The ornamental poultry breeds

In the environment of chicken is prominent not only very productive meat and also egg hens, yet additionally decorative. For many years breeders have actually invested in boosting the exterior indicators of the chickens.

Many varieties of birds productive type as well as gradually developed right into an attractive, and some people have ended up being extremely athletic. Decorative breeds of poultries Ornamental chickens most of Eastern origin.

To produce a type of non-destination one of the initial was China, India and Japan. Later on unique types of chickens resolved in Russia as well as Europe. Despite the fact that ornamental poultries do not bring to life productive factors, they serve in the home. Ornamental poultry begin to lay eggs regarding 9 months.

Throughout the year, it is possible to obtain around 100 eggs. But, certainly, the main advantage of these birds in the various other. A few of them have uncommon photographic shade, the other — the initial kind of the beak, the 3rd– a mini « oversized » family members, the 4th had a particularly lengthy tail. Decorative types of chickens, typical in Russia: Bentamy; La araucana; Chinese silk;

Sibrayt; Dutch belohorcova; Gate; Pavlovskaya; Faverol; Russian crested;

Ayam Cemani; Phoenix. The write-up provides some of them Bentamy Bantama is among the biggest representatives of the ornamental rocks. This tiny bird has a reasonably high productivity as well as efficient appearance. There are several ranges. The type has good health and wellness, reduced maintenance as well as excellent for breeding in the yard. The very first description of the bantams dates back to the year 1645. Their homeland in the standard version is Japan.

Trustworthy info concerning the details of breeding these birds do not have, yet there is a theory that they were formed with man-made option. The progenitors of the bantams are thought about wild poultries. It is from them that the breed has inherited a solid immunity to different infections and also a great maternal impulse.

A particular feature of these birds is their size: the chickens do not surpass 650 g, males– 1kg.

Breed standards:

  • little head with rozovidnym or foliaceous crest;
  • sophisticated, elevated body;
  • large, long, almost reaching to the ground wings;
  • brief legs.
The sort of the type of bantams

Depending upon the shade, these hens are divided right into several selections.

The main species are: Peremoga.

  • Has white plumage and heavily feathered legs. Nanjing. Has a yellow — orange tuft as well as bare feet. This is the earliest type. Fowls have elegant tail as well as a black spot on his upper body.
  • The Dutch poultry of bentamy black body as well as white tuft.
  • Beijing poultry can have a different color: black, white, mottled, various colored. The legs are hairy and also short.
  • Sibrayt. Chickens with grey plumage and also Golden or silver color. A feature of the types is the black approach the edge, which offers sophisticated appearance.
  • Bryanka of Padua– most priceless kind. The tuft of this bird has a golden or silvery shade.
  • Chabot — — the tiniest rep of the type. The shade of the pen selection: wheat, white, Kuropaty, yellow, blue, black, porcelain, Golden-black, tri-color.
  • Hamburg. The brilliant red crest on a background of black or black-white shade.
  • The Altai of bentamy print, bespeckled beige, walnut or brown pen. On her head was a tiny tuft
  • Barnaul. Rozovidnym features a big comb as well as lengthy jewelry
The breed– La araucana

A distinguishing characteristic of the type — — the one-of-a-kind color of eggs from red-blue to greenish. For this reason, poultries called «»Easter ». These impressive birds have an unique appearance. Araucanians from the German type there is no tail.

For breeding animals are chosen purely regulated criterion: the visibility of a little head with distinct long hairs pen, Gorkovenko scallop and little red earrings in the ears;

  • reddish-orange eyes, round fit; tool length beak is slightly bent down; short, stocky body, wide, straight back, wide breast, modest size of neck as well as no tail.
  • solid legs without plumes, on each foot as well as 4 fingers.

Males of this type are bigger than ladies.

Based upon the shade of the quill, Araucana there are 13 varieties: silver, gold, white, blue, black. The adult woman has a weight in the series of 1.5-1.7 kg, a man might get to 2 kg. But there are dwarf species.

The breed was first discussed in 1526, but it is confirmed that these birds have been reproduced much earlier. According to one theory– the unusual color of the eggs is the result of crossing with a wild pheasant. This opinion has no scientific verification. Eggs initial color obtained because of the presence in the oviduct of laying pigment biliverdin.

Chinese silk

Agents of this one-of-a-kind type of chicken with their brief legs, and also lavish silky quill resemble rabbits. On the head, legs and tail of birds of feather balls.

Natural leather, comb, beak, and also even the bones of birds black with a different color from brown to blue. The weight of the decorative rooster does not surpass 1.1 kg. Productivity feathered -100 eggs a year.

Birds of this breed have the following features: Wide, evocative the framework of the dice situation. Strong as well as short back, developing into a complete stubborn belly as well as brief neck. A small black-and-blue face, rounded head, strong beak blue. The feathers of the tuft are guided backwards, eyes dark brown, and also the crest of rozovidnym, short, warty.

  • Wings Chinese silk poultries are brief, loose, loosened fitting. The back side of the legs covered with feathers. Has 5 strong toes.

