Beetles-the gravediggers

Why forests are rare dead animals? Walking through the forest you can find a lot of funny animals running among the trees, or basking in the sun. And did you ever have a dead animal? Why forests are rare dead animals?

And all because of the fact that in nature there are beetles-the gravediggers who buried the bodies of the dead animals. Beetles-the gravediggers quite large insects, with colour black yellow stripes. In fact, these beetles are difficult to observe in nature.

They are very well feel the smell of a dead body at a distance up to as much as several hundred meters, thanks to the well-developed sense of smell. Fly these amazing beetles in pairs, a female and a male. When they find carrion (mostly bird or animal not much larger), they buried her, digging the ground from under the dead animal.

This body they buried for the further supply of grubs that will soon need to hatch from eggs of the female. But they can also kill their own larvae, if they are too many.

If the ground is soft and loose, the beetles very quickly able to drip the body, practically in a few minutes! The gravediggers are able to easily carry the corpse on if it is not located in a very suitable place for burial. Of course, with animals like the Fox or the hare, the beetles-the gravediggers is clearly not right, but with the bodies of small mammals with ease.

In fact, these beetles are very good for the environment, they not only show concern to their larvae, but do not allow dangerous bacteria to spread out forests, polluting the environment. That’s why in the woods are rarely found dead animals.

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