Why squirrels do not like to stroll ashore

Often you can find a squirrel looking for some food on the ground, or Vice versa, concealing stocks of last year’s vegetation.

But if the pet is tasked to relocate from point A to point B and also there areseveral ways: on the ground and in trees, for instance, the squirrel will certainly always choose an extra « skyscraper » option. Even in the yards, she favors to rapidly go through the top of the fencing from tree to tree.

At this moment I captured pussyfooting article as well as examines the threat in the face of a man. In a second she will certainly jump on to the following tree.

Why squirrels choose to take a trip above ground?

Initially, from the elevation of a much better introduction and also a stalking killer can be seen from afar and on the ground may interfere with high turf or unequal surface.

On the safer: not every animal is able to masterfully climb trees, huge killers squirrel can conceal among the branches, and indeed, she has the benefit of speed.

Thirdly, the body of squirrels just completely adapted for rapid activity on the branches of trees. Somewhere she can run, somewhere also hang inverted on its back legs, is not an obstacle for her and also the range in between branches several metres, it easily jumps it, landing elegantly located on the lower branch of one more tree. Try and have a go.

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