The score of the meat types of chickens with a summary

Compared to beef, pork or lamb, poultry meat is a dietary item, a source of healthy protein, which our body requires. Containing poultry meat contains glutamic acid, substances consisting of nitrogen.

As well as vitamins A, b, C, calcium, chlorine, phosphorus, sulfur, potassium, magnesium, zinc

and also iron. Chicken meat is thought about the most valuable product among the meat variety.

The need for meat breeds of hens is very high, due to the fact that the minimum amount of time you can grow a large meat and also young pets to such an excellent number of beneficial meat.

Below we consider one of the most meat and also best for farmers breed poultries.

The type of poultries Chinchin appeared in the town of Vietnam. Later, the samplings were delivered to China as well as grown in the lawns of wealthy gents. In the XIX century Chinchin were delivered by French diplomats in Europe. They remain in terrific need to this particular day. In Russia the chickens of this breed showed up in the middle of the XX century as well as is currently located their proprietors among Russian farmers and also personal fans of hen meat.

Description of the type of Chinchin. They have cosy quill, that makes them much more massive. An attribute of the type are the so-called trousers on the feet.

Color styles Chinchin:

  1. Reddish-yellow.
  2. Black.
  3. The color of the cuckoo.
  4. White.
  5. Gray-blue shade.
  6. Black with white flecks.
  7. Kuropaty.

Weight grownups of Mahinhin is 4 kg for chickens and 5 kg for fowls. With appropriate feeding four-month-old chick can evaluate 2.5 kg. Growth in hens is 50 centimeters.

Feeding Cochinchine not a large inconvenience, these poultries are not particular with food. It will certainly be enough remnants of food from the table as well as mash. Obviously, diet plan has to be the vitamins. If the hens begin fattening, you need to transfer to a much more nutritional food.

The components do not need unique paddocks and enclosures. Hens of Chinchin can exist in the barn. These Pets are a bit unwieldy, so nassty much better to do closer to the flooring.

Relatives of Cochinchina are samplings of the type Brahma. The main difference between these 2 types in the size of the legs. Mahinhin more mundane poultries. The gate of the exact same legs long as well as thin.

Breed Brahma appeared due to reproducing experiments. Poultry farmers in Asia went across type chickens of Mahinhin as well as Malay. However meat is taken into consideration the horseshoes American dog breeders. European chicken farmers have actually brought a lot more attractive kinds of this

type. Due to the big physique, birds of this breed seem gorgeous as well as handsome. They have good tuft throughout the body, for that reason do not freeze in the cold.

Scallops fowls red leaf-shaped.

The legs have feathering in the form of « pants ». Light. Dark. Fawn. Kuropaty. The weight of a grown-up fowl is a Brahma can reach 4,5– 5 kg, chickens consider 3-3. 5 kg. When the roosters reached a weight of 7 kg and also could not maintain his body on his feet, there were situations. The materials of Brama calls for specific guidelines. Youthful people it is much better to keep separate from the adult chickens as well as young of various other types. The coop must be equipped with alcohol consumption bowls, low perches.

Have to be artificial lights. On the flooring is advised to lay dry the trash from 6 to 10 cm, relying on the moment of year. The space should have great air flow. Meat chickens Brahma are meticulous exquisites in food that may bring some trouble to the farmer. Feed needed to take the best, the diet plan has to consist of a lot of vitamins. They enjoy to eat the leftovers from the table, grain. Fantastic food for the proper advancement of the poultries remains in the diet plan of fish oil. Plimutrok One hundred as well as fifty years ago, the American breeders have brought the global breed of hen Plimutrok.

Individuals ended up unpretentious, with high egg production and excellent meat efficiency. This breed was developed near the American city of Plymouth.

Farmer Wooster crossed the Java poultry breed rooster. Later on offspring were gone across with Brahma, Cochinchine, Dancingly. We presently have a « universal soldier» » in the type of rocks Plimutrok.

Body individuals vast, total. They have a happy pose. Have thick plumage throughout the body, more on neck. In autumn, a duration of shedding.

Shade Plimutrok:

  1. White.
  2. Black.
  3. Blue.
  4. Yellow.
  5. Striped.
  6. Kuropaty.
  7. Grey.

Meat chickens Plimutrok have a pleasant nature, yet are frequently subjected to strikes from other breeds of hens. It is far better to keep the hens different from various other breeds. The mass of the rooster can reach 5 kg and hens — — 3.5 kg. The content does not require much effort from the grower. View Plimutrok like large spaces. The coop needs to be free, NACESTI you ought to refrain from doing extremely. In the enthusiasts constant water changes.

These hens can not fly due to heavy weight. A high fence might be needed only as security from killers.

Mixed fodder with the material of various groups of vitamins will be a fantastic feeding. Clean water as well as fresh lawn healthy Plimutrok.

