ending a four-foot worms and even large creatures, which science has not invented a name and definition. Yes, on our planet we know very little, and to reveal its mysteries we still have.

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