Bed is for cats with their hands

Many people think cats are full members of the family. Living in an apartment or house, the animal should have its own sleeping place. It will make his life more pleasant and comfortable.

This sunbed can be done by hand and there is nothing complicated. You can use various available materials, or even old things that wanted to throw.

Consider in more detail how to make a couch for cats with their hands.

What you should know about lager

Although it seems that the sunbed for the animal – it’s a simple design, but make it should be subject to certain requirements.

They consist in the following:

  • the bedding should be comfortable;
  • to wear off easily and without problems.
  • to be safe for the pet;
  • the fabric should not accumulate dust;
  • the lounger should more or less match the style of the interior of the apartment.

Take into account all these requirements when structures are not so easy. But if you try and do it, your beloved pet will be very happy.

Different variants of sunbeds

Perhaps the most simple and at the same time, an attractive option is the production of cushions with the use of foam or other filler. This design is quite simple, which is quite possible to sew with their hands. In this case, even pattern may not be necessary.

Another great option is a couch with a small indentation in the middle. As this nest can use an ordinary pillow, since the center under the weight of the cat will SAG, forming a kind of sunbed with the edges. Can perimeter make extra edging. This approach created a more comfortable environment for sleep and rest pet, because he can take any comfortable position. Sewn along the perimeter edges make the atmosphere more intimate.

A rather unusual bed for cats is obtained from an old suitcase. It is important that it was fully intact and had a presentable appearance. For such beds, you can attach the legs and it will look very unusual. To create more comfort, the cat can put something soft, for example, a pillow.

Couch the cat can be combined with some semblance of a house. In this case, use different pieces of furniture that you intend to throw away. It can be a stool, an old table, etc.

Very original looks a bed for the cat on the battery. In this case, the cat is resting and at the same time heated, because such suspended litter in direct contact with the battery. Such suspension option is quite relevant in the autumn-winter period, making the life of the pet even more comfortable. Another interesting option is a hammock. But this bench is not that each animal may come to mind.

If space allows, you can make several beds for cats and arrange them one after another. The materials used are different.

Couches can be:

  • crochet;
  • woven from vines;
  • from a cardboard box;
  • sweater or jeans.

In addition, there are interesting options of Lounges on the window sill. Most cats love to spend much time at the window. Therefore, it is realistic to make the litter on the windowsill.

Master-class on making chairs

Below are some examples of the most interesting options of beds for cats with their hands.


To sew animal couch-the sofa will need fabric and filler (Styrofoam or foam).

The process of tailoring is quite simple:

  • the fabric need to be cut as it will then look next sofa;
  • if you use foam, horizontal and vertical halves of the filler stitch, but if the foam, then glue them;
  • then sew the cover and pull it to the base.

Additionally, you can use a soft substrate.

The rug with borders

For making this kind of “mattress” with a low side will need textile material and unnecessary cushion. You can also use a small baby mattress. Pillow or mattress need to be cut so to form a base for the bottom of any form. Cut narrow strips for the manufacture of bumpers.

All of the couches stitch, the best with more stitches for greater strength. The sides and base are laid out on the table and additionally sheathe cloth, which is prepared in advance.

Bumpers is best to sew together to make a kind of “perimeter”. It is possible to sew to the base or removable to make, sewing for the buttons and cut the loop. An experienced seamstress can sew a zipper to connect the sides and bottom. On the couch with their hands ready and you can put it on your pet.

Deckchair on the battery

As almost all cats like to lie on warm batteries for convenience they can be made lounger. To do this, construct a wooden frame. Design elements for fastening at its top depends on the shape of the battery. Litter on the battery should very firmly to stay on her to the animal, sparkle, fell with her.

Then take a thick cloth and sew it a rectangular bag, which covered a wooden frame. Inside insert the batting or foam, after which the rug is attached to the battery. If the litter is too large, then because of her warm air is difficult to enter the room. Such a product should not obscure more than 20% of the area of the heater.

If the person has never worked with wood, you can make the bed differently. For this you need to purchase PVC pipe of large diameter. Then take an old coat and cutting it to form two rectangles of different size: the smaller will be located inside the pipe, and the big outside.

Sew two sides of the small rectangle and put it inside a PVC pipe the resulting fur tube. The large rectangle you need to wrap the pipe to get the fur den. The inner and outer edges of the rectangles are sewn by hand. To lounger securely lay on the radiator, the edges of the product should sew fasteners by which it is fixed to the battery.

King size bed

For the beds need an old table, paint, paint, decorative wooden elements, Mat. The old table should be carefully proshkurit, paint in the desired color and apply varnish. Let it dry. The legs should attach decorative elements, and inside to put the pillow or mattress. If we add to such a “Royal” bed canopy, then it will look even more beautiful.

For the window seat

To make a bed for cats with their hands, measure the width of the windowsill and count the size of the future litter, and then select a suitable material. To this product harmoniously fit into the interior of the room, for its production, you can use the same fabric from which to sew curtains. Couch to window sill is best done in the form of a square or rectangular pads. If desired, it can be decorated with piping or ruffle.

If the cat likes to play, then it on one of the corners of the pillow you can sew the pompom on the tape, and that the rug did not fall on the floor, to the window it is attached with double sided sticky tape.


Pretty looks original litter of old clothes, for example, unnecessary sweaters. It is desirable that it was made of natural material. For the filling you can use a synthetic filling from old pillows.

Litter is manufactured in the following manner:

  • sweater turn on the wrong side and tightly sew up the neck;
  • sleeves in places the cuffs are sewn together later to make a kind of bumpers;
  • the basis and bumpers are filled with filler and sew;
  • if desired, in the basis put a small round pillow.

Thus, there is a lot of ideas how to make a couch for cats with their hands. Such products can be various sizes and can be extended with a variety of accessories, such as kittens. In any case the pet will be very grateful for such a comfortable environment for guests.

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