Type chickens Ayam Cemani: description and web content

These poultries can be safely credited to in part to exotic and also legendary birds, mostly because of their rarity and also distinct shade. Ayam Cemani have not just a coal-black plumage. Eyes, comb, feet, skin and also even the blood with meat vary remarkably dark undertones.

On the body of this bird You will certainly not see really tiny white spot. Not so shocking fact that the fortunate few who occurred to reproduce a breed Zemani credited to her legendary residential or commercial properties.

A little history — — the beginning Its origin black poultries needed the Republic of Indonesia. And also, in fact, their name is quite straightforward: if you translate it actually, the « Ayam » indicates chicken, while Zemani — — town situated on the island of Java.

Plainly identify the ancestors of the type is problematic, however dog breeders as well as scientists are often inclined to believe that this unusual bird came down from the wild bankivskih poultries. Well, its material pigmentation it is bound fibroelastosis is an unique procedure calling the dominance of black pigment.

Knowledge with Ayam Cemani occurred in the far-off 1920. Just in 1998-1999 they were first reproduced in Europe to Dutch Sterownika. And also naturally, such an unusual type practically promptly attracted the focus and amazed international dog breeders.

Description of the appearance and also qualities

As currently pointed out, a distinguishing characteristic of the dicks and also hens — — only black shade. Which needs to be kept an eye on very thoroughly by the dog breeder: one intense plume would certainly be taken into consideration a marital relationship in the future breeding of this bird will decline it. At the very same time, this just « shade » the selection of uniform criteria for the appearance of the type is not offered.

Although she, like all others, has a variety of distinguishing characteristics:

  • Ayam Cemani not huge in size: tool long neck and also small head is enhanced with little trapezoidal body.
  • Busts of birds though as well as rounded, however not impressive.
  • Tight to the body wings.
  • Paws instead long, topped by four fingers.
  • Smooth face and also earlobes, rounded « earrings » black or close to it.
  • Short beak with a minor enlarging.

Cocks a little bigger than his friends, although hardly ever consider greater than 1.8 − 2 kg. From representatives of various other types, in addition to color, they are identified by a big beautiful comb the appropriate kind: cloves as well as suffice clear as well as noticable. The tail is large and lavish, often complemented with long pigtails covering short plumes.

Poultries are hardly ever heavier than 4 extra pounds. Excellent parameters of egg production they are not particularly Shine, starting to rush from the age of 5-7 months, the very first year they are able to bring only about 100 eggs. Many dog breeders state that because their number is rather swiftly dropping.

Eggs Ayam Cemani with some look or preference no different from many other. The shell they have a quite strong, from light to dark shades of brownish. And the dimension, likewise, typical about 50 grams. At the very same time people have a very high survival rate surpassing 90%.

What, after that, to appreciate this type, however her color and also look? Regardless of its tiny size, Ayam Cemani popular for its excellent quality meat. Only then dog breeders require to bear in mind that by the third year of life of poultry meat of its « benefits» » are additionally falling quickly, as her egg production.

The pros and cons of hens Ayam Cemani

Sadly, the merits of acquiring this breed is rather little: great meat, very pleasing to the eye as well as unusual color.

  • But the drawbacks and difficulties of their reproducing it is possible to specify the entire list: The important things — to manage such a house bird will certainly be able not every person is a birder. Like any other unusual or exotic pet, poultries Ayam Cemani are obscenely pricey. For one hatching out egg or poultry can ask for up to $ 2,500.
  • Despite the cost of egg production types bad — — hens for the year will certainly not bring more than 100 eggs.
  • Chicken of hens Ayam Cemani is likewise not so good, so breeding them almost always have to turn to fabricated full-term eggs in the incubator.
  • Originally these birds from hot Indonesia, which suggests that the development of the problems essential for their upkeep, may need significant effort and also cost. Your house will certainly have heated, and in winter, possibly even further otoplasty. Besides Zemani terrific and fearful traveling, so the area is for strolling, more than likely, too it will be necessary to gear up additionally.
  • Terror of hens generates their wonder about of people.
  • In the market to locate the breed of ayam is rather hard as well as not always possible — — in Russia really few people thinking about breeding so pricey and challenging to care for chickens in a little influence.
Functions care as well as maintenance

If You still have the nerve to become one of the few owners of chicken type Ayam Cemani, first off, you need to wisely come close to the development of their place of apprehension. The cage must be cozy adequate — — the black birds do not tolerate the cold as well as are delicate to drafts. The optimal alternative would be a wooden shed, with insulated floorings and also trash, not less than five centimeters. Therefore, as a last it is best to utilize straw and also peat in roughly equivalent proportions — — they hold heat well.

One bedding with thick wooden slabs will certainly not be enough, it is an excellent idea to insulate the outdoors walls as well as ceiling. One of the most easy to utilize mineral woollen, which can be conveniently repaired also little holes. However in the absence of his suit and also the normal Styrofoam.

With the beginning of winter the Windows of the cage are protected, and also chilly in this time of the year noticeable, that first frost — — it’s time to think of the device heating for the birds.

On top of that, you need to be sure to look after the area for strolling: Ayam Cemani are really energetic and also love to stroll. And also yet, despite preferred opinion, they are great leaflets. For this reason, just one fence do not function, chosen the yard will certainly have to safeguard otherwise the roofing system, after that at the very least a cover.

Attributes feeding

Being on the street, hens eat yard and also pests, but it is hardly able to offer Zemani nutrition. Fortunately, in contrast to maintaining, feeding birds, this breed does not require something unique: a conventional blended feed, but always with vitamin supplements.

Prefer the all-natural forage dog breeders is to water down beans and grains, fresh natural herbs, bran, vegetables and also yeast. In the wintertime this assignment is suggested to add want flour and also silage. It serves to improve digestion are: eggshell, chalk, sand or smashed seashells.

Reproducing Ayam Cemani

Just like any other breed, pure breeding, the breed needs to be kept apart from the various other poultries. 5 chickens to one rooster ratio is optimum for acquiring eggs and breeding.

The portion of oplodotvorennogo as high as and also survival, specifically in great problems. But there is one caveat to remember: the chicken of Zemani bad. For hatching out chickens, most likely, have to resort to synthetic incubation.

Just born Chicks are virtually identical from any kind of various other except its black in shade.

The hoax of the breed

Unique in its kind, the shade simply can not stay without focus of superstitious individuals. Specifically difficult Ayam Cemani is prized amongst Asian Nations. The black bird they have connected with lots of rituals as well as signs.

Even to this day, superstitious people believe that crowing fowl Zemani brings best of luck, happiness and prosperity to its proprietor. As well as eating dark meat is not only healthy and balanced, yet able to ease the pangs of principles. Not to mention the fact that most of the rites with the sacrifice involved that is black dick.

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