What to feed a hen a hen to prevent vitamin shortage

The health and wellness standing of the poultry greatly relies on the quality of food. From what to feed the bird will depend on its efficiency. Well balanced feed, correct addition of food additives, give the laying hens the production of eggs everyday throughout the year.

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Feeding of laying chickens, something that worries many individuals who determine to start a household.

Appropriate nourishment for laying chickens

In order that the chickens laid throughout the year, you should make sure choosing the appropriate diet. It is not sufficient to choose an excellent type that has a good egg production, however likewise totally feed the pets. Many farmers are asking yourself just how to feed of laying hens in your home. The response to this inquiry is a different diet plan.

Typically laying hens are very picky regarding care as well as nutrition. The number and also quality of eggs can likewise be very influenced by the age of the bird.

A laying chicken starts to lay eggs starting from the seventh month of life. The greatest efficiency is observed with greater age as much as two years.

For full-fledged life as well as development of the hen is necessary to observe the guideline as well as to include in the diet regimen of substances such as:

  • Vitamins;
  • Proteins;
  • Legumes– such as peas, beans, lentils;
  • A variety of grains.

In order for the bird body got utilized to the brand-new diet, gradually present new foods in small parts. Beneficial components are included in normal food or making the blend.

What to feed poultries in your home

Food for the birds to begin with need to be well balanced and also differed.

Chicken require to get all the needed components. The diet should be varied diet. Feed for egg laying hens in your home to cook straightforward, yet if you follow all the guidelines, you can prosper. Healthy protein feed Most notably, preserve a diet ample amounts of healthy protein, as it impacts the quality of eggs and also their number. The even more chicken’s rate of egg laying, the extra it is needed unique additives.

In order to maintain the body in the needed quantity and also in a timely way to make up for losses, it is needed to include in the diet regimen components, such as:

  • Bean;
  • Sunflower;
  • Rape culture;
  • Meat and bone dish;
  • Earthworms;
  • The remains of fish and also shellfish.

All this contains protein in huge amounts, if a laying hen will obtain enough of these products, her health, nothing pain.

As you recognize, protein is the main building element that is needed for all animals and also birds for the qualitative growth and growth of the organism.

Minerals and vitamin

In the diet of all living creatures must exist minerals and vitamins.

Poultries, laying hens, it is especially vital to consist of in food items such as:

  • Vitamin D;
  • Vitamin b and all its by-products;
  • Vitamin A.
  • If an item will be missed out on, the bird can reveal a selection of kinds of intricate diseases.
  • To develop chickens a correct diet is required to feed them such foods as:
  • Silage;
  • Softwood flour;
  • Fish oil;
  • Yeast;
  • Green lawn, specifically during spring and even more.

Minerals are likewise very crucial, to make sure the top quality of way of life and preserving maximum egg manufacturing.

Food that includes an adequate amount of minerals must include:

  • Wood ash;
  • Lime;
  • Ground covering;
  • Bone meal;
  • Chalk as well as various other significant components.

If you mix a minimum of a few of these materials and occasionally feeding it to a poultry laying hen, it will not just boost the variety of eggs that they will certainly need to birth, however will additionally improve their top quality. From food relies on the quality as well as structure of egg yolk, albumen and shell.

How to make the diet of laying hens

When composing a diet for the nourishment of birds, consider what to feed her everyday.

It is likewise crucial to take care concerning the percentages of the aspects are contributed to common food. Items such as healthy protein, environment-friendlies, flour and various other you need to constantly alternating. The bird must be fed numerous times a day, at least 3 or 4 times. In the morning throughout the first feeding, it is best to offer the hen dry food grain, which is recommended to put into the trough as quickly as feasible; In the 3rd as well as 2nd just give damp food is appropriate for the mash, any kind of type of cereals with the addition of a huge amount of vitamins;

The last dish is generally before bedtime, it includes the like the early morning– namely, from completely dry food.

It is important that the food was not only varied however additionally qualitative. The amount of nutrients will certainly get an animal will certainly depend on its capability to stand up to numerous unsafe factors that can happen. Likewise, the quality of food impacts the number of eggs in laying hens it must always be on leading, as this type have been made bred with this single function.

Peculiarities of seasonal diet plan

Unpracticed especially need proper nourishment, as this is the duration of transition from winter season feed to summer. The important things is to set up points to make sure that the jump was not as well sharp. Birds after wintertime starts to leave as well as they have access to spring grass they can eat in endless amounts.

Along with regular feed and also require to become part of the diet of sprouted grains, drive is abundant in numerous vitamins, particularly E. Food is useful to mix the brewer’s yeast, which consist of huge quantities of vitamin b and C.

A distinguishing characteristic of the nutrition of laying hens in the springtime is that the birds invest a great deal of time on the road and can get some food. Progressively lower the amount of chalk and also gravel, as well as the complete number of feedings to two times a day. Yet if the hens remain in the area, even in the springtime as well as summer, after that feed them still require three times a day.

Daily diet need to consist of:

  • Five grams of salt and minerals;
  • Ten to fifteen grams of protein;
  • Two grams of bone dish;
  • Ten grams of vitamins;
  • Fifty grams of lawn or other environment-friendly feed;
  • Fifty grams of grain;
  • Fifty grams of flour.

That need to be enough to make sure that the chicken could fully establish and live.

Feeding of laying hens throughout molting

When daytime begins to lower in hens typically molt begins and also starts to decrease productivity, consisting of egg manufacturing.

At this time birds need treatment, they need a lot more abundant food in order to have sufficient toughness to deal with all the obstacles. It is vital to offer high calorie food. This can be essential for a full life of hen.

You can discover all the needed compounds on the story, all that grows will suitable for eating birds.

Food in wintertime

Winter months birds ought to be fed at the very least 3 times a day.

It is important to observe a specific series:

  • Morning feeding about 8 in the morning;
  • The day is about thirteen hours;
  • In the evening prior to going to sleep, concerning 8 or nine hrs.

In winter months, food ought to vary, each meal has to be a certain composition. In the early morning ideal grain feed, it needs to be dry. During the day feeding it is best to provide vegetables as well as succulent food, such as porridge with included carrots, zucchini, and various other. The evening also it is best to provide grain.

At any moment of the year, you should make sure that the chickens had water. This is extremely vital, the bird should have the ability to drink anytime she desires.

Prepared mix as well as feed for poultries

Feed of laying chickens it is in some cases difficult, as not everybody can make the correct percentages themselves. Can help specialized food for cats that have currently adhered to the correct formula of power.

In order for the birds not a vitamin shortage, they need unique yeast food, which consists of huge amount of minerals and also nutrients.

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