Good corresponding foods are home cheese, yogurt, skim milk, coverings and also chalk to supply calcium.

In 1820, the English breeder Gilbert started breeding a special fighting type by going across the Malay and also English breeds of hens. In these times in England was popular for dick fights and also Gilbert wanted to develop an invincible type of fowls. According to stats, he never ever obtained fighting chickens, yet their popularity chickens obtained in the house farming.

These hens are valued standard chicken because of the fleshy kinds.

Cornish has a three-dimensional upper body, back. Legs wide apart and also have an effective type. The head is tiny and wide. Shade scallop bright red.


  1. Fawn.
  2. Black.
  3. Red.
  4. White.
  5. Brown.

An adult fowl evaluates 4 kg, and also hen — — 3.5 kg. the nature of the hens are non-aggressive and manageable. Roosters are additionally pleasant, however can occasionally Wake up the fighter’s instinct.

Vital item for Cornish is corn, it protects against the build-up of fat in the body. In addition to, ideal legumes and also corn. Gravel or sand must be required in the diet regimen of the food of birds. Sand stabilizes digestion. The water ought to be transformed 2 times a day to prevent bacteria.

The components Cornish hens may be flooring or cell. In the cells of chickens get sick much less, however faster to put on weight from lack of movement.

Chinese chickens Langshan came down from Minorca and black Plymouthrock. Later English and German dog breeders have actually improved the breed to the chickens, which are expanded in the modern-day world. English Langeni have legs « pants » in comparison to the German.

Hens have a spherical shape, a lengthy neck, a level back, which offers a lovely pose of the bird. Poultries of this type harder their meat equivalents.

Hens can get to a weight of 3.5 kg, and also the roosters typically weigh 4-4,5 kg.


  1. Black with a blue color.
  2. White with a yellow-colored tint.
  3. Pure white.
  4. Gray-blue shade.

In their adult years Langshan extra immune to frost, yet young plants do not show much better in the cold. Poultries of this breed have a breakable body immune system, it is for that reason required to provide the conditions for growing youngsters. The cage needs to be tidy with completely dry bed linen. Ventilation is a crucial treatment. The water ought to be transformed as required. The temperature of the coop need to not drop listed below 0 or above 27 degrees. « Bath» » from the ashes will certainly ensure the purity and also wellness of the plumes of birds.

The diet regimen must contain healthy protein, calcium, vitamins and mineral supplements. Monthly poultries can be fed various grains.

Grown-up cocks better keep away from young people, they might harm young chickens.

Chickens Sasso appeared in France. For 35 years the French dog breeders dealt with reproducing functional weighty breeds of chickens. In Russia, this type has not yet enjoyed fantastic success, but in the towns of France, her efficiently reproduced local farmers.

A vital attribute of Sasso is a very fast growth without the enhancement of hormones.

The color of kvacek:

  1. Black.
  2. Red.
  3. Fawn.
  4. White.
  5. Blue.

In the outside is nothing special: the head is tiny, a crest of red, a little is given the breast, the tuft is not rich, has tail feathers of medium size. Feet long. Vary also fearful character.

The maximum mass of the rooster, 5 kg, poultry weighs 4 kg.

Voluntarily consume leftovers from the table, cereal plants, grains, straw. The diet regimen you need to include fish, milk products.

At the frost French Sasso is unrivaled. They can exist even in one of the most extreme conditions. The coop must be sizable. The chicken is extremely keen on strolling, fence can be done reduced, as Sasso poultries can’t fly. The poultries needed a small sanctuary to hide in throughout the rain. The ash tub will certainly not permit the parasite to go into the body of laying chickens.

Maximum efficiency of hens Sasso 2 years.

In 1845, in the English town of Dorking were crossed with regional breed pets that are resistant to environment variants, with Roman poultries.

Thus, there is a new beef type Dorking hens.

The body of kvacek round, fleshy, rich quill. Small head with a huge crest of scarlet. Powerful paws, rather short.

The fowls consider 4-4. 5 kg and also chickens to 3.5 kg max.


  1. Black and white with colorful plumage.
  2. Kuropaty.
  3. Black bottom, white top.
  4. Motley.
  5. Red.
  6. Striped.
  7. Golden.
  8. Blue.

The material calls for little effort. The cage must be equipped with comfy masectomy medium height. Flooring is covered with warm, dry bedding. The water should be changed on a regular basis. The properties have to from time to time to aerate, so the birds are not ill. To avoid strong drafts, Dorking don’t like it.

In the birds ‘ ‘ diet have to consist of maize, meal, meat fish meal, milk powder, chalk, barley.

What breed is much better to pick chicken farmers. This post lists the most plain breeds of chickens. They all have impressive weight as well as delicious nutritional meat.

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