There can be several shades:

  • white with some yellow;
  • black;
  • uniformly blue;
  • yellow (bearded ranges of this type);
  • wild paint chickens and also roosters are various. The hen has a dark brown shade with a chestnut tint on the head and also chest. A fowl breast is black in color, dark Golden rump and also hair, black-brown head.

Silk Chinese breed has 2 ranges: the bearded as well as common.

A distinctive feature of silk bearded hen is a opulent beard, developing into containers that covers the earlobes.


Decorative poultry breeds, Sibraim obtained its name from the first dog breeder of this types of John sibrica. It ended up being the pacesetter for unusual hens in the tool of English aristocrats.

The type was established about the year 1800. The highlights of birds that he attempted to reinforce, was uncommon, as if grouped, plumage as well as tiny size. Sibrayt obtained brand-new birds in 15 years. The category of this species were Polish hens, representatives of the Hamburg breed, bentamy.

Cocks and also hens can be found in two colors: silver and gold.

Not to buy a faulty chicken demand to know the main features of this breed:

  • small dimension, portable, dense body, rounded protruding in front of breast;
  • brief tail, resembling a woman’s follower;
  • loose-fitting, sagging nearly to the ground wings;
  • commonly spaced gray-blue legs;
  • tiny rounded head, red comb rozovidnym form, smooth rounded earrings.
Ayam Cemani

Of certain interest to the Amateur chicken farmers increase hens reproduce Ayam Cemani. This is the darkest amongst all types. Feathers with a green tint. Black beard and also comb, skin, paws, bones as well as meat. The head of a bird of tiny size with a brief black beak and leaf-shaped comb. Shiners, neck of medium length. Chest birds are rounded sufficient, the body is small, narrow, in the form of a trapezoid. In decorative cockerels of this breed are cosy as well as high ponytail with a long, strong pigtails.

The hens are extremely shy. They do not trust the individual attempting to get in touch with at a minimum.

Hens Dutch belogornoye

These birds have an amazing crest. The feathers on both sides of the head autumn gently, advising « specialist styling»». It does not interfere with the bird to see. The front plumes of the crest is a little darker. The base of the beak has an uncommon pattern, something emerges like a butterfly. It is a standard sign of the purity of the breed:

Despite the long plumes, this elegant chicken has a thick and also rather huge crest. Comb this type is missing out on. Beak tiny, toned with plumage. Lovely bent tail with squashed feathers placed under the angle of 45 levels. Legitimate shade: brownish, black, grey blue.

Breed Phoenix

Hens reproduce the Phoenix — — kind. They differ with a long tail. This bird comes from China, where it was taken into consideration a symbol of the Empire. The Phoenix was introduced in Japan, where it spread out around the world.

The fowl tail can get to 10 meters. He daily boosts by 90 centimeters, as well as impedes the opportunity to move easily.

The components of decorative chickens

When growing decorative poultries must pay unique focus to the microclimate in the road and also inside your home. Some species require warmth, various other it is necessary to shield it from excessive moisture.

In addition to preserving the preferred temperature level (15-20 levels) feathery, it is important to offer excellent lighting. Daylight should be 15 hrs.

In your house there has to be no drafts. It requires to be well aerated.

The way of the master, depending on the types of Large birds, in addition to lengthy tail and rich plumage poultries require high perches. And also for dwarf species as well as birds with poorly developed feathers , the roosts should be reduced.

In hen housing, it is important to keep hygiene to a glamorous tuft and tails did not shed appearance. For these objectives, veiled floors in the hen coop of a thick, warm product is placed on leading as well as the trash that the degree of contamination periodically change. For people who have extreme feathering on the legs the substrate have to be often loosened. Keep in mind that in cold weather the necessary clutter thicker than typical.

The coop should be secured versus the infiltration of rats and also ferrets.


Because many hens breeds have an active temperament as well as love complimentary rides, you need to give them with pet position on which to put containers for bathing.

In obtaining a viable healthy and balanced population not less important role plays the correct feeding of poultries.

The diet has to consist of the complying with vitamins as well as foods:

  • barley and oats;
  • beetroots, carrots, cabbage;
  • quickly digestible healthy proteins and vitamins such as Trivitamin;
  • yeast, which are introduced by drojjevoe food;
  • chalk, eggshells, shells, gravel;
  • the natural powder.

Spring chickens food should be extra varied to birds has not shed its beauty. It ought to consist of a plentiful amount of vitamins as well as minerals, along with sprouted grains.

A vital aspect of the complete growth of the birds — — the capability to create field.

Participated in the breeding of ornamental birds, you can encounter specific troubles:

  • attractive hens love the heat, as well as not all breeds can make it through rough winter season cold;
  • birds need natural food;
  • attractive birds need sizable space as well as convenient way;
  • these poultries are very excruciating, so the maintenance of young is fairly a troublesome task;
  • because of weak resistance, the survival rate of chickens is not very high;
  • decorative types of poultries can not get along with other types.

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