The white Wagtail. Peculiarities of reproducing life migratory birds

On the border of fields and forests. In between paradise and also earth. Lives on the banks of the river white Wagtail a migratory bird. Below her house. In the city or town, in the suburban area: almost everywhere you can discover tiny elegant bird — — the white Wagtail.

All day birds running about, swinging its long tail. She checks out the beds in the gardens, the grass on roadsides. No insect, no caterpillars do not miss out on the bird: get and bring their Chicks in the nest. No rest for this migratory bird.

The coloring of these birds always white as well as grey shades. The neck as well as the head with black places. Run very keenly on the ground backward and forward. And also time stops shock as well as down the long tail, as they claim, « shake my tail»». This attribute of them clarifies the name. Singing Wagtail is rarely heard. Just in times of concern and also initially of its nesting duration. Their vocal singing is reminiscent of the quick and muddled sound.


These birds consume only pests. Deftly running in between the blades of lawn captured eat crawlers, caterpillars, worms. Can additionally relentlessly to bring the air of flying pests. Hunting near pastures and also cattle, birds are blood-sucking bugs.

The feed basis are: flies; butterfly; stoneflies; bugs; spiders; mosquitoes; dragonflies; mayflies.

It’s what feeds Wagtail.

Spring arrival


  • in Europe;
  • Asia;
  • Africa.

On a rather warm, comfy land, they lead an inactive life. Homeowners cool down environments migrate to Africa as well as back.

By the nature of the Wagtails not only optimists, but additionally patriots. Philopatry. Such a stunning word researchers call the love for the Motherland in pets. More exactly, the desire to return to the place of his birth. As well as the sensation, when the very same types breed routinely in the very same particular location — — collection preservation. Wagtails, like a lot of insectivorous birds in the winter months fly South in the springtime they attempt to go back to his little residence.

Still rather a lot of snow depending on the timbers, in the fields and also in the hollows. The springtime warm has already sasadilo morning hazes. Sun heats the ice as well as snow into a fluid slurry. Collects in pools.

Which’s adhered to by the rooks, larks, starlings already troubled very first Wagtails. Operating, arguing, full of toughness and energy. Yet the bustle and also Twitter simply seem to be negligent. Very soon the birds will certainly be busied with finding a suitable location for nesting.

Where Wagtail nests

The white Wagtail is perhaps the most creative in the selection of nesting. Unique love to these birds to a variety of strategies. Deserted farmer, idle the tractor or barge that went aground in the hold which can be the nest, is not arbitrary, however the preferred nesting sites of white Wagtails. One more enthusiasm is developing individuals. Extra specifically, all type of niches and splits where you can develop a nest and also live.

In the settlements the proximity of roadways, tram tracks not just do not puzzle fearless Wagtails, but she also attracts. All possible nesting birds are not provided. The nest may be located anywhere.

The timing of nesting

The building and construction of the nest at Wagtails takes 1-2 weeks. One more pair of days, the nest can stand. The female can lay one egg per day. The first eggs in clutches possible to locate in late April. Complete stonework Wagtails found in very early June. By this time all the eggs, however the standard is 5-6 devices, delayed. And the bird is assumed to be thick hatching.

On the chart of incubation, the white Wagtail is aware of the cuckoo, which placed their eggs right into her nest.Thus, it is one of the primary carer of coqueta. And also no surprise — — the treatment of nestlings in birds Wagtails can be considered exemplary.

Just how to differentiate women from male

You should take notice of the color of the head. The woman’s dull. Separate the plumes resemble grey markings. The male « skullcap» » blacker, contrasting with the plumage of the back. You may observe a distinction in pigmentation of the wings. Although most are private differences, but they can browse.

From the point of view of actions in the nest, the female has the benefit. As a result, when the male shows up, he’s attempting to nurse feed the birds and also to leave.

Repair outlet is likewise largely the prerogative of females. A male may perhaps lug away the leftover food or trash.


After leaving the nest, the Chicks moms and dads complete feeding for another week. It is commonly the brood is divided into 2 components. Among which thinks a male, 2nd a female. Over the summer season, part Wagtails handles to grow hens twice.

In late summer the youngsters combined with adults typically discovered at the water’s side. At public pools, roadways Wagtails are normal site visitors. There is a cooking area as well as a washroom in one area. And Wagtails like to work on tracks, dirt as well as paved roads and gather downed or dropped insects. The component of the negligent and inexperienced birds themselves frequently become victims of the busy website traffic.

The white Wagtail remains in continuous motion, constant service himself in order to represent the ecological conditions. Her dynamic personality, amazing tolerance for adjustment and also capability to adjust allow her to prosper in any kind of atmosphere. Whether wild reserved nature or a dynamic concrete metropolis.

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