Black caterpillar with spikes and also white dots

Photo undesirable for many people insect black caterpillar.

lat. Inachis io Fat worm-like body, black in shade, sticking out from each sector increases with branching, little white dots, little black head with hairs as well as huge eyes, 6 sharp little front claws as well as a few legs-suction cups on the posterior sections.

Often these caterpillars can satisfy the moving black spheres in the nettles.

As well as that would have thought that such hideous worm, after he pupate as well as consume, develop into such a attractive butterfly!.?.!? After all, this black caterpillar butterfly larva day peacock (lat. Inachis io).

And it looks like the butterfly that hatches from the pupa, which will transform this Cernay surged caterpillar — — Peacock (Inachis io).

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