Type hens Australorp: description, attributes

Home fowl keeping is considered the most effective area in agriculture. Amongst exclusive farmers as well as Industrialists in an unique account of the high efficiency of poultry.

These consist of poultry Australorp able to produce approximately 310 eggs. That’s quite high relative to various other egg types. In addition, they obtain top quality meat.

This type was obtained by crossing the English type of Orpingtons, Rangename and Loggername. In Russia, Australorp appeared in 50-XX’s.

Breed hens Australorp: kinds

Australian dog breeders, without using contemporary innovation, has actually attained the major objective — — high egg-laying high qualities of hens, with a huge body mass. Poultry Australorp are categorized by color: black and black.

The type of poultries the black Australorp

Active poultry, yet with a tranquil personality. Body she plump, large, covered with black thick pen. On the little head shows off pentagonal foliate crest. The beak of a bird is additionally jet black. Style feature of the hull is broad chest and also long back. Legs short, the tail is tiny and curved the line back 45 degrees.

Small Chicks of black Australorps high mobility, health and also rapid growth. Their plumage can be noticed reddish places: on the abdomen and under the wings. 4 months after the look, we can get approximately 4 kg real-time weight. The type of chickens the black Australorp describes early developing, effective, starts to hurry with the 135th day of life. In the first year brings up to 200 eggs.

Australorp black-and-white

In the derivation, basing on Australorp black. The primary objective was to minimize effective age, with an increase in the mass of eggs. The peculiarity is that this bird is unsusceptible to the condition pulloroza.

In — the quill prevailing black shade with white spots. As a result, it bears one more name — the marble poultry. In contrast with the original breed, the dimension a lot more portable. Youthful, on the 150 th day after development, reaches a weight of 1.4 kg. Grown-up chicken weigh no greater than 2.5 kg, and also men a little bit a lot more. Performance takes place after 5-6 weeks. Year, one laying chicken provides regarding 220 eggs 55-60 grams each. Eggshell cream shade.

Australorp black-and-white, valued for breast meat. Due to the existence in the body of an unique recessive gene. Peaceful birds, easily exist together with various other feathered agents.

Along with black and also multicolor color, in some cases Australorp white as well as blue. White has: a yellowish actors in the cervical region, red eyes and blue of the shank. The blue Australorps, feathers, beautiful grey-blue hue.


According to the poultry farmers, apparent disadvantages to this breed to connect impossible. Hen rush on a regular basis, easy to breed, provide healthy children. Having a calm and friendly personality, not a problem to get along in the pack. Can adjust to existing problems, really feel comfortable in the cells. Also in wintertime, performance at them is not lowered.

Exposing the primary characteristics of the breed Australorp:

  • egg production is 200-220 eggs annually;
  • egg weight — — 50-55 Gy.;
  • dark brownish shell;
  • the mass of chickens of 2.6– 2.9 kg; penis — — 3,5– 3,9 kg;
  • the survival rate of Chicks — — 97%;
  • even-tempered personality;
  • plume cover — — black, with a green
  • tint; classification — egg-meat.

There are some indicators that lead to the culling of birds. Such problems consist of: short body, long tail, sharp teeth ridge, variations in plume shade, shank, brilliant, red eyes.

Treatment and upkeep of hens Australorp

Despite the fact that these chickens are not specifically meticulous regarding the nuances of content, there are conventional guidelines of treatment. Usual to all problem — — absolutely no temperature level in the space. We take into consideration in detail the agricultural tasks, when it come to each.

Problems for breeding black suit

As the temperature level problems called for above zero, in winter the hen house is outfitted with heating. On the flooring was covered in soft peat layer that prevents germs from wetness. So the chickens are not ill with transmittable conditions, they need day-to-day baths with ash as well as sand.

Diet black Australorps, nothing special. Poultry menu gradually introducing: mashed egg, cottage cheese, after that smashed grain. Deteriorated Chicks fed with a combination of yolk as well as milk. As you expand, include in standard items herbs and also veggies. On the fifth week, start to feed steamed corn. In the lack of regular strolling, it is required to trickle in food fish oil.

For adults, a daily collection of items, the following:

  • Vegetables: potatoes, carrots, beetroots.
  • Environment-friendlies.
  • Fish waste, without bones.
  • Grain.
  • Dairy items.

In the winter, as a resource of calcium, give the egg coverings. To enhance digestive tract function, put the container with gravel as well as seashells.

The material of marble varieties

For Australorp black-and-white color pattern, is especially unsafe boost of humidity in the coop. Dampness advertises the development of pathogenic microorganisms. The source may be unsuitable clutter on the floor. The perfect alternative would be peat. As a result of the antiseptic properties of this material absorbs excess moisture. After that the poultries feel comfortable, not cool.

In spite of the great versatility to cold, Australorp really feel much better in the heat. It is for that reason essential to preserve the temperature above absolutely no. The birds should have constant and also cost-free access to food and drinking bowls. Youthful otpaivat just tidy as well as cozy water. Various bloodsuckers call for regular bathing in the ashes.

For a stable functional parameters and also healthy, chickens need a well balanced diet plan. Give much more summer natural herbs and fall veggies is introduced. Don’t forget the sand that is required for correct digestion.


Australorps nearly 100% survival price of the young. The sexual maturation comes quickly. Bird family type from 10-14 females and also one fowl. Regardless of the tranquil personality penis, they are huge and also show excessive activity. As a result, for such family control is necessary. If the fruitfulness is low, you must replace the Cockerel. Reproduction enabled only reproduce people.

Offspring acquired by all-natural methods, is of good healththat can not be claimed regarding the hatchery and natives. The hen is an extremely caring mommy: they feed children, cozy them as well as shield. It needs to be noted that they hatch out eggs, quickly algreba malfunctioning sideways. On the fifth day lead her brood for a stroll.

The Chicks have a strong immunity. To differentiate the males from the hens at an early age: the presence of jewelry, deep pink scallops and also thick legs.

It is essential to adhere to a balanced temperature regime. If you maintain hens in an extremely lit space, then in the future have a negative impact on their spawn. Another differentiating attribute of the breed is a late culling. Often, the hatchlings have actually discovered white plumes as well as brilliant, the iris of the eye. It at some point comes back to normal.

Some chicken farmers, motivated by high abilities oviparous birds try to cross it. This is a huge error. Good crossbreeds out it will certainly not work. Regardless of this, the type is valued in private ranches. Due to: high performance, beautiful look and also a calm nature.

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