What to do if You total up to make the Protocol

1. Ask examiners to indicate where there are indications that this is a water protection location.

2. If you refuse, it is essential to firmly insist with the wording: « Pursuant to resolution No. 743 of Vladimir Putin, the Federal fisheries Company is obliged to notify the interested Federal bodies of Executive power. I ask you, as a government rep, plainly suggest such boundaries»»

. Essential! Ask the assessor to define the precise borders of the water defense area in the location where you parked, yet not where the indication is. 200 (30, 50, 100) m is the optimum area size, which can be established for this tank.

And the limits should be plainly noted on the maps, a description, collaborates, control factors, and most notably — — included in the state water register. If it is absent — — the land, the legislation is not a water defense area.

3. If there is no indication, need, according to the regulation, to suggest the cadastral variety of the story.

4. If it came to Protocol, though, according to the regulation, will certainly bring in 2 witnesses.

5. In an explanatory note as well as create: « I Asked the witnesses to reveal where there are indications, was rejected. Asked to call cadastral variety of the plot, also, was refused. Based on what I assume that the inspectors are not kompletny or extortion. Ask monitoring to provide me a solution within 10 days on the punishment of the fishing assessors, or will certainly be obliged to submit a composed problem to the Prosecutor.»

» 6. Write down the badge numbers as well as identities of examiners.

According to what papers we are fined? Article 65. Water security areas
as well as coastal safety strips WATER CODE OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION(as amended on 27
December 2009 )( variation effective from 1 April 2010)15. The borders of water

protection zones restricted: … 4)movement as well as Parking of vehicles…
(other than unique automobiles ), with the exception of their motion on roadways and also Parking lots on the roads and in specifically equipped locations with led. Water security zone is a territory beside the coastline of seas, rivers, streams, canals, lakes, reservoirs. The width of the water protection area outside negotiations is established from the corresponding shoreline(particularly, when the visibility of tornado sewage systems and also watersides in the cities of the width of the water protection area is established from the parapet of the embankment ). The size of the water security zones of rivers and streams is established from their source relies on their length. The span of the protection area at the start of the streams as well as rivers is 50 metres away. Offer examples: Width OT 50 metres for rivers and streams with a length of up
to 10 kilometres. Width OT 100 metres

for rivers as well as streams with a size of from 10 to 50 kilometres; Width OT 200 metres for
rivers and streams with a length of 50 kilometres as well as much more; Width OT 300 feet for rivers
and also streams extending from 100 km to 200 kilometres; Width OT 400 metres for rivers as well as streams with
a length of from 200 to 500 km; Width OT 500 metres for rivers and also streams with a length
of 500 kilometres and also over OT size equal to the width of the coastal safety strips (PZP)– for rivers as well as streams with the size much less than 10 km. What document is? A Protocol on administrative
infraction ACC. St. 15 component 4 — Parking of an automobile in floodplains. Who has, and that deserves to fine? Method for the

Parking of vehicles

in floodplains, will be made assessors
of fisheries. Although to prevent an administrative violation will any kind of duly licensed worker: the police, web traffic authorities, environmental cops, and so on

, however not private safety! Where is the Protocol? If the Protocol drawn up by the examiners, the minutes shall be sent for adjudication in territorial control as a water sheriff, and where the decision is made. Its duplicate together with the receipt will certainly be sent to the lawbreaker by licensed

mail. What happens if you differ with the Protocol? And also compose in the description to the Protocol. If individuals do not agree, as well as validated instances in the management of fisheries or within 10 days of the ruling, the instance is sent out to the globe court. What need to be the sign on the water defense zone Text: water conservation zone. The regulation of the Russian Federation developed a special regimen of application of financial and various other activities Special info indication « water defense area » for classification of riparian barrier areas is a rectangular shape with an element proportion of

2:1 with rounded corners. Sign dimension 500 x 1000 mm. Information label is centered and also put on the Sign in block letters of white color. The text, printed on the Sign must show up in daylight hrs from a range of 50 meters
. The history of the indicator «will be blue.

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