The most effective egg types of laying hens for house

In recent years, the majority of farmers valued all the positive qualities of poultries and their advantages over various other fowl.

Many types of laying hens are plain in life as well as do not call for close attention, but routine collection of eggs and also meat should please dog breeders.

Hens egg breeds, which is better!.

This question breeders of poultries react about the very same. Finest chicken breeds farmers consider several kinds, which include: Loman Brown; White rock poultries; The Leghorn; Kuchinsky wedding anniversary; Adler silvery; Hajseks Brown; Lohmann-brown brown breed; Tetra With L; Description of rocks To date, the

  • effective qualities of types of laying
  • chickens are constantly
  • enhancing. By trial and error,
  • farmers have chosen a few of the most successful for
  • breeding types of laying chickens.

Loman brown in the year can bring concerning 320 eggs.They are considered great egg breed. Adolescence this type Matures in age 133-135 days, at this time they are completely ready for the age of puberty. Energetic egg-laying period lasts about 80 weeks. The eggs are huge, weighing in at 63 grams. After a duration of egg-laying fowl is generally sent out to the slaughter, due to the fact that efficiency is considerably decreased. Chicks of this type are very sturdy, concerning 98 %safely grow. In appearance it is a medium sizedfowl with Golden-brown plumes, often there are black places.

Customarily, the fowls are larger than hens, we meet the black-and-white color. The type of chicken laying hen White most enjoyed by the farmers. Many consider it one of the most oviparous breed hens.

Year, one chicken is able to bring concerning 340 eggs. Weight tiny, not surpassing 2 kg, fowls 3 kg. Eggs produced by this breed are big, the yolk is saturated orange color. Adolescence in this breed comes in 130 to 135 day of your life. The color is mainly white, with bright red comb as well as white earrings. During the life of these hens is altering the shade of the legs-from light Golden with a bluish tinge. The Leghorn pertained to Russia from Italy in 1925. Egg production is rather high, for the year one chicken can stock the order of 220-230 eggs. Mass weight average 2300 women g for men, about 2800 grams. Poultry breeds Leghorn steadfast, about 90% grow into adults.

The young chicken is able to lay eggs at the age of 4 months. Leghorn been available in a variety of colors from black and white to Golden, also dark and also copper-brown blue tones. Kuchinsky wedding anniversary sort of chickens reproduced by farmers as alanoca and also meat breed birds. Egg production 200 eggs per year, adolescence comes on 180 day of life. Males have a weight of 4 kg, the females slightly less. Eggs weighing 60 grams, large, with a brown covering. A selection of colors, from black to copper-red. Characteristic patterns on the feathers. Adler silver layer was very first acquired in Adler, the egg is considered a meat type.

The normal development of meat does not affect the egg manufacturing of birds of this species. Each year, this representative of the breed blows regarding 180 eggs. This is a gorgeous silver color bird, with black places in the neck. Is peace-loving nature of the aggressiveness is missing.

Hajseks brownish small people, and also to distinguish men from females in the initial day of life. The penis lighter fluff chicken, and the weight differs from the initial days. The skin tone of these birds is quite thick, though, and also the weight of a little. Usually have a copper shade, in some cases white spots. Personality type are tranquil, coexist with various other species, perch is not separated. The age of puberty occurs at 20 weeks of age, egg production is high, regarding 300 eggs annually.

Eggs of large size, the weight is 65-70 grams, the shell is dense, brown or white. Lohmann-brown refers to the egg-meat type chickens, by the title you can presume that the breed has a brownish shade. Swiftly obtain utilized to brand-new problems, does not call for special problems of apprehension. Full the age of puberty takes place in 5-5,5 months, egg production is high, about 300 eggs per year. The eggs are big, considering approximately 62 gr, covering brownish. Tetra s L never vulnerable to weight problems. The bird is a bit clumsy, has a tranquil peace-lovingcharacter, is close friends with the « next-door neighbors » and also rarely completely satisfied squabbles.

Full maturation takes place after 4.5 months, the «first eggs» are not huge, not more than 50 grams in weight. As they Mature, the egg weight boosts as well as can rise to 70 gr. Egg manufacturing is high, regarding 300 eggs annually. The eggs are thick, brown. Peculiarities of maintaining and also breeding All the above types of poultries is thought about to be a purebred, so there are a few tips on proper take care of them. The look of the chickens as well as the egg production is straight based on the conditions of detention. It is recognized that those reps of this kind that get the daily demand of important vitamins, also the egg yolk saturated orange shade, and the eggs are a lot larger.

For the appropriate furnishing of the future home of thoroughbred chicken, you should consider some important facets: Should be observed a temperature level setting; To select the appropriate dimension of the facilities; The best method to construct a ventilation system; To choose the appropriate light sources; Properly furnish the roosts; Properly position as well as furnish the feeders and also waterers;

At low temperature the bird can obtain frostbite, will certainly fall dramatically egg manufacturing. At high temperature laying chickens start to lay eggs with extremely slim shells, as well as even without the shell. Experienced breeders advise a really careful approach to the selection of the room. It is advised that each individual to supply a minimum of 0.5 meters of space. Flooring concrete is not recommended, as the bird can freeze the feet in winter season. Best of all floor to do mass or wood.

The simplest option in the tools of ventilation is the window. In the warm season it is feasible not to close this will certainly make certain the circulation of fresh air. In winter, the home window will shut, that will save warmth in the cage. From the right illumination depends directly on the poultry egg manufacturing. When the individual will begin laying eggs, she will need 12day. Best and also most affordable option would certainly be a normal light bulb.

Once more not to warm the cage, dog breeders are advised to lay on the floor Mat. It will certainly soak up excess moisture launched by the bird. In wintertime litter will maintain the temperature in the cage of regarding 32 levels Celsius. The presence of roosts and also nests in the coop is essential. These agents of the poultry is unable to sleep on the ground as well as to lay eggs they will certainly be much more comfortable in the nest. You need to properly compute the length of the poles to roost.

Each private shall be at the very least 30 centimeters vacuum. What to feed a hen Fertility as well as weight gain depends on the correct feeding. Though hen and thought about one of the most plain species of domestic birds and fed them nearly whatever scraps, weeds from the yard, leftover food from goats, pigs and sheep. Picking the appropriate feeding regimen is urgently needed.

Along with the normal diet plan in the type of grain, the poultries certainly require to provide plant and animal food. Healthy proteins, carbs required for egg-laying chickens. It works component in the diet regimen of poultries will be various ingredients, for example, sunflower seeds, pumpkin, beans, cake. Commonly due to calcium shortage, poultries deal with different conditions, so in the diet regimen of hens is it required to add powdered chalk, ash, common salt.

You can not do without environment-friendly feed. The yard the hens to give a must. This will certainly aid to get the missing out on minerals, vitamins and also moisture, so needed for the hens at the mobile degree.

Hens like dill, shoots of young peas, lettuce, and also nettle. In the winter months the chickens delight in organic hay, which is gathered ahead of time in the summer.

You can add to the main feed of finely shredded vegetables as well as fruits. In winter season, this dressing is essential.

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